1 Mute Bride and Blind Groom

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“I’m not marrying a blind man!” Megan was shortly blinded by a pearl-studded wedding dress as she pushed open the door, making her fair face tingle. Her elder sister, Stacy Dunn was throwing a tantrum currently. Actually, it was Stacy’s wedding day. But clearly, that spoiled elder sister of hers had changed her mind. “Stacy, sweetheart, I know Ivan is not the man he used to be anymore. But he’s still a Hendrix. You know we can’t afford to mess with his family.” Their father, Miller was trying to persuade his grumpy eldest daughter. Chink! c***k! After throwing the wedding dress, her angry elder sister now started to smash her father’s favourite vase on the ground. “I don’t care! I’m not gonna marry a disabled man! You can marry him if you’re scared of them so much!” She had gone ballistic at this point. “Honey, we both know our precious daughter deserves better.” Megan’s stepmother, Catherine was holding her husband’s arm. What a warm family, the doting parents, and the spoiled daughter. And I am just like an outsider. Megan thought to herself and smiled bitterly. "But the wedding car is waiting outside," pointing outside of the window, Miller looked like he was gonna have a meltdown, "Stacy, my little princess. Are you really trying to give your poor old man a heart attack?" Stacy whipped around and saw Megan standing still at the door. Her eyes lit up as she pointed at her, "Let her marry him! She can be the bride." Miller turned around and saw his youngest daughter, "But she can't even talk. The Hendrix won't accept a mute." "I've never said anything before Ivan. He should think I'm a mute." Stacy explained excitedly. "Why?" Miller raised an eyebrow. "Daddy, it doesn't matter," Stacy huffed, "Just make Megan the bride. She's a mute and he's a blind man. They are perfect for each other." Hearing that, Miller and Catherine both cast their gazes on Megan. "Miller, honey, I think it will work," Catherine nudged at her husband with her elbow, "Ivan can't see and Megan can't talk. Guess this is the only way." Miller looked at the quiet girl apologetically, "Megan, sweetheart…" Pressing the wedding dress to her chest, Megan's eyes widened as she looked at the faces of her family members one by one. The pearls on the wedding dress somehow stung her, and so did her so-called family's attitude. When her eyes met Stacy's, she found her big sister suddenly looking away, as if she was afraid to make eye contact. "Megan," Miller sighed, "You know that…" Before Miller could ask, Megan gestured at him with sign language, "Okay. I'll marry him." She saw the content smile on her sister's face and her father's apologetic eyes, but she didn't want to make any response before she quietly went back to her room and put the beautiful dress on. Actually, she had been longing for this day, marrying Ivan. She had been secretly in love with him for many years. When she was still a child, she had some happy moments with Ivan. And Ivan had promised her that he would marry her when they grew up. Her heart had been taken away since that promise. Although he might have forgotten his promise and somehow ended up falling in love with Stacy, her elder sister half a year ago, Megan still couldn’t stop loving this man. She was heartbroken seeing her beloved man become her sister's boyfriend, then her fiance. But there was still a glimpse of hope hidden in the deepest part of Megan's heart, that was one day, Ivan would remember his promise and marry her. So when her sister asked her to be the substitute bride, she agreed almost without hesitation. Ivan would marry her today. So, whether she was a substitute or not didn't matter anymore. The dress was a bit heavy and oversized. But Megan smiled at her reflection in the mirror as she sat before the dresser. She knew Ivan was blind now and was no longer that powerful man, but she still would give the world to be his wife. Walking out of the gate of Dunn's mansion, Megan got into the wedding car gracefully with a wide smile on her face. The wedding probably wouldn't have feasts or guests, but she knew the groom was the man she truly loved. And that was enough for her. When the car was driving towards Ivan's mansion, Megan felt complicated. She was a bit nervous. What if Ivan found out that she was not Stacy? But she was also full of expectation, picturing what her future life would be with her beloved Ivan. Megan took a deep breath. She felt a bit uneasy for not knowing what would happen next. The car stopped before a rusty iron gate of an old mansion. When Megan got off, the car drove away in a flash. No