The Iron Warlock

622 Words
Leo picked himself from the ground, the water that had filled the warehouse had already evaporated from the blast of energy that he had released from his body. he felt incredibly weak at the moment, and he could barely keep his legs under him. But be that as it may there were dozens of dead and passed Raliens around him. Whatever Old Man Bon-bon had asked him to do, he was pretty sure it didn’t involve the c*****e he has visited upon this nest. But at the moment this was his reality and there was no going back. He noticed one corner of the warehouse had a small dome of earth over it. It was carefully made and there was such an attention to detail in it. He watched as the dome crumbled back I to concrete as it revealed a couple dozen children, a young female Ralien that had a deep aura of yellow wrapped around her frame. She was sweating deeply and behind her apart from the young Raliens was another that Leo would probably consider to be the boss of this gang. It was weird to see him dressed in fine leathers and a fedora hat that was decorated with teeth, though if these were teeth from the Raliens or other species he didn’t know. And frankly speaking it didn’t matter anymore as he was now face to face with the person in charge, and after his display, there was no better time to deliver the message he carried than now. “Old man Bon-Bon says to tell you that he is sending his kind regards, and that you better do what is right and pay his just due, before he overlooks your old ‘working’ relationship and decided to end your vermin species for good.” Considering that not much of them were left alive after their fight, Leo could probably say and agree that he had already carried out Old man Bob-Bon’s threat. And seeing those tiny baby Raliens and the look of fear in their eyes, the horror with which they used in looking at him, Leo felt really sorry for what he had done. Even if this was just a game, he couldn’t help the feeling that he had just done something unforgivable. “Very well then, we have tried our best to live in peace and sell out Leviathan without encroaching into the territory of other gangs. Because we are the only ones with formula for the drug our services are required by every major force. But we have to remain neutral, so as not to make any of the forces become a target. But because we serve none we have no allies, and while everyone has backed off the Iron eyes gang has managed to steal our formula…. now they want to completely cut off our chance of survival by taking the home we have made for ourselves. Today it’s the Iron eyes, tomorrow it might be the Legate or the government. But since the world wants us to fade into obscurity and die then so be it. We will do so, just so that there can be peace. What do they call you; enforcer of the Iron Eyes Gang?” the older Ralien asked Leo, as the tired young man looked up at him, ashamed to give his name. because it didn’t matter if it was Leo in this game or Leo in real life, violence and hurting what now seems to be innocents was not their way. “Warlock…. They call me Warlock.” Leo replied as he tried to stand up straighter, a bitter taste in his mouth. “My people will call you Iron Warlock, and one day soon…. We will come for you,”
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