What a Name Should Mean

562 Words

Leo opened his eyes and got out of the full dive pod. His younger sister was there with a steaming cup of coffee and a sorry look on her face. He wanted to say something, but no matter what he tried the words didn’t seem to want to come out of his mouth. So instead he shook his head and just took a deep swig from the bottle, not exactly sure or ready to face his sister. But Phoebe was smart and wise beyond her years, she could see through most humans easier than most psychiatrist and shrinks, there wasn’t much he could hide from her.

“I saw; you don’t have to beat yourself over it. For one they aren’t real; this is a game and the people in it do not have flesh or blood or a soul like we do. But then again even if they were real they attacked you with the intent to kill.” She said to him as she placed a hand on his shoulder trying to comfort him.

“No Phoebe! I attacked them first, which means this is my fault, I was the one who brought death and destruction to them in the name of getting a spot in a criminal organization. I can’t help but ask if it’s worth it. I could make money or get information the right way in this bloody game, but in the few days I’ve spent in it, all its done is bring out something in me that I never knew was there. Truly; After earth online is a game that brings out the true you…. and the real me…. he’s no hero…. He’s just a common thug, a villain.”

“You’re no hero brother, that would just make you a hypocrite for the fight and the things you have to do for our family to survive. But you’re no villain either, because you feel s**t that you’re not supposed to feel. The aches and woes of not just virtual people, but bloody virtual aliens. To be a villain is to not feel the weight of your actions, to be a villain is to not have a bottom line that you can’t cross, brother it is up to you what the Name Iron Warlock could and should mean. Me I believe it should be a name that the innocents revere just as much as they fear it. It should be a name that the evil despair over for and the Hippocratic good be wary of. You will be a king of your own fate, be good or bad and this world will reward you.”

Her words seem to ring out loud in his ears, there was so much truth to what she said. He was feeling this way because he was unable to decide what sort of name he wanted to make for himself. he let his need to get into the Iron eyes gang cloud and overshadow his bottom lines, and he felt incredibly sorry for crossing them all. He was going to do better, he had to do better.

“Well if you’re done moping brother I have some good news for you. It’s been a day, but the guide you made has made some money, and it’s not a small sum. At least 800 people has purchased the guide…. We’ve made a good pile of money bro come along.”

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