The Alpha King's Innocent Bride.

love at the first sight


Elaine was the daughter of a w***e and never got anything in her life, but the one thing that she desired was a loving mate. Elaine was getting abused and mistreated in her life as she silently took her punishment for being born from a w***e. Her father never married her mother, who was known as the w***e of the pack, but only used her and threw her back in the corner for the other men of the pack to use. The Luna of the pack abused her mother so badly that she killed her and framed her as a traitor to cover up her actions.

Elaine grew up all alone in a path of thorns, but she understood that the only one that could save her was her mate since her pack never intended to let her go. After all, who would willingly let a full time slave go so easily? The day that Elaine went to the mating ball she was drugged and had her virginity taken by a mysterious man that she could not see. She thought by running away from there she would be able to save herself, but she had no idea that when she returned to her pack that she would actually get in trouble and that she would be framed for killing the chosen mate of the cursed Alpha King Emmett. Alpha King Emmett was cursed so that he would never be able to find his true mate, he would be mateless forever. Elaine never thought that her life would suddenly take a turn for the worse and she would become the innocent bride of the Alpha King.

“Please let me go… I do not want to get married to you…” Elaine begged, holding the last piece of her clothing that was half crushed under his feet and half in her hand, torn completely and turned into rags. Tears continuously rolled down her cheeks as this person was none other than the king of Alpha’s who had sworn to make her his…and only his… his slave bride.

“Don’t you think after killing my chosen mate, I should be compensated?” He said, pulling her torn clothes even more. Inch by inch revealing her smooth skin in front of his lusty eyes.

“Please…No…Don’t do it…” She again begged and could not even stop him from making her naked. Outside of the room his Beta had dug his nails into the neck of her best friend and was about to rip it out if Elaine offended the Alpha King.

“I…did not…kill anyone…” She managed to say. As he heard her words that she had repeated more than a hundred times, his eyes turned black. Forgetting her clothes, he pulled her up by her hair, clutching it tightly and making her look into his eyes.

“ARE YOU STILL DARING TO LIE?!!” He shouted at the top of his lungs and tightened his grip on her hair. She cried in pain and saw a sadistic smile on his face.

“Still playing the innocent, huh?” He asked letting go of her hair and pulling her soft body to him. She shivered with his sudden change and it was like a devil wearing an angel's mask. He looked deep into her eyes.

“Please no…” She again begged, not knowing what was coming next.

“Now, you will become the Alpha King’s innocent bride.”

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