one came to greet her or show her the way. So Megan navigated her way through the unkempt lawn, knocking on the mouldy door. “Mr Hendrix is waiting for you on the second floor, the second room on your right hand.” A scrawny middle-aged woman said impatiently. When Megan walked in, she was almost choked by the dusty smell in the air. The decorations and furniture looked outdated and old. The house looked bleak and deserted. Is Ivan really living here? But he is a former CEO. Megan was confused. Picking up the long hem of her wedding dress, Megan climbed the wooden stairs carefully. The old stairs were creaking with her weight. “That bride is quite pretty. But she marries a blind. What a shame.” Megan heard the middle-aged woman's murmur and froze. Then she turned around and cast a glare at the woman. The woman finally shut up. When Megan finally went to the door of that room, she took in a deep breath. Even though the man she loved couldn't see anymore, Megan still wanted to get herself prepared before seeing his face. However, the next second, she raised her hand and froze in midair as a gale of howling laughter wafted its way out of the room… "Just subscribe, bros. Seriously, I'll feed this wanker s**t if you guys subscribe now." "What do you mean by 'you don't believe us? This is the real former CEO of the Hendrix Group. Look, do you see his face?" “We're not joking, man. Over 10,000 subscriptions, we'll give you guys a show, how a former CEO becomes a s**t-eater! Hahahaha…” Bang! Megan pushed the door open and stormed in angrily. How would they say such horrible things to Ivan? Megan was furious when she saw that the two men doing a live stream were barking crazily. She immediately looked around to look for Ivan in the room. Ivan was sitting on an old chair by the window, in a thin shirt on such a cold winter day. They didn't even give him a coat! His face was still handsome and impassive, but also as pale as a ghost's, his lips dry and cracked. His once bright and dazzling eyes were hidden behind a pair of sunglasses. He looked so indifferent and isolated. Megan’s heart was broken at the sight of this. Megan's sudden appearance startled the two men. One of them asked, “Who is she?” “The new maid, probably.” “That loser is basically like a dead walking now. Why does he still need servants?” Then they ignored Megan and continued with their live streaming. “We need to figure out something more interesting.” “How about you get some s**t here and feed him?” They were humiliating her beloved Ivan! Hot anger was boiling in Megan’s veins. She immediately rushed towards them, slapping those dirty hands away from Ivan. The man's phone dropped on the floor the next second. One man went furious, "What are you doing, b***h? Do you think we won't beat the s**t out of you because you're a woman?" "She's got a pretty face. We should strip them both naked and make a tape!" The other man barked out a laugh. “Young masters, how about leaving them alone today? After all, it's Mr. Hendrix's wedding day.” The butler suddenly came in and said. “Oh?” The two men looked Megan up and down lewdly and continued, “So this is the bride? Quite pretty though. Oh! But our dear cousin is blind now. He can't see it. What a pity, hahaha…” “Why don't you greet us, cousin-in-law?” “She is a mute.” The butler explained. “A what? Hahahaha!” The two men laughed out loud, “A f*****g mute! Hilarious! The best funniest joke ever! A mute and a blind! What a perfect match!” The room was filled with disgusting laughter, but Ivan was still sitting motionlessly, looking into the distance. But he was blind, he couldn't see anything. “Hey, cousin, you hear that? Your wife is a mute.” “Oh man, their wedding night will be so boring. How about we help them?” “Any idea, bro?” “Let's strip them naked and have a wedding night live stream! Isn't it great? Loving making livestreaming! Even better than p**n movies! I've never seen it on the spot before!” “Awesome! Let's tie the blind up and strip him first!” Then the two men strode towards Ivan while laughing. But Ivan was sitting still as if he didn't hear anything. Megan was so worried about him. Was he ill? Or was he too sad about his blindness? When Megan saw the two men weren't joking at all, she was shocked. One of the men pressed Ivan on the chair and the other one was trying to tear his shirt! Megan instantly rushed toward Ivan, pushed the two bastards away and stood in front of Ivan, protecting him… How could they do that?! They were really out of line! Megan felt anger surge up in her heart. She became brave for Ivan. She would guard Ivan!
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