My Omega Queen

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Emily was found in the woods by herself, clothes torn and bloodied, at 9 years old. Even though she had no memories of what happened to her, she was taken in by the Blood Moon Pack and raised as one of their own. Now the Mating Season is coming soon and she hopes to find her mate. But when he turns out to be the Alpha of her pack and he is suspecting her of treason, things take a drastic turn and more questions arise:

Why doesn't she feel the need to submit to her Alpha?

Why was she alone in the woods?

What is Emily going to do?

If you want to find out the answers to these questions, read the book and find out.

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My name is Emily
POV: Emily  My name is Emily. I've been an Omega in the Blood Moon pack for 8 years. I was found in the woods, clothes torn and bloodied, when I was merely 9 years old. Even a youngling is considered a rogue in our culture, so I am very lucky to be here today, alive and fed. I don't remember much about what happened, just that it was a snowy night and I was hungry. The sky was gray and it was really cold. I tried to warm up by taking cover under the roots of a huge pine tree and then I fell asleep. Or passed out. I don't remember. Either way, I woke up in the infirmary. There was a war between several packs going on at that time, so everyone concluded that I was just an orphaned pup that ran away from the bloodshed. On top of it, I smelled like a rogue, so it was believed my parents had died and I had traveled a lot outside my original pack's territory. Of course, all of this was an assumption. I couldn't remember anything besides my name. Emily. Now, I am living as an Omega in the pack's community center, where all Omega's and pack warriors live. The Blood Moon Pack is considered one of the biggest and feared ones, but they took me in and cared for me when I needed it the most, so they're my family. Not everyone is nice, but I have some good friends around. I learned how to cook, clean, sew, pupsit and I do anything that is needed of me. I also like to attend the training sessions whenever I have the time. I don't have my wolf yet, but I'm still pretty strong nevertheless. There are 3 days left until the Yearly Mating Season begins. It is a werewolf event that lasts 3 days meant for unmated males and females to mingle and find their destined other. Most of the time, a werewolf's mate is someone from their own pack so as to preserve its genes, but since I'm not originally from this pack, there are very slim chances that I'll find my mate anytime but during this period of 3 days. This year it is held on our territory and it means that the border is open to everyone, be it pack member or rogue. I just hope I'll get my wolf during this time, considering I do not know my exact birthday. "Emily!" Ugh, this voice... it can only be Wendy, the Head Omega. She is an old, nice lady, but very strict. She raised me and taught me everything I know, so she is kind of my mother figure in the pack. "Yes, I'm coming, Wendy" I tell her while turning off the water and grabbing a towel. "What are you doing?!" "I am taking a shower! It's only 7 AM." "Em, hurry up, dear. The Season is getting closer and closer... the Beta mind-linked me and said that he wants you at the training field today since they're short on trainers." That surprised me. I knew I did well at the training sessions, but not THIS well: "Really?! Nice! I'm coming as soon as possible!" I pull a pair of sports pants and a cotton t-shirt on me in a hurry and run downstairs. I notice Wendy waiting for me at the door with a sandwich in one hand. I chuckle and take it while running out the door, straight to the field. "You too have a nice day!" I hear Wendy shouting behind me. I arrive at the training grounds and I see many pairs of pack members fighting; females, males, mixed. We don't really discriminate. In a werewolf fight, nobody is going to care whether or not you're female, short, tall, chubby or skinny. We're all fair game. I see the Beta walking around, inspecting the fights and I wave at him. "Hello, Beta! I heard you needed me." "Hey, Emily. How many times do I have to tell you to call me by name?" "Sorry, Nathan." his name comes out more like a whisper and I blush, looking away. I cannot help it. Nathan was the one who found me and I respect him very much. He always made sure I was well taken care of and not bullied by other pack pups. He's also unmated which doesn't help my situation. "Alright. So yea, Em, as you know, the Season is going to start really soon. We have to increase patrols and security to check every rogue's intentions and make sure there are no fights. You know how male werewolves can be when they're overwhelmed by female presence." I nod and put on my straight face. "What do you need me to do?" "I need you to supervise the training with me. Also, you're going to be part of the security team. There's no need for you to cook or prepare the houses for our guests, let's leave that to younger Omega's." He smiles at me, but in a worried way. "That sounds great, actually. Thank you for this opportunity!" I'm very excited about this. I immediately start doing rounds and giving advice left-and-right. At one point, a pack warrior was pretty upset about an Omega giving him tips: "Shut up, b***h. What would you know about fighting?! Does the Beta even know you're here, being delusional?! Go back to your cleaning or changing diapers!" I'm not the type to lose my temper easily, but he was being personal and I couldn't let the other pack members see that I'm being trampled on. Hence, I stepped inside their little circle and I took a stance, challenging him to a fight. He buffed his muscles and lunged at me full force. This is female fighting 101: you're not strong enough to hold off a male, so be faster than him. That's exactly what I did. I side-stepped and let him fall on his chest. Chuckles could be heard around me when I realized we got quite an audience. The warrior got up swiftly and turned towards me, growling. I growled back. Then he lunged at me again. This time, I decided to counterattack and used his shoulders as a pivot to jump behind him. I touched his neck with my sharp canines and he signaled surrender. This was easier than I thought it would be, which is quite distressing when you think about the fact that this kind of pack warrior will help with security. I continued with lecturing him about the mistakes he had made and what he could improve. This time he listened quietly and nodded. The crowd dispersed and only Nathan remained, displaying a proud smile. He nodded towards me and then went on his way. Suddenly, everyone stopped fighting and kneeled. Only the Alpha could have this kind of reaction, I thought, so I kneeled too, even though I do not feel the need to like others. I learned to go with the flow, to avoid conflict... or death. He signaled for everyone to get up and continue. He was talking to Nathan when I felt his gaze on my back.

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