Episode 1. The New Neighbour

963 Words
Beep Beep Beep! Moesha wakes up to the sound of her alarm going off. It's 8am the sun is shining brightly in her eyes through a crack in the curtain. It's a Saturday morning and Moesha is still groggy from the night before. Moesha's POV. Knock Knock!! "Damn it ", why must that woman be so punctual I thought to myself. Gina was my best friend in the whole wide world, said she would be here at 8am to pick me up for our shopping trip. Seriously though she takes being on time to a whole new level. I am grateful for her though, She sure knew how to get me motivated. "Moesha hurry up and get your butt outta bed and answer this door ", Gina yelled out in a playful tone. Reluctantly I drag myself out of bed, put on some slippers and make my way down the hall towards the front door. I stop mid way to take a brief look at myself in the mirror. "wow your a sight for sore eyes", I say to myself. As I open the door there was Gina Hands on hips looking impatient as always when she had to wait any amount of time what so ever. She eyes me up and down for a moment. "Wow Girl, you look like you've been rolling around on the ground of a dirty old barn", She exclaimed. As Gina walks inside she turns and gives me a mmmm hmmm look. "Actually I'm not surprised you look like THAT" she says while pointing at me in a up and down direction. "with how much you drank last night Girl, that was crazy". "Well I didn't expect to see that asshole ever again now did I", I say throwing my hands in the air feeling defeated once again in my life. Gina looked at me with worry in her eyes. She knew the past I had with Mathew was one I wanted to forget. He was overly possessive and extremely protective, he was really intense and it was in a scary way. "why on earth I got involved with him to start with I will have no idea. Gina I don't know what to do?",I Ask Gina hoping she some good Girlfriend advice for me. Because I sure was running a blank on what to do. Gina stared at me with a blank look on her face not really knowing how to reply. "Hmm" she thought, "well what did he say to you to make you go all crazy like you did?". I move into the kitchen to make a cup of coffee. "Want one"?, I ask. "Girl don't try change the subject", Gina said in a tone that meant the subject was going to be addressed whether I liked it or not. "Ok ok" I reply in defeat, "He said he was sorry for all the crazy things he did, and that he wanted me to give him a second chance". As I put the sugar and coffee into my cup I turned to Gina. "But in all honesty Gina, one part of me wants to run for the hills and never look back at him and the other part of me says I should at least hear him out". "GIRL ARE YOU f*****g CRAZY!!", Gina yelled at me like a furious Mumma bear protecting her cubs. "yes I know I need my head read" I laughed. After chugging down my coffee I ran upstairs to get myself ready to go out and get some shopping therapy after last nights events. Running into Mathew at the dinner party was night my ideal night out. 3 Hours Later Pulling up into the driveway of my apartment block, I couldn't help but feel so much more relaxed. "Thanks Gina I really needed this". I say. I felt so much, I couldn't wipe the smile from my face. "No worries girl, I knew it would help". Gina responds as She looked at me then looked over to where she normally parks her car. "Hey there is a new car here, I haven't seen that car before", Gina blurts out as She looks at me beaming with curiosity and with a grin from ear to ear."I wonder if someone has finally moved into Mrs Viennas old apartment?". No doubt in her mind she would be wondering if it was a man, A single man especially that might take interest in me and sweep me off my feet. Not that I actually wanted to have any male interest at the moment, but she always was the hopeful romantic. We get out the car and I walk over to Gina's side of the car. I can't help but notice the large business logo on the sides and back of the car. it's a advertising company and the very company I tried to get a job at 5 years ago. "That's interesting" Gina says with a weird look on her face. "what's interesting" I ask trying to work out why she had a weird look on her face. She seemed deep in thought about something. she snapped out of her daze "OH! nothing, sorry was just thinking about something nothing to worry about", Gina replies as she gives me a forced smile. I don't know what that was all about but I shake it off and take it as just a random moment of distraction. we open the boot and get my shopping out and head up to my apartment . As we get closer I hear a voice I recognize quite well. "No way it's not, Please tell me it's not", I blurt out . "What are you talking about". Gina says looking at me totally confused. But then we see him.....
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