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POV: Kyle I was greeting some high-ranking guests when I got mind-linked by Gabriel letting me know that due to an unfriendly rogue attack, one of our pack warriors was dead and another one was almost-dead. Upon hearing this, my whole body tensed with anger and I had to excuse myself in front of the guests before heading towards the infirmary, where Gabriel said they would be at. I need to find out what happened ASAP. The Alpha King is supposed to be coming in 2 days with high hopes of finding his mate. We cannot receive him on an unsafe territory. "Don't let anyone else find out about this, we cannot let such news reach unwanted ears!" I tell Gabriel. "O-of course, Alpha..." That didn't sound as sure as I wanted it to, but I don't have time to solve Gabriel's communication issues. Getting closer to the infirmary, I see Nathan going in the Omega unit. Why would my Beta be wasting his time there when there's so much to do?! I'll have to sort that out later... I storm into the Warrior unit from the infirmary where I find Gabriel and a pack doctor. I am quickly brought up-to-date by Gabriel: "Alpha, we were able to track the smell of three or four rogues, but we could only find two rogue bodies. We do not know what happened to the others, but there's something else I must tell you..." He's hesitating. I knew there was something wrong. Why the hell is he hesitating?! "Spill it" I growl, using my Alpha command. Gabriel lets out in a short breath: "There was also Omega Emily there. She was also hurt, currently being taken care of in the Omega unit. But things don't add up, Sir. Why would the other rogues leave them alone? An unmated female in a vulnerable position is the easiest prey I've heard of." I see, so that's why Nathan was going in the Omega unit. He's always had a soft spot for her, ever since he found her in the woods that night. Lucky her that my best friend was the one who found her, who knows what I would've done with her otherwise. "What are you getting at, Gabriel?" I spit out, feeling my wolf, Raven, get very agitated. "W-well, Sir, my only idea that makes sense is that she lured them there. That point was the least protected one. She must've known that and took advantage of it. I suspect my fellow warriors put up a really tough fight and, with her being a bit hurt, the other rogues just left her there, thinking nothing would happen to her." Raven growls at the thought that a filthy Omega would dare cross our pack. "WHAT?! Take her to the dungeons! We'll get to the bottom of this in a proper environment." My body tenses with anger and my breathing gets heavy. Then I remember Nathan is there. He wouldn't let anyone take her, he's too blinded by his feelings. I'll have to do it myself: "Tch, never mind, I'll go, I have to make sure at least ONE thing is done properly today". I head towards the Omega unit. Raven feels even more distressed and I can only assume he's dying of excitement to take revenge on our pack members. The moment I step in, my muscles relax and Raven screams in my head: "MATE", "MATE", "MATE", then I feel the relaxing smell of dew drops. It makes me think of the times when you shift and finally let your wolf run and roll around in the grass of a meadow at sunrise. But the moment I turn my head and I realize my supposed mate is that scum Omega that I'm meant to imprison and torture to truth for betraying the pack, my whole world crumbles. POV: Emily "MATE". The voice I hear is serene, calm and relaxed. Exactly the opposite of my current state of mind. My mate is Alpha Kyle. He's standing in front of the opened door and staring at me. I can see he's going through a lot of emotions in a very short span of time, from rage to relaxation, to calming his wolf down and then to rage again, for some reason. With the corner of my eye, I notice Nathan positioning himself in front of my bed, standing between us. I'm sure he can tell what's going on, but he seems as confused as me about the Alpha's reaction. Eventually, the Alpha says in a low voice: "Nathan, step away from the Omega". My wolf seems to be quiet but I can feel she's also bewildered by the Alpha's attitude. Maybe he's jealous and wants the other male away from us? "What's going on, Kyle? I could sense you both are mates, but why the rage... ?" "Beta, STEP AWAY from the filthy Omega!" Ah, he must be using his Alpha command as Nathan starts shaking, probably trying to withstand the urge to move. That's clearly not a loving mate's reaction and sadness overtakes my body. Suddenly, the Alpha steps up in front of Nathan and using one hand, throws him aside, his body hitting a cabinet with medical instruments: "Don't you DARE get up, Beta, you've done enough rebelling today! One more drop and I will have to take you to the dungeons as well." the Alpha growls in warning. Then he looks at me. His eyes trying to change colors expose what happens inside his head, I'm assuming a ruffle with his wolf that's not agreeing to how he's treating his mate. But Kyle won. Then I feel it... I feel the fear of rejection and of his rage. He gets closer, stomping the ground and extends his hand which closes around the length of my hair. "Let's go, mutt" says my loving mate while dragging me by my hair out of the room. "What is this? Wasn't he supposed to love me?" I think to myself, trying to get an answer from my wolf. I get no answer. I'm too baffled by what's happening to think about the pain. Then I notice we've taken the backyard route, closest to the woods, so he must be hiding what's happening. "W-what's going on, Alpha? Please tell me, I have done nothing wrong!" I'm trying to mutter. Seems like it affected him because he stopped. I cannot see his face from the position I'm in, as his back is turned to me, but fur is growing on his hands and his muscles tense. I can feel the inner battle he's fighting. Soon he shakes it off and turns to me quite abruptly: "I, Kyle Bloodmoon, Alpha of the Blood Moon Pack, reject you, Emily Winters, as my mate and Luna of this pack." he says in a short breath, almost whispering. But the way you say it doesn't matter, really. The effects are noticeable immediately, as Alpha Kyle kneels in pain. The only thing I hear is my heart racing and my hand grabs my chest by instinct when I feel a growing ache. I've heard of the pain caused by a rejection, that it's so harsh it can even kill a weaker wolf. "Oh no... he's not doing this to us." I hear the voice again. It's angry. I don't have the mental strength left to figure out what's what and I just give up control. I want to go away. Then my mouth moves by itself: "I, Emily Winters, reject you, Kyle Bloodmoon, as my mate." The Alpha lets out a cry of pain. "What? No! We still had a chance, he could have taken it back!" I think to myself. "I won't let him hurt you more than he already did." I hear my wolf saying. For a moment, my vision goes black and I can tell I'm shifting by the sound of bones breaking. It's also supposed to hurt a lot, even though I cannot feel anything right now besides the pain in my chest. I don't know... maybe there's just nothing worse than this. When I open my eyes again, I see paws. Snow white paws. Then off we go, disappearing into the thickness of the forest...
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