Chapter 1 First Encounter

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Fiery Ghost Club, one of the most nationally frequented clubs, was located in the bustling city center of Las Vegas. It was a quarter to midnight, another late night for Katie Lawrence. Splashing tap water on her face in the toilet, she was trying to sober herself up. She could feel her body growing fiery, sweating abnormally and her vision, blurry. I haven't drunk much. Why? This is weird. She was thinking. "Hey, Katie. Are you feeling hot? Let me cool you down." A stout, beer-bellied man in his mid-fifties said creepily. He was standing behind Katie, watching her with a filthy look. Katie turned around to see that it was Daniel Berry. She and her fiancé, Vincent Williams, came to meet Daniel tonight, hoping to sign a contract with him on a new business project. Before Katie realized what was going on, Daniel rushed to her, held her tight from behind, and kissed her neck aggressively. Startled, scared, and disgusted, Katie stepped on his foot with her high heel. Daniel screamed and let go of Katie and she stumbled out of the toilet. Most of the doors of the rooms were ajar and out came all sorts of sounds, mainly sounds of dirty moaning and s****l screams. She stumbled through the corridor filled with such sounds and seeing the door of the lift open, she ran into it without hesitation, terrified of Daniel chasing her. "Ouch!" she exclaimed as she bumped her head onto the strong chest of a young man. She looked up and saw a strikingly handsome face and a few muscular men behind him, who were, one might guess, his bodyguards. Annoyed, the man pushed her away and Katie stumbled backward and fell over. "Ouch." She exclaimed again out of pain. Her palms were scratched. He's rude! Katie thought. The man was to walk out of the lift without taking a look at Katie. "Hey, Nate, don't you find her looking familiar?" Another stunningly good-looking young man following behind Nate said. Nate turned around and took an indifferent look at Katie. His face turned stern and he froze for a second. Just then, Daniel arrived, panting, trying to catch his breath. Recognizing the group, especially the man in the middle, Daniel gasped and bowed instantly. "An honor to see you, Mr. Anderson." He said courteously. Nate Anderson glanced at Daniel with a frown and ignored him. His eyes fell on Katie again. When Daniel was about to reach Katie with his hands and filthy intention, Nate suddenly kicked Daniel right in his stomach. Daniel screamed out of pain and crouched on the floor, covering his stomach with both hands. Katie's mind was more confused. Somehow she saw Nate as her last hope. She struggled and crawled towards Nate, held onto his leg, and pleaded, "Help me, please. Help me..." her voice, meek and weak. What's this? A new way of self-introduction? Nate was thinking, rather annoyed. As he intended to kick her away, he saw her face, which resembled very much the one in his memory, and he changed his mind. He grabbed her arm, dragged her up, and pulled her face towards him for closer observation. She looks exactly like her. He was thinking. Then he remembered the pale and unhealthily skinny look, tortured by sickness, of the girl in his memory. Nate took another glance at Daniel crouching on the floor and it was not difficult to tell that Katie had been drugged and was to be taken advantage of. "Well, Grandpa has been pushing me to get married and settle down. I should perhaps get myself a girl anyway to please him." He thought to himself and sneered, "I will help you if you agree to be my possession from now on." Katie could hardly tell what he was saying now except that she knew he would help and she nodded her head. Nate picked her up and carried her back into the lift. The bodyguards followed quietly except for the other good-looking young man. "Nate, you can't..." "Oh, shut up, Eddy!" Nate cut him short impatiently and left him outside the lift. Eddy Morgan watched the door shut helplessly. The Anderson Hotel is one of the most expensive and renowned hotels in town and the top floor was exclusive to Nate Anderson with presidential suites. When Katie woke up, it was almost midday the next day. Her head ached terribly and her body was sore. As she opened her eyes slowly, still feeling confused, she was shocked to see a naked man lying next to her, watching her closely. She exclaimed and looked around her, clothes scattered on the floor, messiest bed ever, kiss marks on her skin. She looked at Nate and noticed the subtle yet cheeky smile on his lips and suddenly understood what had happened. She was drugged last night and Daniel Berry followed her to the toilet, trying to take advantage of her... and that was all that she could recall. Perhaps this guy is a waiter from the club? Or a male p********e? I guess I have slept with him! But this room is too luxurious. I don't remember this club having rooms so fancy! As soon as she realized what had happened, Katie jumped out of bed, picked up her clothes on the floor, and put them on hurriedly. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to...Err... I've lost my bag and I haven't got any money with me..." she said and was about to sneak away. Nate watched quietly on bed with a frown. "Hey, lady, don't forget what you said last night. I've saved you and now you are mine. You will do what I request and from last night on, you are here to please me." "What?" Katie was even more confused. "Aren't you a waiter or a male p********e? I'm sorry, but I'm engaged and going to get married soon. I will pay you another day..." Katie opened the door and ran away before Nate reacted. A waiter?! A male p********e?! Nate opened his eyes wide in disbelief. He called his assistant, Tom Baker, and placed an order to find out everything about this audacious woman.
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