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He believed he was never destined to find peace. A person with a glamorous life to world, was trapped inside his own walls. Chaos, shadows were his companion but the day he saw her; he saw a ray of light entering his life. He wished to talk to her, hold her, and be with her but will his past allow that?  Is there a hope for the Nathaniel knight after all?   Away from her family, breaking all the barriers she was ready to embrace her dream life and make a name of her own. She didn’t believe in shadows, she lived her life in light and wanted to be known to the world. Having someone in life for support was foreign to her but maybe she needed a shadow to lean on and hold her.  Will Olivia smith overcome her insecurities let herself feel loved?   There was darkness in both their life but will they be able to become the ray of light for each other. With the romance brewing and pasts haunting every other day. The secrets to uncover, hurdles to pass, trust for darkness and give themselves a chance to live peaceful life with each other?  I am a King who wants a Queen with the same level of EQ and understanding. She will be my world, she will be my everything.                                                             -Nathaniel Knight I am a Queen, I am not a real Queen till I don't treat my man as my King. I believe in an equal, passionate and trusting relationship...will give my everything to my King.                 - Olivia Smith   
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