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Leo was back at the Legate; he was bloody and shaken. Old Man Bon Bon and Zucchini stood a little way back from him as he sat on one of the table used to serve their customers. The restaurant was already closed, so his bloody form would not spook anyone or raise any sort of alarms, but be that as it may Leo felt shaken, and the two characters Old man Bon-Bon and Zucchini noticed it with extreme clarity. “Do you think he would be able to do this, look at him: he looks like spaghetti that has been; left soaking in hot water for way too long.” Zucchini complained as he looked at the bloodied young man. “Give him a break Zucchini, even we broke down the first time we killed. And even though we were much younger than this, it’s something we have been preparing for from the moment we could walk and hold a knife tightly without letting it fall. The kid is strong, he found me, fought me, then found you and still played you enough to make himself seem weak, and then he ended up doing more than he was asked to do. It’s normal that he’s a little shaken, after all he just killed two people. One in self-defense and the other he had to torture before he ended it, not that we asked him to, but he did as a way to prove himself…... I have this feeling that there are great things in his future.” “Not if he dies first!” Zucchini retorted to which old man Bon-bon couldn’t help but to laugh. “The entry task has been completed, he still has two more to go before you can get what you want and be free. So you better get to it and have the kid ready, his getting blood all over my restaurant!” Zucchini complained as he turned around and left the room, leaving old Man Bon-Bon with Leo who was still deep in his thoughts…. Or at least that’s what it seemed to them. [QUEST: Old man Bonbon has a set of tasks for you. But to get qualified for any of those tasks you have to take care of a rat problem for one of his clients in exchange for an identity chip that will get him off Felton city. //REWARD: 300 credits and Old Man Bonbon’s approval, +5infamy // COMPLETE] [Technopath skill is now Level 4! You have gained extreme control over machines and might be able to influence them telepathically to a limited degree] [Adaptive is Now Level 3! You have become strong enough to adapt to pain and combat in tough situations] [Shock has leveled up to 3! You can now absorb the electrically charged cells and its Ions in the body of any living thing to improve your constitution and increase your lifespan] [Street Fighting has reached Level 1! You are now more decisive in a street fight] [Analyze has reached level 3! Expose more information when you analyze an object or person] [Black Bolt has reached Level 4! Range has increased to 12 meters and now has a small corrosive effect] • SECRET IDENTITY: Leo Freewind// HERO/VILLAIN NAME: n/a • RACE: Human/Techronman Hybrid// ALIGNMENT: Undetermined • ABILITY: Magical(Warlock)// GRADE: F// FAME/INFAMY: (6/9) • PASSIVES: [Adaptive lvl 3] [Technopath lvl 4] [Arcane Sight lvl 0] [Street Fighting lvl 1] • ACTIVES: [Analyze lvl 3] [Shock lvl 3] [Black Bolt lvl 4] • MONEY: 615 credits// HIDEOUT/LAIR: n/a • EQUIPMENT: Switchblade, Damaged/Obsolete Smartwatch/ Bloodied Hammer Leo raised his head up as Old Man Bon-Bon took the seat right in front of him. The older human had a small smile on his face as he passed Leo a glass of what suspected was alcohol given how small it’s content was. But he didn’t let that stop him as he downed the entire glass in one sitting, squinting as the alcohol went down his chest with a heat he couldn’t help but appreciate. His eyes watered, but in one way or the other his head seemed a bit clearer. “You have done well Leo, I apologize for throwing you out there like that, but if you want into the Iron Eyes gang, then this is something you will have to deal with someday. There’s no running away from the bloody side of this life and you will have to embrace it. You’ve stared in to the abyss kid, and unfortunately it doesn’t stare back, it just swallows you whole.” Leo just looked up at him, but he didn’t say anything. He had a mantra going on in his head right now, and that was the fact that this was just a game. That the people in it where no more than highly sophisticated artificial intelligence, he didn’t just take a life, this was just a game. “You have proven that you’re willing to kill to survive, whereas me I just want to get out of this life. So there’s two more task for you to complete and I will hand the watch to you. And don’t worry you don’t have to kill anyone, though if I have to be honest in the next fight things will get extremely bloody. So tell me kid are you up for it?” Old Man Bon-Bon asked, and Leo not at all ready to deal with any philosophical bullshit quickly nodded his head in acceptance. “Great, there’s a small gang of upstart Cronin in the south sector. They’ve made their base at the pier and are making a living harassing the sailors that bring goods from the mainland. Their leader is owing a significant sum of money and I need it back. However, I don’t want people knowing much about my movements, so go down there, rough them up and tell them Triple C sends his regards. But first you need to sleep, rest, take a shower and get some change of clothes, and I believe I can help with that…. come on kid.” Leo got up and followed behind the old man as another prompt for a mission flashed in front of his eyes. [QUEST: Old man Bonbon has a set of tasks for you. You now have his trust and are qualified for any of those tasks you have to rough up some small time gangsters to ‘encourage’ them to return the money the owe to old man BONBON //REWARD: 2000 credits and a basic level skill chip, +10 infamy/ +10 Fame ]
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