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Fighting this nest of Rat aliens head on would be incredibly stupid, heck just matching into their base after dousing them with water and shocking one of their comrades to stupor was incredibly stupid. And looking at those sturdy rat legs, Leo knew he would be unable to outrun any one of them. they might leave him alone was he’s gotten to a location that’s crowded and filled with people, but that was assuming they don’t shoot him first. They were communicating in a language he didn’t understand, but with the clothes they had on, and the way they kept on pointing at him, it would be stupid to say that these were just really overgrown rats. *Skreeeeeeeek! I’ll kill you!” and they speak English, what else could possibly go wrong. Leo rushed forwards, feeling he was making an incredibly big mistake by taking the fight to the aliens. He should just drop everything he was doing, turn around and run away. At least he would have even more of a chance to survive, but the thing is he had a task to complete, and running away wouldn’t see it completed. Besides he has a plan, or at least a part of a plan and it required him to wade through a group of rat aliens that probably had rabies. So just like he thought…. What could possibly go wrong. He jumped forwards and smashed his closed fist into the sternum of one of the rat aliens that had jumped towards him. He didn’t have to jump up too as that was a movement that was unnecessary, which was why he paid the price when another smashed its head into his stomach, trying to take a bite out of it. The Ralien (which sounds better than Rat alien) that he had first hit was on the ground twitching. Leo pulled back his right fist and brought nit smashing down on the head of the Ralien on his stomach, exposing it to the same treatment it’s comrade had gotten by infusing his fist with the electrical energy in his body and punching them with it. [Shock] There was a small sizzle and the smell of burnt flesh as the hold on him slackened, but it wasn’t enough as a tail came into his vision and slammed into his chest. Leo shuddered as he cried out in pain, he felt bones crack and blood welling up behind his throat. He was severely injured, and he has barely gone through two of them, if he’s hurt this early what now happens to the remaining 30 or 50 he could still see, his vision went black for a moment but quickly refocused when he noticed the tail coming back, this time there were two. These Raliens had incredibly powerful tails, enough to actually break bones on impact. He shook his head as he stretched out both hands and intercepted both tails. The results were that his hands were smashed to the ground were they were promptly shattered. It was more pain for him to feel, but that was okay, he just needed to be in contact with them for this to work. [Shock] ‘ First their body stiffened when his electrical charge went into their bodies, then they began to shake and dry up at a rate visible to the naked eye. Tiny mewls escaped from their mouths as Leo absorbed every last electrical charge in their body, and this was more than what it sounded. The cells of every living being are like batteries, they’re made up of positively charged electrons and negatively charged neutrons. Maybe it’s a little bit more complicated than that, but practically what Leo was doing was absorbing their cells and using it to heal himself, and not just heal himself, he reinforced his own cells, improving their efficacy, multiplying them and even evolving them. Such a skill was a slow grind, and so far he has only used on three living beings, the two Raliens included. It was hard to say how he would turn out when he was done dealing with this nest. The two raliens had their eyes lit up like a beacon of light in the night. Visible blue electric currents could be seen surging downwards from their bodies and into Leo’s, as he too had eyes that glowed with power that seemed strange and foreign to them. Leo felt bones pop back into place as every injury sustained was amended, and not just that. he was able to restore his stamina and boost himself, feeling as if he had the strength and power of ten men. His repaired hands grabbed a hold of the two tails as he made his way back up to his feet, and not a moment sooner as the last of their cells and energy was drained out of their body. but unlike the Alien with Tentacles for hair, the Raliens immediately turned to dust. Leo was shocked, this was not the kind of power you would expect a hero to have, but stereotypes aside, he didn’t believe there was any bad or evil power, it just depended on the people who used them. [Black Bolt] The pure mass of darkness shot out of his hands and smashed into the chest of Ralien who was too close for comfort. It propelled him, or rather her back seeing as she was wearing a dress backwards and into the crowd. Leo threw another [Black Bolt] into the crowd of Raliens, not at all caring which one of them got hit as he mo0ved forwards into the fray, smashing his [Shock] reinforced fist into bodies. And with the water dripping off their furs and clothes, the power behind his strikes was amplified by quite a bit. He had a plan, and that was to cause a massive electrical surge by exposing a cable into the water that was on the floor. Ho0wever by this point he had totally forgotten about said plan as he dived in completely into the fight. He felt a tail smack into his sternum, causing him to wheeze out loud and cough blood into his mask. He jumped up, evading a tail sweep, before smashing down with a superman punch into the head of another Ralien. He bent down and dove forwards, smashing his shoulder into the midsection of the Ralien that just attempted a leg sweep, tackling it to the ground as three more jumped on top of his body and made sure to sink their teeth into his body. But that was a mistake in and out of itself as he could discharge the electricity in his body from any and all parts of his body. and he could drag it back in in much the same manner, though it was a bit easier to do so with his hands. All of the Raliens that had contact with his body rapidly desiccated and dried up, as he suddenly felt full of energy, so full to the point of bursting. He had to let it out, he had to let it out now. “Rarrrrrrrrrrgh!” Leo screamed as the very air vibrated and shook with a fury, and then the world went white.
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