Task No 2

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The mask and the glasses seemed like and extravagant touch, but Leo did not need to wear it at the moment so it wasn’t that much of a problem. He had on simple clothes, a striped t-shirt and some simple denim jeans that were quite stretchy. Add that up with black combat boots and his entire ensemble was complete. He had made his way to the docks just after eight am. By this point those who worked there would already be reporting for work, so it was just about the time when the activities of the Ratty Alley boys would begin. Leo knew this was about to be quite the stressful encounter, but there was no turning back from this. They had a warehouse at the southwestern side, just under the bridge that connected downtown Felton with midtown Felton. it wasn’t really a pretty sight as the water at their part of the city was murky and filled to the brim with refuse and garbage. Once again Leo was surprised by the level of realism, to be able to perfectly simulate an environment that has been polluted down to the last detail was incredibly…. Impressive. The doors of the warehouse were tightly shut; Leo wondered if he maybe had to just walk in there and start throwing punches every which way like he was Van Damme or something. But that would probably also be a bad idea as did not exactly know what he was walking to. They were small time thugs and as he had learnt this morning, Felton had a strict ban on unregistered weapons. But this was a game about superheroes and villains, there was definitely going to be a few surprises waiting for him in there. He hid behind the corner by the building opposite the warehouse, just behind some crates that smelt heavily of rotten fish. He felt the urge to throw up, but he was undercover…. or perhaps something similar so it wouldn’t do to throw up like some spineless wimp of a child. Leo Placed the Mask over his mouth, covering his nose and mouth and his neck to the back of his head. he noticed that breathing became a bit easier as the smell came down a notch, then he places the glasses on his face, though at the moment he didn’t have use for it except for its ability to shift from transparent to a tinted dark blue shade. ~BZZZT~ [Technopath Ability Has Synchronized with Augmented Reality Pro-V Glasses. Functions Are Limited, carry out Upgrade with Current Available Materials: (Smart Metal Mask), (Outdated Digital Smartwatch)] Leo was surprised by the prompt, and he was sorely tempted to try it out and see if it would really work, but he was right in the middle of a crisis. And it wouldn’t exactly be smart to just start upgrading his equipment when he was about to get into a fight. He closed his eyes; the usage of skills was instinctual and entirely unique from player to player, this was something he had found from reading the forum last night just before he slept. A player with Electric powers can use it differently from someone else. For example, you could release it from your body or use it to have a form of limited Technopathy. The same powers but different usage and the skill will grow in just the same manner or form the player uses it. Which explains the flavor text after every skill level up? Leo scanned the opposite building, trying to see if he could maybe notice or discover any sort of surveillance equipment. But he was probably expecting a bit too much. Leo’s Technopath range was a bit limited, but he is able to increase the wavelength and range of his ability by relying or rather by following the electrical currents that fed power to the building. He could feel their heating system, a karaoke and soda machine, three televisions, a door buzzer and a sprinkler system. Apart from that there was nothing else that could serve as a surveillance system, except maybe their phones or wristbands or perhaps cybernetic implants. But he was not yet strong enough to hack or connect into those sort of tech, their security was a lot more sophisticated than anything he has ever seen. But he already had everything he needed to teach them the lesson that Old Man Bon Bon wanted them to learn. He rushed over to their door, and just as he got close he made all of the televisions in the warehouse with the exception of one that was still on change into a channel that could be described as adult. For a moment their attention was drawn, or at the very least he hoped so as he couldn’t see into the warehouse, but he did notice something, a wisp of yellow energy that seemed to hang as an aura over the building. [Arcane Sight Has Leveled Up to 1! You can now see the aura of the elements] Whatever that might mean he would deal with it later, in the main time he made the buzzer of the warehouse go off, and in that same second he also let their sprinklers do the same. In no time at all screams filled the interior of the warehouse, it seems like most of them were still asleep, and even if they weren’t, having cold water pouring down on you all of a sudden can’t be nice. Leo placed his ear against the warehouse door as he listened to their clamors and yells, taking a deep breath as he drew upon the electrical energy within his body. something that has been significantly strengthened since the last time he used it…. when he had to kill someone. He shuddered a bit, and then quickly shifted his attention when he noticed someone getting closer. As soon as the person placed their hands on the handle of the warehouse door and opened it a bit. Leo released every last smidge of Electrical currents in his body, letting it pass through his body and through the metal door into the body of the person on the opposite side. Safe to say the squeal he released was completely unlike anything he has ever had the pleasure of hearing before. Leo took a deep breath and dragged the door open, letting sunlight spill into the dimly lit warehouse as a couple of four foot five rat men Aliens ran about with their fur and clothes all wet and a comrade of theirs passed out and currently smoking from severe electrical shock. Leo had no idea if the rat guy was dead or not, but be that as it may it wasn’t any of his business. He came to kick ass, and already the water level had already risen above the soles of his boots, just the perfect height to cause some trouble, so he raised his head up and said to them. “Good Morning Rat People! Old Man Bon-Bon sends his regards and few early mornings special of a severe beat down to each and every single one of you. Also he says to tell you all…. That he wants his money back.” Now all Leo had to do was figure out how to run away, cause the Rat Aliens?....... there were 30 of them and those were just the ones he could see. It was very obvious Leo had bitten off more than he could chew. “f**k!”
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