Unable to Stop

1072 Words
Leo took a deep breath as he raised his hands up as if that would be enough to stop the alien from attacking, and in some manner it did help as the alien didn’t seem all too willing to make any kind of moves. Leo looked behind the alien and noticed that there was a scantily clad human female behind him, she had a worried look on her face as he faced off against Leo. Leo didn’t know what came over him, but in that moment he made a move that seemingly sealed his fate. [Black Bolt] The surge of purplish black energy flew out of Leo’s palm and slammed into the chest of the alien, forcing him to step back as his grey skin seemed to gain a small pink hue. He looked nauseous. And that was what Leo took advantage of, his body moving before his mind even did as he grabbed on to and exposed construction hammer within the ‘tool Box’ he had been given. His body got rigid for a second as his technopath skill seemed to warn him about an incoming danger and he ducked left, just as a wave of energy crashed into the spot he once occupied. His heart pounded loudly within his chest as he took two steps back, scrambling on the ground. The alien, or in this case the rat? Stepped out into the hallway, taking one close step after another towards Leo. The menace in his eyes growing ever deeper as he drew closer, and the energy in his hands seemingly intensifying with each step he took. There was murder in his eyes, and Leo really had no intention of finding out what death would be like in this game. [Black Bolt] The cast time for this skill was instant, and even though he looked extremely scared, fighting back was not something the alien expected Leo to do. And just like the first time, he was pushed back a bit as his skin color took on another shade, his legs shook as he hunched over trying to catch his breath. Leo had no idea just what sort of damage the skill had since he has not been on the receiving end before, but whatever it may be, he couldn’t help but feel sorry for the alien as he looked as if his insides were liquefying or corroding. But he had a chance, so he was going to take it. There was no backing away from what now laid in front of him, it was doing or die, and frankly speaking He’d very much like to avoid dying. Leo picked up speed as he ran in the direction of the Alien, taking a leap as he raised his hand high up, and brought the hammer held with it crashing down onto the skull of the alien. There was dull thud as Leo felt a vibration and numbness in his hand. The tentacle covered head of this alien was tougher than he had expected, but he was not overly resilient as he stumbled backwards, clutching his head and his stomach, completely disoriented. Leo’s hand was too weak and numb to hold on to the hammer, so he let it fall to the ground and moved closer to the Alien before placing his hand on his head. he shifted his gaze for a few seconds to the woman who was in the room waiting for him, a horrified look in her eyes. Leo shifted his gaze unable to look as he instinctually drew upon the electricity within his body, holding his breath as his skin quickly felt dry and the electrical charge leaked out. [Shock] The alien shook, his skin had moisture on it, which meant he was probably some sort of aquatic based alien. Leo was sure that the Moisture on his skin was somewhat highly conductive to electricity, as unlike the last time he used this skill, literal sparks rose up from the body of the alien. He was rigid, but at the same time his body shook and vibrated at a high frequency as his tentacle hair all curled up like salted earthworms. The electrical energy in the body of the alien went haywire, and for a fraction of a second Leo could feel it. And in feeling it he tried to manipulate it. He felt the electrical energy slowly slide out of the alien’s body and into his own, and in that moment it was as if Leo had come alive with the force of thousand lightning strikes. He stopped using the electrical charge from his body and solely focused on absorbing what was coming out of the alien’s; and the feeling was downright intoxicating. He drew everything, every last smidge of electrical current he could feel in the body of the alien. He didn’t notice, but his eyes were opened wide and both it, and his hair along with his finger nails were glowing so brightly, while the alien in front of him seemed to shrivel by the second. He seemed to be rapidly aging or drying out as the pull of the electrical charge in his body also made sure to burn all of the moisture within it, including his blood. And then Leo stopped and took a step back, the lights in his body fading while his hair stood up, releasing small sparks of silver and blue electrical currents. The alien then crashed down onto the remains of the tool box he was given, and out of it floated a picture; it was a picture of the woman in the room who now had tears in her eyes. Leo took another look at the alien and noticed the badge hanging off his waist, and he suddenly felt sick. He wanted to get the hell out of there, to just turn around and leave, never to look back. However, his body seemed to move on his own as he bent down to pick up the photo and then raised his head to look at the woman. “Please! Please! Don’t do this! I swear I haven’t spoken to anyone; I didn’t say anything! I’ll leave town, I won’t tell anyone what I have seen, please don’t do this!” she begged, but Leo didn’t say anything, instead he walked in and closed the door behind him, hammer in hand as her pleas became cut off from the rest of the world.
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