The Shadow Stalker Around Her

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Skyla Davis, an orphan, leads a life full of fear, uncertainty, and discomfort. Wherever she goes, she felt like someone is following her. But she pushed that thought aside and started thinking to build a bright future until a boy fell in love with her and proposed to her in the middle of their school premises.

But that boy has gone missing on the very same day, and the next day, the police found his body in a lake. When she went to college, the same thing happened with the boys who happened to torment her. Police couldn’t find out who was behind these all. Then a man, named Micheal, entered her life, but with some motive.

What would happen when Skyla disappeared and nowhere to be found? Could Micheal get to find her before anything happen with her in the hand of her obsessive stalker? What will she do when she comes to know her stalker was saving her throughout her entire life? Whom is she going to choose? The psycho, or the manipulative man, Micheal? Let’s find her stalker first.

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Skyla When I opened my eyes, I found myself in an unknown place. Where was I? I didn't know, but the room I woke up in was large and dark. I tried to remember how I did come here. It was when I left Micheal and decided to go back home I felt that someone was following me again. It wasn't new to me. It has been years since that person is following me everywhere I go. I didn't know how that person looks like. He never comes in front of me, but I felt his presence everywhere. I was sure it was a man as I got a lot of threats from that person wrote in a paper and threw that through my window, me not to get close to any men. He was a murderer. He killed whoever tried to get close to me. He even threatened me to leave Micheal. I wanted to leave this place soon. I couldn't stay here. Micheal would be dead worried. I felt someone's presence in my home when I came back from my concert. It terrorized me to no extent when I heard footsteps coming toward my room. I immediately ran toward taking my phone to call Micheal for help, thinking he might save me from that person. When I dialed his number, he immediately received my call. Before he could say anything, I told him in a stuttering tone, "P-please s-save me, M-Micheal. T-that p-person i-is i-in m-my h-home. H-his f-footsteps are c-coming n-near t-toward me. P-please c-come h-here s-soon, Micheal, p-please." I put my palm over my mouth to stop myself from making any sound.  I heard him breathing hard. I knew he was running out of his place and climbing in his car. He said in a breathy tone, "I am coming. Don't worry, Skyla, okay? Just lock yourself inside your room. Don't let him get close to you. I have already signaled the police. They will be there soon. He can't do anything to you. I- " I stopped listening to him as I felt that person's presence behind me. I knew that was it. I was trapped by my stalker. No one could save me from his. " -Skyla, are you listening to me? Hello, Skyla?"  I burst into tears. I could not take that anymore. There had no way left for Micheal to save me from that person. I knew he would take me away from my place. But I needed to fight. I grabbed a vase with my left hand. As I about to hit him with that vase, he pushed a syringe on my neck, and I lost consciousness not before seeing him in a scared mask and hearing Micheal's constant yelling. I heard that person said, "Finally, I got you My Sky." He sounded familiar, and his hold was as well to me. Do I know him? I do. That person brought me to his place. I needed to leave his place. No, I couldn't stay here under the safe roof with him. I left that bed and stumbled a little, but managed myself, holding a nearby desk. I slowly approached the door, but it was locked from outside. I tried to look for other ways to leave. I found two more doors there, one of those was a washroom. I went to the other one and pushed open that door. Entering that room, I couldn't see anything there. I was looking for the switchboard. When I got to switch on the light, I sighed in relief. As my eyes fell on the room, my feet got cold. My tears were flowing down from my eyes. I stumbled backward and hit my back into a wall. That wasn't a wall, but someone's rockhard chest. He wrapped his arms around my waist and put his head over my shoulder. His hold, his touches were familiar. I gasped when I got to know who that person was. He was in front of me throughout all my life, but I didn't know it was him. More tears came out when I thought of why he did that to me. He is back. I left him as I know I could not able stay with him after what I have seen him doing... The whole room was filled with my pictures. From my being in my foster home, running away from that home, in the station, sitting inside the train, then my pictures with my granny, then at school, tutoring my students, playing my violin on a concert, in my college, in my music school, meeting with new people, visiting new places. He stalked me throughout my whole life, but I couldn't recognize him. The photos which caught my attention were my foster parents' pictures with the red cross and death pictures. Then the boy who proposed to me in the school, the same mark and death picture. Then the other boys in my college tried to approach me the same happened with them. He murdered everyone. Then Micheal's photo with a red arrow mark. I knew by then Micheal was his next target. I felt numb. I couldn't risk that man's life. No, I can't be selfish. I was shaking in fear. Tears didn't stop flowing for even a moment. I cringed when he took my earlobe between his teeth and bite on it. The hands with he killed lots of people, now roaming over my waist, belly, and under my breasts. I felt disgusted, but I couldn't move. It was like my feet glued on the floor. He shamelessly squeezed my curves everywhere. I heard him saying, "I have been waiting for this day so long. I wanted to keep you with me forever. But I knew you wanted to chase your dream, so I let you. But now, I can't hold myself back any longer."  His hold around me tightened. Brushing his lips over my left cheek, he said, "Don't cry, my pearl. I won't kill that man as you are now with me. You are where you belong to, in my arms. If you listen to me and obey my orders, then that man will stay alive." My heart was beating faster in terror.  He turned me around and pushed me into the wall. Caging me with keeping both arms beside my head, he said in a dangerous tone, "You don't want me to kill him, do you?" My eyes widen and I was shaking my head in denial. His cold blue eyes were glinting in an evil manner which made be trembling in fear. I sobbed and said, "N-no." Wiping my tears, smirking, he said, "Good, as long as you listen, he will stay safe." Bringing his face closer to me, he said, "You are mine, Skyla." Brushing his lips against mine, he said, "Mine," He claimed my lips, and I let him.  Could Micheal save me from this obsessive stalker? I know very well I couldn't do that even if I want to run away from this hell house. How could I get away from this shadow which was lurking around me throughout my whole life? I don't know. 

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