Chapter 2 Second Encounter

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Obviously, the plan had failed and Vincent Williams had to arrange another meeting with Daniel Berry to apologize to him.   Even though Katie hated it, she knew she had to go with Vincent.   During the meeting, Herman Taylor, one of the big bosses, got a phone call and after which, he exclaimed happily, "Daniel, I've got good news! We have been trying every way to get the chance to meet Nate Anderson and haven't had much luck. But his assistant Tom Baker just called me and said Nate Morgan has invited us to meet at his club!"   Vincent, as well as other big bosses, was very excited. Though Daniel was a bit dubious about it, he wouldn't take the risk of missing such a great opportunity.   Everyone had heard about the Andersons in Las Vegas, especially about the two brothers, Nate Anderson and Mack Anderson.   Mack Anderson was the younger son, a total troublemaker and a heavy gambler who was notorious for the disastrously extravagant lifestyle.   The older son, Nate Anderson, however, had earned himself an impressive reputation and people looked up to him in the business field.   The group hurried to meet Nate while Katie followed unwillingly. Vincent held her hand and said gently, "Come on, Katie. It's a great opportunity. We have to make good use of it. If we can please Nate Anderson, we won't need to worry about the orders and the capital. We can have our wedding soon and have enough money for your mum's surgery. It's been delayed for too long."   Touched, tears filled Katie's eyes. She nodded and said gratefully, "Thank you, Vincent."   "I feel bad, you know, as her son-in-law to be, that I haven't got the money for her surgery. I wish..." Vincent continued, sounding rather remorseful.   "You've been doing your best, Vincent," Katie said tearfully.   For the past two years since she graduated from university, Katie had been to numerous meetings as such. She had never liked it. In fact, she loathed it, the filthy and perverted looks she received, the dirty talks she had to listen to, and even some improper physical contact she had to accept silently. However, she needed the money for her mother's surgery. Vincent is right. This is a great chance.     Vincent had told her that they only needed to work hard for a few years and the company would be successful and they would have the money for a grand wedding and she could retire if she wanted to and she could live a peaceful life while looking after her mother without worrying about money and work. He had depicted a wonderful picture of their future life to her and she believed in it.   Fortune Construction Company had grown a lot in the past two years and was rather well known in Las Vegas, but compared to the Anderson Corporation, it was just a speck in the business field.   Everyone, including Daniel, greeted Nate courteously.   Katie looked up to meet Nate's gaze and she was shocked. "It's you?! You are Nate Anderson?!" Isn't he the man that slept with me last night?!   Nate lifted his brows and sneered slightly, "You are desperate for men, aren't you?"   Katie blushed terribly. This is an insult! What does he think I am?! However, she knew she shouldn't ever displease Nate Anderson. "Nice to meet you, Mr. Anderson." She ignored his insult and said.   "Haven't we met already? I think it was a very delicious meeting last night." Nate murmured, teasing cruelly.   Hearing Nate’s words, Katie turned pale. What did he mean? Last night was a mistake!   Everyone sat down while the seat next to Nate was unoccupied.   "Why is no one sitting here?" Nate asked, pointing to the empty seat.   Remembering how Nate carried Katie away in his arms last night, Daniel suggested instantly, "Katie, why don't you sit over there? You are the only lady here. Ladies first."   Startled, Katie looked up at Vincent immediately, but he just smiled and nodded at her, "Right. Katie, why don't you sit next to Mr. Nate Anderson?"   Katie sat stiffly next to Nate and looked worried.   "Why are you scared?" Nate leaned close to her intentionally and whispered to her.   Katie kept her head low and fixed her eyes on the floor silently. Just stay quiet amd ignore him. She told herself.   "I like it when you moan with pleasure." He said as if he had read her mind, and moved his hand off the table onto Katie's leg under the table. He remained an indifferent look while stroking her leg playfully.   Katie's heart was beating nervously fast.   "Mr. Anderson... Please, don’t." She pleaded quietly.   Nate ignored her pleading and placed his hand back on her leg. He wasn't interested in any of Vincent's cooperation proposals. The more eager Vincent had shown, the more daring Nate's hand grew under the table. He moved it up to Katie's leg from her knee towards her inner thigh and advanced upwards.   About a half later, everyone was rather drunk except Katie and Nate, who only had a few sips.   Vincent winked at Daniel, and Daniel suggested, "Mr. Anderson, we have booked a room in a hotel nearby and I wonder if you..."   Nate glanced at Katie and replied shortly, "I never stay at any hotels except The Anderson Hotel."   That's where we slept last night! Katie was startled.   "Ah, of course. How inconsiderate I am." Daniel apologized. "It's such a pleasure and honor meeting you tonight and I hope we will have more cooperation to come. I wish you good night, Mr. Anderson." He stood up to shake Nate's hand and said goodbye.   Other big bosses understood and bade Nate goodbye. So, now there was only Vincent, Katie and Nate left.   "Would you two like to stay at the Anderson Hotel tonight?" Nate asked casually.   Katie shook her head instantly, but Vincent replied with a smile, "It will be our honor, Mr. Anderson. Thank you."   "Sure. Will you have your driver take us to the hotel, Vincent?"   "No problem."   When the car arrived, Vincent got in and sat at the front. Katie hesitated and wanted to ask Vincent to sit at the back. Nate noticed it, so he sneered and said, "Why? Are you scared to sit at the back with me, Katie Lawrence?"   "Don't be silly, Katie." Vincent reminded her.   Helplessly, Katie sat at the back but leaned towards the window to keep a distance from Nate.   His seductive voice whispered next to her ear, "Are you being shy now? You were moaning and crying out loud with pleasure last night, asking for more."   Katie clenched her skirt tight. She wanted to escape but dared not.   As soon as the car pulled over outside the Anderson Hotel, Katie jumped out of the car and held Vincent's arm to seek protection. However, Vincent said apologetically, "Katie, I left the contract at the club. I shall go back to get it. Why don't you go to the hotel with Mr. Nate Anderson first? I will be back soon."   "Vincent, I will go with you," Katie said hurriedly. She sounded frightened. Can't Vincent see what Nate is plotting? She held on to Vincent tight. Nate watched with a smile.   "You must be tired. Go and get some rest. I will be back soon." Vincent spoke gently and planted a kiss on Katie's forehead.   Unwillingly, Katie let him go.   As soon as he got back in the car, the driver drove off immediately. Even the driver knew what was going on.   Katie stood there helplessly, watching the car leave. Her heart was racing nervously.        
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