Nate and Liv

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In one of the highest sky scrapers of New York, Knight Empire stood at a glory and the person who built it with his own hand Nathaniel Knight basked in every success that kisses his feet.   He is known to be the youngest billionaire of the world in his twenties. Except his work, he never really intended to find love; relations and any physical desires he held were fulfilled by the women who threw themselves at him. The girl he wishes to have relation with is someone he never knows if he could find.Nathaniel was content with his business life but personal life he had much more turmoil and was far from content.    Usual morning, Knight empire was busy with the executives making deals, employees carrying out their day-to-day work. No one could even afford a slip in Knights Empire, they were used to providing and getting the best. On the 85th floor, CEO Nathaniel knight was keeping tabs on his rivals and planning his next move to expand his business to the new heights. Most important looking for a lead to get back at his life sworn enemy.  Nate; as his family and close friends like to call him, heard his secretary informing him about the arrival of his brother; Daniel Knights.    "Brother, c'mon do you always need to be so intense?" Daniel teased Nathaniel as soon as he entered Nate's office and he sat on the couch in Nathaniel's office. Nathaniel's office was filled with antique art pieces from Italy. He has always found himself attracted towards his birthplace and his ancestors. There was a bookshelf filled with books of business world and right beside was the awards Nate received for being most successful Business-man in the world. There was a reading table with lamp. On the other side was a couch with a coffee table/ aquarium built in it. The blue color of the tank gave the illumination of life in the dark grey office. And in the middle of the room, in front of the ceiling window, giving New York City's view; was Nathaniel Knight's office. Who right now was giving an annoying look to his brother?   "What do you want, Daniel?" Nate asked and went back to his work on his laptop.  "What I can’t even come to my beloved brother's office to meet without any reason...?"Daniel pretended to be offended; Nathaniel looked at his brother with a raised sleeked eyebrow.   "Fine, i just wanted to go to this new club tomorrow and I hoped you could come with me"   He was about to deny his brother's offer when Daniel started giving his puppy eyed look and he finally gave in, "fine I'll go but no funny business" Nate warned and  went back to his work.   "Of course, see you tomorrow at 7, Ciao." with a grin Daniel left Nate's office.    Evening 5 pm Nate was in his office with his gaze fixed on the computer on his desk. He was closely monitoring all the activities of his life's biggest hindrance. Whenever he thinks how his life would have turned out if that person choose to fulfill his role in Nate's life, he is filled with rage which can only be relieved by revenge. He would not ask for more from his life right now but for the real peace there are some loose ends he needs to close.  After the revenge, he has not really thought about the direction his life will turn to or he can't even remember his life direction before truth came rushing in his life creating a great storm. He really wished there could be someone who would hold him steady in between the storm but due to his own walls, he is left all alone in his storm. Of course he has his family who love him a lot, but he lacks this one person who could understand him inside out. Is this even possible? Where are you?  Every day, returning back to his mansion there is no warmth just the exterior is filled with ravishing beauty that can only be changed by a person's love and presence. Nate would have his dinner every day by himself and go to his study to continue the work of his office at his residence as well. Some distraction here and there but he can be considered as a complete workaholic. Some distraction here and there refers to the one night stands, which Nate is known for except his successful business. There is not a single successful model who has not crossed paths with Nate. But again no strings attached.  Before going to sleep he is standing with a glass of scotch on his balcony looking at the stars and sky. He does not really know what he is trying to find or understand but standing there in tranquil is only thing close to his mind's peace in his chaotic life. Taking a last glance at the sky he goes to bed to brace himself for another of his life's usual day.  Maybe he will find his peace soon but would he be able to hold on to her?    With the clicking of the cameras, flashing of lights all around Olivia Smith is one of the rising supermodel of the world. Olivia knows the affect she has on the runway and is enjoying every bit of her success. In the sparkling flashes, she tries to hide her sadness, insecurities. She longed for the person who could take her back to the Liv she was before, back to her home.  Coming from a small town having dream to enter the glamour world. There were many obstacles but she did not let anything to stop her from achieving her dream and is leaving behind all the top models and making her own name. She is someone who depends on other people for her success. She believe in achieving everything on her own. I guess that's what she learns from being on her own for a long time.  Olivia is signed with biggest modeling agency adding feathers to her wings. In her agency, Liv is the one model who is know for her high virtue, values and talent. Her friend Barbara is right besides her getting her hair done. With Barbara, she has been able to find a great friend in this ruthless industry but even with her Liv has not been able to open up completely. What if she leaves her too?  Right now, she is getting her makeup done for New York fall fashion week backstage. Olivia being the supermodel can have her own makeup room and she chooses to share it with her friend, Barbara. There is a long mirror on one side of the room and two dressing table with a lot of lights on the other side of the room. Makeup artist are doing their wonders to increase the limelight of the runway.   "Hey girl, what are your plans for tomorrow?" Barbara asked Olivia.  "Right now I can't really think of anything." Liv's Make-up artist put on a eye lash extension. "Then don't, there is this club opening and I have got two VIP passes, we should go there and enjoy our fashion week" Barbara suggested Olivia with an expected look.   "You know I don't enjoy crowd and loud music but I really need a break after this exhausting week, so I guess we could hit the club." Liv has indulged in drinking but always in private but avoided getting drunk in public for her own good.   "Yesssss!!" Barbara exclaimed with Olivia trying to shush her. "I will pick you up tomorrow at 6:45 evening."   "Sure, now let’s go and rock it on the runway" Olivia exclaimed and started to get ready for the sequence.    Every time Olivia was on the runway she felt like she was on top of the world and always left a never forgetting impact on the spectators. This time was no different for her. Olivia was the opening model and she flaunted her perfect body with the outfit. Every other person below the ramp were amazed by her charms on the runway, the designers were very impressed and walked with her at the end of the show.  With this the New York fall fashion week came to an end. Designers, models, investors, producers, talent agency were present for after party to acknowledge and celebrate the success of the fashion week. Drinks, get together, fake pleasantries were the package one receives being part of this glamour world. The part was filled with wanna be people but there were few models and members of industry who liked to maintain a clean slate enjoying in the side. Liv and Barbara were among those.  Almost at midnight Olivia and Barbara were living the party. "Liv see you tomorrow in the evening.”Enjoy your day off." Barbara said to Olivia and got into her car. "Yup you too. Good night."   Liv arrived at her house. She loved the attention she received from the world, but when she reached her home she would feel there is something missing from her life. That's where the reality hits her. A room in her life felt with loneliness, insecurity which has made a permanent place in her life. Whenever she achieves a milestone she always wished to have someone to celebrate it with who really roots for her. The people she wanted the most were no where to be found.   One day I will have that one person with me and we will live happily is the thought she has when she is enjoying the beauty of the night from her balcony. Maybe I will find them too. With that thought she goes to bed like every other night. 
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