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A loud moan escaped her mouth as soon as I thrust my length inside her. I could feel her trying to pull away from my grip as I tried to insert all my length. I couldn’t help but to grin as I watched her struggle to take it all in. Her pained expression fuelled my desire to dig more, to let her feel me more.

“What’s wrong, honey? You were begging me to f*ck you a while ago, and now you’re trying to stop me?” I asked, licking my lower lip. “Are you playing with me?”

“I-It’s too big, I don’t think I can take it,” she answered, putting both of her hands on my abdomen to push herself away from me.

I leaned towards her ear. “But you’re doing really, really well,” I whispered in a seductive manner, biting the tip of her lobe. “But if you want me to stop, I’ll stop,” I added, tracing the line of her jaw with my tongue down to her neck to plant wet kisses.

I heard her moan as her hands reached for my head to tweak my hair. She then pushed my face to her mounds. “P-Please, don’t stop,” she whispered in a begging tone. “J-Just give me time to adjust.”

“As you wish,” I answered with a grin.

While waiting for her hole to get used to my size, I decided to play with her round, big boobs. My mouth circled around its crown, slowly and playfully sucking it with my tongue playing with its tips. And I don’t know what’s with it, but it made her moan harder.

I could feel her cunt moving and trying to suck my length. Her legs are wrapped around my waist to pull me closer to her.

“It seems like you’re ready,” I said, hugging her from the back so she couldn’t resist.

Slowly, I pulled my length out, feeling the juices around it. A soundless moan escaped her mouth as soon as most of my length was out of her body, as if it was a breath of relief. A playful smile formed on my lips as I thrust inside her, making her squeal in surprise. And when her hole finally got used to my d*ck, I started moving fast, giving her the best s*x she could ever ask.

And it was not long when I felt her release her juices, a signal for me to stop.

I stood up and looked at her confused face. “Aren’t you gonna c(u)m?” she asked.

“Our s*x is not enough to make me do that,” I playfully replied before I snapped my finger. “It’s time for you to wake up, honey. Thank you for the meal,” I added before I felt a force pulling me out of the room.

And in a snap, I found myself in my own room with our butler waiting for me.

“How was your meal, master?” he asked, slightly bowing his head.

“It was as boring as ever,” I answered before I looked outside my window to see the moon. “This town still needs more years to prosper. The number of grown up women living here is way too little to sustain the four of us,” I added before I faced him again.

“Feeding on women’s lust day by day would cause this town to collapse in no time,” I said. “I think it is best to give Lemonville enough time to populate.”

Hugo’s eyes slightly widened as he realized what I was trying to point out.

“You don’t mean t—”

“Yes,” I cut him off. “I will be asleep together with those three and wait until Lemonville has enough people to feed us, and also to see if we can find that certain woman among them,” I added.

He could only bow his head before he asked to exit the room. And as soon as he got out, I sat on the chair near the window to enjoy the cold night breeze while looking at the small town beneath our home. I want to familiarize this view before I put myself into a deep sleep.

I know it is a bad idea to be asleep for too long, since it will expose Lemonville to other minor incubi lurking outside the borders. But as long as the news doesn’t come out that we’re asleep, then this town will be safe and grow into a prosperous place in no time. I just hope we don’t have to wait for a hundred years for that to happen.

Also, as we wake up, I am hoping to find that kind of a woman in order to save this household.



Bella Dawnson is an ordinary girl whose only wish is to earn enough money to pay for her studies and mother's surgery.

Her hope brought her to the mysterious mansion of the Demitri Family and had a deal with them—they will pay for her mother's surgery and in exchange, she'll be serving their household for three years.

The mansion she’ll be working at is already giving this mysterious vibe, but what shocks her even more is when she finds out that she will be serving four mysterious, charismatic, folds-wetting, and seemingly gods in flesh men.

As she spends her days under their roof, she will soon start to notice that there’s something to her masters more than their looks. Something is drawing her to know them more.

Her curiosity soon led her to discover something she shouldn’t have. The four gorgeous men she serves are no ordinary men. They are incubi, beings that are believed to prey on one’s lust. Beings believed to be nonexistent. And it’s now too late for her to run away.

She’s trapped in their arms. And no matter how much she resists it, she can’t help but to submit and be ‘in bed with an incubus.

Author's note
Before you read this book, I would like to inform you that this is not entirely based on any information already known to some of you, especially those who have read something about the entities mentioned in this novel. Also, English is not my primary language, you can point out my errors nicely.
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