Chapter 1 Inexplicably Having s*x

824 Words
Lucy Green had a bad headache, it felt like thousands of needles were piercing her brain. She opened her eyes, finding that it was light out. The sun came through the huge window, which provided the luxurious house with a panoramic view. She had trouble getting herself to sit up, and her mind was still mired in confusion. The quilt slipped slowly, and then a sense of awe-inspiring cold made her awareness return. Her slender hands raised the quilt quickly to protect her body from the cold. Her headache was a result of drinking the night before. Pressing her painful temples, she attempted to remember what happened after her blind date yesterday. She sat quite still, trying to recall the events. Wrinkled sheets, crazy kisses, and clothes that were almost torn to pieces... The picture became clearer, and her eyes rolled to the back of her head, which was filled with disbelief. “s**t!” She gulped. She raised her hands to touch her painful lip. Her slender white fingertips were stained with blood like a red poppy, beautiful and vibrant. Her heart felt like a quiet lake, interrupted by a landslide of boulders, sending ripples through it. She pulled up her bed sheets and ran quickly to the bathroom with her bare feet. To her surprise, the bathroom was very big with luxurious decorations, and the tiles beneath her were made of exquisite marble; however, she had no time to notice all of this. She found a standing mirror with gold inlay surrounding it. Her face didn’t look tired or ill, defying her expectations. On the contrary, she looked in fairly good condition, with clear skin and bright eyes. However, her lip was cut, and there was a streak of blood running down her face beside it. She grit her teeth and wondered, “What the hell is this?” She flexed her slender, white neck, which was covered in a number of bright red marks, looking like colorful strawberries. She grit her teeth again, and then opened up the sheets. She would think the dense hickeys on her neck were scary, but she didn’t realize that her nude body under the white sheets was even worse. There were hickeys all over her body, and also conspicuous scratch marks on the shoulder. The amazing image reminded of her of how much she had been loved yesterday. What she had protected was lost, which made her so sad that she was unable to say anything in her heart. Her marked body made her eyes sting. It made her think of the gentle and handsome faces that had haunted her brain for years. She could not remember what she had given William George after drinking too much. Suddenly, the thrill of revenge came to her mind, and her lips parted, revealing a bitter, sarcastic smile. Lucy sneered. There was no use remembering him, because he was just a worthless man. Looking at her bruised hickeys, she began to recall images of last night. If you said Lucy had lost in the end, you would be wrong, because the fact was that she was the one who forced him to have s*x with her. Regardless, she wrenched the tap quickly and decided to have a nice shower. But she heard a familiar ringing from her bedroom when she wrenched water tap. It was a special ringtone for her mother. She grabbed the sheets quickly, wrapped them around herself, and walked a few steps to the bed to pick up the ringing cellphone. She said softly, “Mom?” Her mother instantly inquired as to what happened last night. “What was the result of the blind date?” She nearly bit her teeth and began to speak: “It went more smoothly than you imagined it would.” Her mother always wanted to hear the good result from her blind dates. The result was that she had s*x with him, which escalated a lot faster than most of the time. Her simple statement had pleased her mother, so she continued looking for details. “What did he look like? Do you have pictures? Where did that man graduate from? And what about his work?” It was impractical to ask her daughter so many questions. Lucy began to open her mouth, but it made her lip hurt again, and the pain made her grit her teeth. Lucy raised her head and found her watch on the closet. “There’s no time to chat mom, I need to go to work.” “Hold on”. Her mother said in hurry, “I made an appointment for you to have a physical at the hospital. You’d better be there in one hour, because it’s difficult to get an appointment. What’s more, it’s a specialist that will be called in to treat you.
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