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Lilith P.O.V. People are often blessed with amazing childhoods, and I was one of them. My childhood was filled with love, support, and understanding. My parents oversaw an entire pack. My father, Damien Black, was a powerful Alpha. He was an Alpha that every pack wanted. He made sure everyone in our pack was treated with kindness as well as protecting it with everything in him. He made our top warriors train 6 days a week, to ensure that our pack was well protected. My father also made sure the pack never without money. He just made sure our pack was always okay, which everyone loved him for. My mother, Sarah Black, was also an amazing Luna. She brought everything that my father did not. They completed each other in ways that were only heard in fables. My mother was known for how graceful she was. How she filled a room with laughter, and how she made everyone feel welcomed. No body ever felt out of place when my mother was around, and even when she wasn’t around. The pack was blessed to have my mother and father leading them. Everything was going good and then my mother found out she was pregnant with me. She had an amazing pregnancy until everything went downhill after she gave birth. After I was born, something happened that caused my mother to never be able to have children again. My mother always tells me that “the moon goddess knew what she was doing when she decided that you would be our only child”. I never really knew what she meant by that. My birth story was kind of vague, to be honest. It was as if my parents were hiding something from me, but oh well. Now normal wolves shift/met their wolf on their 18th birthday, but not for me. I “shifted” on my 14th birthday. Now I say it like that because I am different from every single type of wolf out there. I am a werewolf, but I do not have a wolf. I have a scent as if I did have one, but I don’t. So, I can not shift or have another me in my head that can help me out through things. I will never forget the talk my parents had with me after my “shifting” took place. My parents came busting into my room on the morning of my 14th birthday because I had woken up screaming. I was screaming because I was ejecting a light from my body that I had no control over and then I felt a source of power run through me that made me scream because of how powerful it was. As soon as my parents bust in my room the light faded from me, but I still felt the power within my body. Before I could ask my mother or father any questions, my mother spoke. “Lilith, there is something that your father and I need to tell you. It will explain everything to you, okay?” I just nodded my head because I need answers. “Okay, when you were born you had a light coming from your body and source of power that came from you that made some nurses fall from how powerful it was, but then it left your body as fast as it came. The pack doctor looked at us amazed at what just happened, and then you father had to rush you out of the room because something happened to where the doctor had to make it to where I could never have another child. After the doctor was done with me, your father came back with you in his arms. I knew just from looking at you and holding you that you were meant to be our only child. I felt it in my soul and when I expressed it to your father, he said he felt it too. That night after you went to bed, your father and I were soon fast asleep. We were then both pulled to this meadow, and there sat the Moon Goddess. She told us that she had gifted you with great powers that will show when you a 14-years-old. She said you get your powers from the earth itself. You can control wind, fire, and anything else that the earth has to offer. The trees will talk to you, and if you ever get hurt then the earth will heal you. Also, you have the strength of 5 Alpha wolves combined, as well as speed.  The Moon Goddess also told us that when you meet your mate that only then will you understand why you don’t have a wolf. You were made perfectly for your mate, and this pack. You are to take over this pack when your father and I die, and nothing is going to make us prouder for when you do take over. We are here to help you train and get you ready for the next chapter of your life. We love you.” I was crying by the end of what my mom had said, I couldn’t believe it. I cannot believe what gift the Moon Goddess gifted me. I love how my parents still support me and still wanted me through it all. They really loved me no matter what. I pulled the both of them into a hug and we just stayed like that in a family embrace for what felt like hours. Now for the next 4 years, I was training every day to be the best that I could be. I trained with my fathers’ warriors in the morning, to which I always ended up beating them, then I went with my mother who homeschooled me and taught me about the pack, and then I would go out into the forest by myself to become one with the earth. I ended up mastering my powers after 4 years. I also knew everything about our pack lands, pack, how to handle the money, and everything else you can think of. I was also a master when it came to combat with and without my powers. Everyone loved me and respected me they also accepted me powers and all. I was best friends the betas son and the gammas son since they will be taking their parents place