The first meeting

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In walk-in closet, Liv is getting ready for her night at the club with Barbara. She has decided to wear a black fitted dress with a long slit on her right leg. Liv tied her hair in a loose ponytail and set her hair with hairspray. She prefers light makeup in her daily life but has an undying love for shoes. She paired her black dress with a matte black stilettos and red lipstick that made her look fierce yet gorgeous. She got a message on her phone informing of Barbara's arrival down her apartment.  Liv's living room is designed with minimalist art, TV and her family photos. The biggest attraction of the room is the ceiling long portrait of her favorite ramp show. She is locking her house when she receives a call from Barbara to hurry up. Liv reach down her building to find Barbara in the backseat of her car.   "Woah you are not driving today, don't tell me you are planning to get drunk." Liv asked Barbara as she put on her seat-belt.   "Not really but I would like to keep my options open."  "Uh-huh Barbara Kloss wants her option open, my girl grew up so fast." Liv said while wiping her fake tears.   "Oh stop it, melodramatic." Barbara rolled her eyes.   "So what's the club we are going today?"   "It's a new club near the Madison Square, Hyde sunset Grand club. I have a friend who got me hooked with these VIP passes." Barbara said while she checked her makeup.  "Cool name."    Olivia and Barbara reached the entrance of the club. There was a long queue of people waiting to get in the club. Barbara and Liv went directly to the entrance and with the VIP pass bouncer let them in. The club was filled with people, pretty high number for the opening and was booming with loud music.   The club definitely fitted its name and was high-end with a bar in between where bartenders were serving the orders. The bar was surrounded by the couches and booth where people were enjoying the music. On the left side of the bar people were grooving to the music and showing their dance moves on the dance floor.  Liv and Barbara took a flight of stairs and entered the VIP section of the club. It was filled with people of the entertainment agency and well known faces of the business world. The models were trying to make "network" with businessmen and businessmen were happy about getting the attention. Liv never could see herself as one of such models. She liked to achieve success on her own. There was other group of people who were just there to enjoy their weekend and Liv, Barbara were one of them.  Lucky and Nara friends of Liv waved the girls and went to sit with them. Lucky and Nara were models from IMG agency and was a good friend of Liv and Barbara. They are known as the cutest couple of the glamour world. They ordered their drinks and started to chat about their work and upcoming plans.    “So how's working with Paul Marciano, Liv?" Lucky asked Olivia.   "It was great and I am actually leaving for Switzerland next month for the shoot of his new collection. He always has a life lesson and is really a great personality."   "Yeah working with him was really great experience for me as well" lucky added and waiter arrived to get their orders.    All of them order their drinks and food for the night. At the same time Barbara received a call and excused herself to get the call. Nara and Liv were talking about music and Shake it off started playing. Liv being a huge T-swift fan started to make her way to dance floor by leaving a text to Barbara.   Liv lost herself with the beat of music and move her body on the dance floor. She was fairly enjoying her time in the club and this song added to her fun. Other songs started playing and she was having time of her life but she felt a weird sensation of someone staring at her. She turned around to see a guy on the bar looking at her but diverted his gaze when Liv turned her head.   Olivia decided to take a rest and went to bar to order a drink for herself. The guy sitting at bar was nowhere to be seen so she did not think more into it.    "Here's your cosmopolitan."    Liv started to savor her drink and was humming with the song playing when she felt the same sensation she felt on the dance floor. She turned her stool to come across the most beautiful set of silver eyes she has ever seen and he was the same guy who was looking at her on the dance floor. She took one look and turned to her drink.    "One classic scotch and cosmopolitan for the lady." The grey eyed guy ordered the bartender with his deep baritone voice. Liv turned to look at him.  "You didn't ask." Liv said to the handsome stranger. She took a close look at him. He was dressed in black tailored suit which did complete justice to his body. First few buttons were unbuttoned and his white dress shirt and suit flaunted his muscles. His demeanor gave an aura of a dominant personality different from the usual business tycoons.   "Well....?" The guy asked with a smirk while bartender served them the drink.  "Thanks for the drink, stranger." Olivia took a sip of her drink and went back to listen the beat of the club.   "You have got great moves, pretty stranger." he said while he gulped down his drink.   Liv knew these types of guys and always kept distance but this handsome stranger gave a different but a good different vibe to her.   "Thanks. You know it’s not good to stare."  "I wasn't staring; I was appreciating your confidence and your dance." He said and checked out Liv's body but soon returned to her eyes. Liv smiled at his comment.  "So you are here by yourself."  "No, I am here with my friend to whom I should now return to." She looked into his eyes and could feel so many emotions brewing in his eyes.   "Are you one of VIP guests?" He asked as he gulped down his remaining drink.  "Yupp."  "Great, c'mon let's go my brother must be there as well." He said as got up the stool and helped Liv. They started taking the stairs.  "What should I call the pretty stranger or do you prefer being called pretty stranger." He asked with a smile on his face.  "I like pretty stranger but you can call me Olivia. And should I call you stranger?" Both burst out in laughter.  "I guess you could call me stranger but for other it’s Nathaniel." There was a look on Nate after he said his name but he masked it quickly.   "Well, pleasure to meet you Nathaniel."  "Pleasure is all my Olivia."   As they the VIP section, she heard Barbara calling her name and when Nate and Liv got close to Barbara, she looked at them with a shocked look.    "Hi" A guy beside Barbara greeted Liv.  "I know you, Olivia Smith the rising supermodel." The guy addressed Liv as he looked between her and his brother.   "I see you already met my brother, I am Daniel Knight, the handsome brother." Daniel bragged with a grin. Nate rolled his eyes at his brother's comment. The people around the club were really intimidated by Nate’s presence. Liv could feel the same but she was trying to understand Barbara and her friend's relation there.   All four of them settled in the booth and Daniel, Barbara were chatting with their other friends where as Nate and Liv were making few small talks. With that, the night was about to end when Nate finally asked for Liv's number.    "I would like to hang out with you some time where my annoying brother is not present." "Yeah sometime." Liv replied with a smile as she got into the car with Barbara.    Both the girls had lot going on and maybe due the buzz of drink they didn't really talked a lot and Liv arrived at her apartment.  "I'll call you tomorrow." Liv said to Barbara as she got off the car.    Olivia's POV  Today after so long I actually felt a connection with someone. Barbara was only a friend close to me as my family for so long but today a complete stranger was able to stir so many emotions in me. The way his eyes hid so many secrets, how he was always attentive towards my conversations. He does not really seem like a guy who smiles a lot but whenever he smiled it added to his great features. His look never made me feel uncomfortable or even I found a new comfort when I was around. The way her name rolled from his tongue pulled some strings in her heart.   Okay this is not good; I can't let myself to feel these emotions for my own good. But now my heart doesn't really wish to listen to my mind due to the affect of Nathaniel Knight. Maybe tomorrow I will snap out of it and get back to my life. My phone blinked notifying me of a text message from unknown number and an email from my manager.    Have a Good Night, Olivia. Nate.   Well I am definitely not getting out of his affect any time sooner. It’s already 1 am; I should go to sleep and try to get my head back into work.  
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