F+ Grade

531 Words
[Shock Has Leveled up to 5! You can now release definite blast of electrical energy! You can now control the electricity in the air and within your environment.] [Black Bolt has now reached Level 5! You can now release two bolts of energy that causes more damage and has more speed. Range has increased to 20 meters.] [Street Fighting Has reached level 3! You have more control over your hands and feet and can now carry out complex maneuvers. Your combat movements are now faster.] [Arcane Sight has reached Level 1! You can now see the different strains and auras of elemental magic.] Leo found an obscure corner behind an abandoned factory to take a look on the notifications he had been ignoring during the fight with the Raliens. He was getting stronger, and he could feel it. It was as if the improved knowledge of his skills and the power necessary for his body to produce those movement and skills were gained in an instant. Getting stronger was good, because he got the feeling that with the way he was currently feeling, he would end up clashing with the Iron Eyes gang soon enough, and he would need every advantage possible to overcome triple C and his lackeys. • SECRET IDENTITY: Leo Freewind// HERO/VILLAIN NAME: Iron Warlock • RACE: Human/Techronman Hybrid// ALIGNMENT: Undetermined • ABILITY: Magical(Warlock)// GRADE: F+// FAME/INFAMY: (6/9) • PASSIVES: [Adaptive lvl 3] [Technopath lvl 4] [Arcane Sight lvl 1] [Street Fighting lvl 3] • ACTIVES: [Analyze lvl 3] [Shock lvl 5] [Black Bolt lvl 5] • MONEY: 615 credits// HIDEOUT/LAIR: n/a • EQUIPMENT: Switchblade, Damaged/Obsolete Smartwatch/ Smart Metal Nose Mask [L1]/ Augmented Reality Glasses [L1] Leo was now an F+ grade hero? Villain? He wasn’t sure what he was right now, but if he had to be honest he didn’t feel like he was one of the good guys at the moment. He wondered if it was necessary, if trying to find a way to save his family was worth soiling his hands or soiling his soul. He wasn’t so sure what to do because he couldn’t decide if falling in to the abyss was worth it, or if he would be putting a stain on the good values his parents had instilled in him as a child growing up in the slums of the city. He really wished he had more answers than what was laid out in front of him, but there wasn’t really anything he could do. He has carried out Old Mana Bonbon’s quest, but at the moment he wished he never accepted. He wished he never went to the lair of cyborg Cyrus cade, and then went on to following all of Old Man Bonbon’s advice and missions. But there was nothing to be done, people were dead, and it was all his fault. [Incoming Call from Little Sister!] [Hello Leo, there’s no need to hang around so much. We need you to log out, there are somethings we want you to see.] she said to him as her voice seemed to blare out in his mind. But there was no room for argument, he needed a break; so…… “Log Out!”
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