when I become Alpha. They also ended up training with me, as well. After 4 long years my 18th birthday was a few hours away. At midnight I would become an adult who will take over this pack. The whole pack house was dead quite since everyone wanted to help with my birthday plans. I was currently laid up in my bed having the best sleep of my life until suddenly I felt like my body was being pulled then I landed in this meadow. I looked around until my eyes fell on the Moon Goddess herself. I just felt it in my soul that she was the Moon Goddess, she turned to me then spoke with such grace. “My child, I know you know who I am, so I am not going to beat around the bush. Your parents didn’t tell you everything that I told them the day you were born. Your parents paid a price for keeping you on earth and choosing to raise you. I gave them two choices: 1 to give you to me so I can raise you and get you ready for your mate or 2 to raise you there on earth. They chose option two without even caring about the consequences, and the consequences were dire for them. They chose to be killed the moment you turn 18 because they wanted you. They loved you more then they loved themselves. Now, listen to me, the day you were born the Vampire king has been wanting to kill you. You carry too much power and it scares him, so he is planning to attack your pack the night you turn 18 because that is when your powers will flow through you at full force. He wants to kill your parents to weaken you so he can slit your throat then drink your blood. Listen to me, your parents knew what was going to happen to them, but they chose you over everything. They want you to live up to the Black name. They never wanted to part from you, do you understand?” I just sat there no believing what I was hearing, but at the same time I felt a feeling overcome me as if my mind was telling me that it was okay. That this is the path that needs to be taken, that this is what needs to happen to allow peace among the world. I always knew that my parents were hiding something from me, but I didn’t think it was going to be something as big as this. Then suddenly it hit me at why they were training me, and why they showered me with nothing but love. They want me to carry on for this pack and for them. I felt peace wash over me as if I was gaining it from my parents’ love. “I am ready for this next chapter of my life. My parents are paying with their life, and I will not let them down. I will live up to everything they see in me. I will carry their love in me to keep me from the darkness. I do not understand now, but I know I will when I meet my mate.” The Moon Goddess nodded and suddenly I was back in my room. I sat up breathing heavy while sweating a little bit, but before I could even think I heard my mother scream. I jumped up from my bed and ran to my parents’ room. I busted down their door to come face to face with two vampires mid-ripping my parents throat out. That is when I felt myself become filled with power from the earth, and my eyes turned blood red. I raced over to the vampires and killed them by ripping their throats out with my teeth. I didn’t have time to even glance at my parent’s dead bodies before I heard my pack warriors howl, and some pack members screams. I headed straight to my parents’ window to bust it open then I jumped down as if it wasn’t 4 stories high. I landed on the ground making a dent in the earth. I scanned my surroundings to witness my warriors trying to save some pack members while the others were trying to kill the vampires that have invaded my land. Then my eyes landed on the vampire king himself. Everything around me slowed down, as if it was in slow motion, as I ran straight to him. He made sure that no other vampire would touch because I know he was wanting to be the one to kill me himself. When I was within 15 feet of him, I stopped and started pulling power and energy from the earth. I then created a massive fireball in my mind getting it ready because I was going to drop it on him. Unfortunately for the vampire king I can vision things in my mind and then make them happen. He also can not see what is going on in my mind. I am more powerful than him, and I know he can feel it. He can sense my power that it within me. I then charged at him hitting him right in face and breaking his jaw but before he recovered, I ripped his jaw off from his body. I threw it somewhere then I started to hit him left and right over and over again. My power was on full force and nothing was going to stop me from killing this waste of space. He fell to the ground after dealing with all of the blows to his body and before he could even think I burned him alive, right where he laid. He ended up turning to dust, and I turned around to help my pack. All the vampires seemed to stop fighting because they felt their leader leave this earth, but before they could do anything, I used my speed to rip every single one of their throats out. Once I was done, I burned them all, at the same time, right where they laid. I felt all of them return to the earth, and I felt peace among the land. The trees started talking to me and a slight wind started to blow. The trees were telling me to return my parents bodies to the water. That is where they belong. The last thing I remember after that is my beta yelling my name…
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