Chapter 2

1205 Words
I wake to the sound of rain and thunder. Fluttering my eyes open, I find myself in a pitch-black room. I wipe my eyes. It feels as if a year's worth of crud has built upon them. I sit up and try to make out my surroundings, but to no avail. It's too dark and the only light in the room is from the windows. I pull back the covers of the bed I'm in and stand up, tearing away hospital equipment as I go. My body feels weak and dirty. What the hell happened to me? I stumble across the room and find the door. I turn the knob. It's quiet in the hallway, but I can hear the faint whisper of voices. I walk down the hall until I reach the end of it. I try to ignore the persistent ache in my body as I stopped my movements. The hallway spreads out into an open living area with a bar, pool tables, a kitchen, and furniture. I walk a little further into the room. I see a group of about seven people, four of whom are wearing cuts from what looks like a motorcycle club. I also see a doctor and two women. They are all talking amongst themselves. One of the men spots me and grins before gaining another man's attention. He has black hair and ocean blue eyes. A patch on his cut reads 'Vice President'. "Well, look who's awake," he says, walking towards me. "We were starting to worry about you. Especially Tana and Celia." "Who?" "Santana and Celia. Along with Graham, they haven't left your bedside. I'm Rocky," he introduces. "Tesla," I respond. "Sweet name," he compliments. "Thank you. How long have I been out?" I ask, running my fingers through my greasy hair. I am in desperate need of a shower. "About two days. We've had Doc check on you regularly. I'll be right back," he states before walking away. A woman with long black hair and golden eyes comes toward me. "How are you feeling, sweetie?" She asks me. "Sore and dirty." She smiles slightly. "Well, I'll have Doc check over you. Then, Tana and I will help you shower." I hear footsteps approaching. "Mom, where did she-" I turn around to find a man with wet hair and a towel wrapped around his waist. Tattoos are inked up both his arms and chest. A chain with a black and white ring on it wraps around his neck. It oddly looks like my own. A beard also covers his jaw, chin, and upper lip. I snap out of my daze. What in the world is wrong with me? When was the last time I drooled over a man? "You're awake," he says to me and I nod back. "Hon, why don't we go see the doctor now?" The woman from earlier suggests, taking my hand. She steers me upstairs to the room I woke up in. She turns on a light and tells me to sit on the bed before exiting the room. A moment later, she returns with the doctor trailing behind her. "I'm Dr. Hardy. How are you feeling?" He asks, checking my heart rate and vitals. He also asks the woman, who I've learned her name is Celia, questions. "A little sore, but fine otherwise." He nods. "Good, good. Everything seems fine. The contusions on your face and arms will heal in their own time. I'll prescribe some mild pain pills to help the soreness," he declares and exits, leaving me confused. What bruises? I look down at my arms and am stunned at what I see. There are bruises everywhere. Racing into the bathroom, I gaze at myself in the mirror to find the same result. My left eye is black and blue, along with my cheek and jaw. Then, it all comes flooding back to me. I remember the rage on his face, his fists flying to hit me again and again. "Hon," Celia's voice cuts through my panic. She wraps her arms around me as tears stream down my face. "Why don't you take a shower? I'll go grab Santana and us women can talk. Alright?" "Sure," I say. She smiles. "Okay. Let me get you a towel and something to wear. I'm sure Santana has a shirt and pants in your size." "Celia?" I call when she's about to leave. "Yes, baby?" "Thank you," I tell her. Not many people would help others as she has helped me. She nods and leaves, closing the door behind her. I start up the water in the shower. As I'm adjusting the temperature, there's a knock on the door. I open it to find, who I believe is, Graham. He has a shirt and what looks like sweatpants in his hand. "Mom said you needed these. She's gone to pick up some clothes and girly stuff with Santana," he explains, passing me the clothes. "Thank you." "Your welcome. Just put your dirty clothes in the hamper. Towels are in the cabinet and take it easy on my shower gel. I'm almost out," he replies. "Wait. This is your room?" "Apartment," he corrects. "I figured it was a good idea to put you in here where I can keep you safe and secure." "What are you talking about?" "I'm the one who found you. I brought you here. Welcome to the Devil's Army MC. I'm Graham and I'll be your host," he states sarcastically before abruptly leaving. What an ass. I slip off the clothes I'm wearing and hop in the shower. I moan as the warm water pounds against my aching muscles. I scrub my scalp with shampoo before rinsing it. I gently begin to scrub my body with Graham's manly body wash and step out a moment later. I grab a towel out of the cabinet by the shower and wrap it around me. After drying off, I wrap the towel around my hair and dress in the clothes that I was given. They consist of a Metallica tee and grey sweatpants. I try to ignore the fact that I am going commando. I decide to look for Celia. I open the "apartment" door and creep down the hallway. At the end of the hall, I hear a very heated discussion. "Well, don't you want to know what happened to her?" Celia asks. "No. It's none of our business and frankly, she's done something to somebody for them to beat her almost to death," Graham's voice argues. I hear Celia gasp. "Graham Reece Chandler, how dare you. I thought I raised you better than that." "Mom-" "You need to think about your actions, young man," she orders. I hear footsteps approaching me before Celia is in front of me. "Tesla, I thought you would be in the shower." "I was. I came to get something to eat," I explain.
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