Chapter 3

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Celia's angry expression evaporates. "Oh, of course. What would you like?" She asks. "Anything, really. I haven't eaten in a few days." She nods. "Follow me," she instructs. I do as she says and follow her to the kitchen. I notice Graham sitting at the bar with a beer in his hand, talking to a woman with long black hair and tattoos. Celia and I decided on macaroni and cheese. As we eat, a man comes up behind Celia and wraps his arms her waist, making her jump. She turns quickly when he laughs. "Damn it, Grant. I'm going to get you back one of these days." "I'm pretty sure you do every day, sweet pea," he replies before turning to me. "Ah, you must be Tesla. I'm Grant. How are you feeling?" "A lot better, Thank you," I murmur and take another bite of food. "Well, good. I thought Celia and the kids were never going to leave your bedside." "Kids?" He laughs. "Santana and Graham. I'm surprised you didn't notice. They both look just like their mother," he says proudly. Celia rolls her eyes. "But they act just like their father. Especially Graham at the moment." Grant turns his eyes to her. "What are you talking about?" Celia shakes her head. "It's nothing, Grant." "Celia," he warns. "He said things about Tesla. I called him out on it." "What things?" I ask, cutting Grant off. I only heard the one thing he said. "He said he wants her to get better then, he'll arrange to get her out of our hair. He also said we don't need any more problems than we already have," she admits. That's it. I shoot up from my chair and stride over to where he's still sitting at the bar. He looks up as I approach. "What?" "What the hell is your problem with me?" I demand. "No one told you to bring me here instead of a hospital. I didn't ask to be beaten by a man who was drunk off his ass. And I certainly don't want to inconvenience you. So, tell me if I am." He pales. "You weren't supposed to hear that," he murmurs. "Well, I did. And trust me, I'll stay out of your way," I tell him and walk away. I take my seat next to Celia again and continue eating, feeling Graham's eyes on me the entire time. I look at Celia and say loud enough for him to hear, "Do you think I could sleep in a different room?" The question is a genuine one. I don't want to stay in a room with a man who can't stand my presence. She nods. "I'll figure something out," she says. "Thank you." * * * About An Hour Later... "So, when are we going?" Santana asks me from her position next to me at the bar. After eating, Celia left to go grocery shopping while Santana and I got to know each other. Right now, though, we are busy planning a shopping trip to the mall a town over. I shrug and take another pull of my beer. "Whatever is convenient for you. I actually need to pick up my car and other things from my parents' house." The thought of my '67 Chevy pickup sitting at my dad's for one more day sickens me. Who knows what might happen to my baby. "How about tomorrow afternoon? We can go get your stuff and have it brought here in the morning. Then, we can go shopping in your car," she suggests. I think about it. I could get my things tomorrow. My dad will be at work anyway. "Okay, sure." She squeals. "Great," she exclaims excitedly. "So, what do your parents do for a living?" "My mom was a housewife and my dad is a mechanic." "Oh. Was?" I look down at my hands. "She died almost two weeks ago. She had breast cancer that spread to her uterus and ovaries. That was it." Santana's face falls. "Tesla, I'm so sorry. If I had known-" "It's okay. Really. Mama was there for me when I needed it the most. She was my favorite person in the world." "What about your dad? Are you close to him?" I shake my head. "After my son...passed he kind of blamed me, but even the doctors told me that Bruno's condition was different. Nothing I did caused what happened. Daddy thought otherwise." "You had a son?" She smiles longingly. "Bruno. I had him a day before I turned twenty-two. He passed about three months later." She hugs me tightly. "Oh, sweetie. I'm so sorry. How did you go on? I mean, he was your child." "I went home and focused on getting my life back together. To find a way to go on without him," I tell her, trying to stay strong. Though, a few tears still leak out. I wipe them away. Around eleven, Santana and I decide to call it a night and head to bed. I head to my room that Celia had set a couple of hours ago. Just as I'm about to head in, I hear, "Tess." I swing around to see Graham behind me. I didn't notice his room was across from mine. "Yes?" "Can we talk?" He asks. Oh, now he wants to talk to me? I thought I made myself clear with him. So much for getting a point across. "About what?" I question, crossing my arms over my chest. "Earlier," he responds. I shake my head in annoyance. "I think we've said enough. Goodnight, Graham," I dismiss, opening my door. "Tesla." He grabs my arm, but I shrug out of his hold and walk in, shutting the door. I sigh and head to the bathroom. I need a bubble bath. * * * - Graham Chandler - I stare at the door for a good ten minutes before walking back into my apartment. I didn't expect for her to slam the door in my face. I know I was a d**k earlier, but I didn't think her reaction would be that bad. I mean to apologize for the way I acted and give my condolences for her mother and son. I overheard her and Santana talking about it earlier. I have to admit that I'm worried about her. The bruises on her body have yet to fade but doesn't begin to hinder her beauty. Fuck, I need to fix this.
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