Chapter 2: Did she want to try it again?

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Lucy noticed the pain on her lips again, saying, “Mom, I have to work now, maybe tomorrow.” “No way, I knew you would try and avoid this! Do you think work is more important than your health You have reached an age where you should be thinking about this for yourself, but I always have to think about you. Do you remember Lee’s daughter? What a nice woman! If she hadn’t breast cancer, there was no doubt that she’d still be healthy. It’s difficult to date when you’re 30 and you’ve had a mastectomy!” Lucy knew that what her mother did was best for her, but she was a little sick of her scolding and nagging. “Mom, I am going to the hospital now.” Lucy replied in a kindly manner. After finishing the call, she let out a long sigh and lay on the bed. Her nimble eyes looked around, noticing that there was a slip of paper under the pillow, hidden partially by the sheet. Upon opening it, she found there were a bunch of numbers written down. Lucy did not even think about them, and threw it into the ground. It was just one night stand for her, but she kept the cellphone number for some reason. Did she want to try it again? She did not have much contact with William. Suddenly, she remembered the appointment her mother had told her about There was no time to delay, so she swung down from the bed in hurry and picked up the only piece of clothing that wasn’t torn. When she picked it up, there was an acrid smell of wine that went into her nose. She furrowed her brow, thinking of the smell of wine and what had happened last night, but put on the only piece of clothing that she could and decided to leave. The problem was that there were hickeys on her neck, and if they were exposed openly outside, people would guess that she must have had some intense s*x the night before. Of course, she didn’t want to be surrounded by such judging eyes, so she took the silk scarf that she always carried from her bag, and used it to cover up her hickeys. When heading out the entrance of the hotel, there was a commercial vehicle parked at the door, with a man in a suit inside it, who asked her where she needed to go. She came to realize that the hotel was significantly more luxurious than she initially thought. After getting in the car, the man looked at her from the mirror, and asked her again where she wanted to go. “The central hospital.” The driver drove the car very carefully, navigating the crowded roads. Her cellphone rang again. Lucy looked at it with a sigh, her mother was always worried about her health because since learning that her neighbor Lee’s daughter suffered from breast cancer, she was afraid that her daughter would get the same disease. She was urged to have check ups frequently, and this time her mother registered her directly at the hospital, preventing her daughter from forgetting. Answering the phone, she looked at the white building in the distance outside . Above the hospital there were four red crosses on the roof. “Mom, I’ve arrived at the hospital, please don’t worry about me, I will tell you the results after finishing the checkup.” Getting out, there were so many people outside the hospital. It was the most famous central hospital in the country, and there were so many people from all over the world coming to receive health care. The lifts in the hall nearly did not work, and you would be lucky if you could take the elevator. Lucy did not know how many times she had been crowded into that elevator. She was angry and decided to enter from the back door. There was an elevator at the back door of the hospital, which she found last time when she accompanied her colleague there. Compared with the front crowded door of the hospital, there were fewer people. Lucy laughed to herself when she took the vacant lift. The numbers on the screen rose. It’s came to the fourth floor. The elevator let out a chime, and the doors slowly opened to both sides. Lucy raised her head, and there was a tall man with a beautiful face staring into her bright, black eyes.
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