Episode 2. The Unexpected

1094 Words
The one person I did not want to see... Mathew. we see mathew carrying a large box to Mrs Vienna's old apartment. I hear him say speak to one of the other tenants in one of the other apartments."I'm nearly done actually, thank you for the offer though". I hear him say. I look at Gina and you would think she had just smelt a god aweful smell going by the look of great distaste on her face. "what in the actual hemorrhoids do we have here",Gina exclaims in a disgusted tone. "this man is a pain in my backside". Anger and frustration started brewing inside of me and before I knew it I was doing the unthinkable, I yelled out his name, "MATHEW!". As he turned around he seemed surprised but I continued regardless. I needed to know what he was up too. "What! ,do you need to know my every move now by moving into the same damn building", I said through gritted angry teeth. Yes sure the man had always been super protective but he could also be extremely sufficating and possesive. It was kinda on the verge of obsession. You know the type where they stalk you in the shadows and secretly watch your every move. I am sure he wasn't that bad but it sure felt like it. some parts of me wondered though if my fear for Mathew were because of my abandonment issues I had when my Father disowned me when I was just 10 years old. My father had always told me I was unlovable and I didnt deserve to have anything that made me happy. For Years he told me that over and over again right up to the day he upped and left me to defend for myself. Forcing me to become a homeless street kid. As Mathew turned he had a smile on his face. "Well hello to you too" he laughed. "By the way I have no Idea what your raving on about Miss Thang". Oh my God grrr he knew how much I hated being called that. He called me that everytime I had a go at him about something. Times never change it appears. "Well Mr Stalker, First you come apologizing for your ridiculous behaviour from when we were together, And then wanting a second chance. Then next thing I know the very next day your moving into the very same apartment blocks I live in", I say as I look him dead in the eye with a angry frustration in my tone. DAMN though he had gorgeous eyes. Blue, Soul piercing blue eyes. His eyes just seem to melt into your soul and steal your breath. Get a grip of yourself I reminded myself. Laughing Mathew bends down and places the box he was carrying on the ground. "Now now Moe that's abit harsh, Stalker come on. Yes I miss you heaps but no I'm not stalking you", he says with a serious look on his face. "I simply replied to an add and took the apartment. I didn't even know you lived here". "Do you actually beleive she would believe that stupid story Mathew", Gina blurts out looking thoroughly annoyed by Mathew's presence. "I see you still have your shadow every where you go", Mathew says to Moesha while looking over at Gina. "I can see you won't believe me until I show you proof", Mathew proclaimed as he pulled his cell phone out of the pocket of his jeans and handed it to me. "Check my emails and you will see". Sure enough there was correspondence from the apartments management. But still that didn't answer my question as to if he knew I lived here before he took the apartment. Questions filled my mind. Looking quizzically at him I knew I would probably never get that answer. Gina placed her hand on my shoulder while giving Mathew the stink eye. "Hey come on lets go", Gina says to me as she urges me to leave. Feeling the need to go aswell I follow her back up the stairs to my apartment. Grabbing the key to my apartment from under the green Frog statue I left at the front door next too a heap of pot plants. "Babe I really wish you would stop leaving your key under that thing", Gina said as she always did with a concerned tone," because seriously it's a stupid thing to do". "Yeah yeah I know!", I respond as I look Gina in the face and give her a cheeky grin. She knew I wouldn't of listened anyway. I am a Creature of habit as I have been told many times before. As we walk inside Gina throws my bags she was holding onto my sofa and looked at me with a worried look on her face. "Hey are you going to be ok tonight",She asks. "Yeah Gina Don't stress, Mathew may be alot of things but I doubt he would ever harm me he's not a monster", I reply trying my best to reassure her everything will be ok. "Ok well call me before you go to bed tonight ok", Gina says as she uses her fingers to make a phone gesture pulling her hand towards her ear. "It's 11:30 already and I have to meet up with Andy at 12:15 to discuss what he plans to do with his house". "Oh hasn't he decided yet if he is going to sell or rent it out?". I asked curiously. I loved his house, It was stunning beyond words. He had put his heart and soul into that house trying to make his girlfriend happy. It is a shame she was a gold digger and couldn't see past his money. He was a really lovely bloke and he didn't deserve what she did to him. I'm glad though that she left him before he proposed to her. She left him for a bloke she thought had more wealth then Andy, but she fell on her face when she finally relised he had more debt then money. Serves her right the greedy cow. But it still was a shame that such a beautiful house now sat empty. Gina throws her hands in the air and gives a frustrated gesture. "Yeah he keeps changing his mind, It is driving me CRAZY!". "Anyways Moe I got to go, Don't forget to call me ok". Gina says as she rushes out the door. Waving as she passes through the door way closing the door behind her.
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