2 I Will Be a Good Husband

1296 Words
Megan hugged Ivan tightly. “Sheesh, she loves the blind. Trying to protect him, huh? All right, then we'll strip you first!” “I wonder how will she moan when they have s*x later? Hahaha.” One of the men lowered his head, looking at Megan's beautiful face and said evilly. “Can she even make a sound? She is just a mute, man.” “Hey, mute. How about you moan now? We really want to hear that.” “Hahaha! Great idea! Let's give them a hand. Hey, cousin. Do you think you can aim at your wife's hole when you f**k her? I am sure we can help!” Listening to their disgusting and lewd words, Megan became more furious. These scumbags! How could they humiliate Ivan like that?! She cast a glare at them and then turned back to look at Ivan. She hadn't seen him for a while. He had lost a lot of weight. He looked fragile and pale, his lips were even turning blue. His once dazzling eyes looked dim, like a once shining gem being buried in the dust. She reached out her trembling hand. She really wanted to caress his eyes, giving him some comfort. The last time she met him, he was still that confident, proud and powerful Ivan, but now… He just looked out at the window blankly as if his soul had gone. Megan was so worried about him, holding his hands, rubbing them gently, trying to bring him back. “Stacy, is that you?” Ivan finally spoke. I am Megan, not Stacy. But if you can feel a bit happier around Stacy, I will be her then. Megan answered silently in her heart. Megan grabbed his hands tightly. His hands were so cold, covered with gashes. Megan immediately took off her coat, warping it around Ivan and trying to give him some warmth. Megan was wearing the beautiful wedding dress inside. She looked stunning in the dress. The two men couldn't help but swallow and fixed their gaze on Megan's body. "Damn, this b***h looks kind of hot without that ugly-ass coat. I mean… She may be a mute but she's got a good ass and everything…" One of the cousins’ lecherous voices sounded. “How about we help our cousin to try it first? We can help him to find her hole then, hahaha…” The other man suggested excitedly. “That's a good idea.” The other one let out a nasty laugh and walked towards Megan. But Megan didn't flinch. She stood still and glared at them. The two brothers thought she was too scared to move. They laughed even louder. One of the men grabbed Megan's arm. “f**k! Her hand is so soft!” The next second, Megan pinched the man's hand instead. She had started to learn medical skills from her grandparents at a young age. She knew how to hit nerve endings in human bodies when it came to healing or temporarily paralyzing someone. “You can't wait, chick? AHHHH! Damn! I can't feel my arm! What happened to me?! Is this mute chick a witch?!” The man screamed as he hit the floor limply. Megan frowned as she tightened her grip. The man started to howl in pain. "What are you doing to him?! Let him go!" The other one, Dean went pale. He wanted to save his brother but he was too scared to approach Megan. Ivan couldn't see anything, but he could still hear. "Stacy, that's enough. Come over here..." Megan looked at Ivan and hesitated as she wanted to make this bastard suffer more, just like how they made Ivan suffer. "Gentlemen...Today is your cousin's wedding day... Just leave him and his new wife alone and give them some privacy..." The butler had witnessed everything. He was scared that Megan might kill the two men. "Stacy, honey, just leave them. They are just two pathetic creatures. Don't let them taint your hands." Ivan's voice sounded smooth and reassuring. Megan sighed and let the man go. The man instantly got his brother out of the room before biting out a couple of curses and warnings. Megan didn't care to pay attention. She crouched down before Ivan's chair as she held his rough big hands in hers. "Can I feel your face?" Ivan asked in a soft voice. If he touches my face, will he find out that I’m not Stacy? But I just can’t refuse him. Megan hesitated for a short while and eventually nodded, leading one of his hands to her face. Actually, although Ivan was in a relationship with Stacy for a few months, he didn’t do any intimate things with her. Though he treated Stacy like a princess, buying everything that she wanted, he didn’t kiss her or even cup her face before. Somehow, Ivan was just not interested in Stacy in that way. He did like her as they were childhood sweethearts once, but more like brother liked sister. But today, his feeling towards her somehow changed. He wanted to touch her. Ivan's fingers felt cold and dry as they were caressing her brows, her nose, her cheeks, and then her lips. His fingers suddenly stopped on her lips, stroking them gently. Did he find out? Megan’s breath hitched. But she was then taken into his arms the next second. "Why are you still marrying me, silly girl? I am a blind man now... I'm not that powerful Ivan Hendrix anymore..." Ivan whispered sadly against her hair. But you are Ivan. You will always be my beloved Ivan. Megan kissed his fingers as tears escaped from her beautiful eyes. "Don't be scared, Stacy," Ivan's voice was deep and solid as he promised, "I'm probably powerless right now, but I'll fight the world to protect you. I will be a good husband, I promise." Of course, you are a good husband. But I am not Stacy. God, please forgive me. I just want to stay with this man so badly. Megan held his hands even more tightly. “Can I kiss you, babe?” Ivan’s voice was so soft and gentle. She was so different today. He wanted to kiss her and do all the intimate things with his sweet bride. After hearing his words, Megan cupped his face and gently kissed him on the lips. My first kiss, our first kiss. Ivan was stunned for a short while and then deepened the kiss. His lips were cold but the tip of his tongue was hot. He tenderly kissed his sweet bride in his arms, like kissing the most precious gift in the world. She was indeed a gift from God. Slowly, his gentle kisses become more eager and overbearing. He invaded into her sweet mouth, probing every corner enthusiastically. He tasted the tip of her tongue, dragging her into a passionate and erotic dance. It seemed that she was magical, making him obsessed with her. As soon as he tasted her sweetness, he couldn't let her go. Megan was trembling as the kiss went deeper and more passionate. A sweet and exhilarating shiver ran through her whole body. Oh, Ivan, my Ivan, I love you, so much... Megan was murmuring in her mind secretly. Her heart was pounding. She tentatively stroked his tongue with hers as it was exploring her mouth. Ivan’s kiss suddenly turned more demanding again, his tongue and lips mingling hers. They were kissing each other so passionately as if this was the last day before doom. Bang! "Mr. Hendrix, Mrs. Hendrix, it's time for dinner." Suddenly, the door was kicked open by the middle-aged maid. “Oh gosh, can’t you just wait after dinner?” The maid rolled her eyes at them.
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