Chapter 1

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 Asmodeus P.O.V. “Get your ass in here NOW!” I yelled out at my secretary. I swear I don’t understand why I chose to work with humans. They are so annoying, and all the women throw themselves at me because I do look like a god. But instead of a God try a Demon. Soon she comes walking in with her boobs hanging out and trying to walk sexy. I just roll my eyes at the thought that she would think that I would be attracted to her. “Yes, sir. What do you need?” She asks me as she sits in front of my desk. I roll my eyes before I look up at her. “What is on the agenda today?” I ask her harshly. She whines before she speaks. “W..well you have a meeting today with..” I cut her off before she can continue. “Cancel it.” She hesitates and looks around worried. “What? What is it?” “T..t..the meeting is with Lilith Black, sir.” She stutters out. FU*K! I need to have a meeting with her because she is housing some of my demons. She is one of the few Alphas that allow her pack members to mate with anyone. She also welcomes anyone, as well. She has taken in a lot of my demons in and treats them as if they were no different from a wolf. I have never had to confront her about anything or how she should respect the “mate bond” between a wolf and a demon. I have never met her or dealt with her pack before, but for the past 2 years my demons have been drawn to her. Also, some have fallen to the mate bond that a wolf has. I guess it is better than either living amongst the humans or living in hell. Now demons are not some creatures who have horns or wings or are ugly things. They look like humans, but their eyes are different. They have powers, but not to the extent of pure demons. I am a pure demon which means both of my parents are demons and the whole blood line is demon blood. I am also the King of all Demons. Then there are half-bloods which are demons that have some other kind of blood in their system. They mate with anything, but another demon but then their child is fated to be with a demon. My blood line has built an empire amongst the humans and we have ties with any other supernatural beings, as well. I also live here among the humans and then travel back to hell, every now and then to deal with any troubles. My generals keep hell in check and deal with things (with my stamp of approval) because they hate the human world and refuse to live in it. I don’t blame them. Now back to dealing with this annoying woman. “What time is the meeting for?” “It is in about an hour, so 12:30, sir.” She answers. “Alright. Don’t cancel it and when she shows up have her come to my office. I am not holding the meeting in a board room or anywhere else. Got it?” She nods then I shoo her away my hand. She gets up and walks out. Thank fu*k she didn’t try to ask me anything else or try to speak to me. Now I sit and wait till Miss. Black comes. I hope she is ready to meet the King. -Lilith P.O.V.- “Go awaaayyy!!” I scream from the comfort of my bed. I swear my beta annoys the crap out of me. How the hell did he get in my house? I locked everything and I know it is him because I smell his scent. UUGGGHHH. “Girl get your ass up! You have things to do and the Alpha of this pack doesn’t get to sleep in. Get up.” Nick yelled at me. I swear that boy will be the death of me. “I am up. I am up!” I yell back. I drag my ass out of my bed to walk over to my bathroom. I don’t live in the pack house. After my parents died, I decided to give the pack house to the pack. Our omegas live in there (who take care of the pack house), some of our warriors live in the pack house, our guests stay in the pack house, we have a huge library in the house, and my office is in there. The first level I made bigger by making it an open floor plan. The kitchen, living room, and dinning room is bigger to make room for everyone. The basement is pimped out to where it has a movie theater, game room, and a living room with a mini kitchen. I just couldn’t stay in the pack house after my parents were killed in there. I built my own house next to the pack house so I can always be close. My house is a two-story home with 4 bedrooms and 3 baths. I have 1 bedroom on the first floor along with the kitchen, living room, dinning room, hangout area, laundry room, and a bathroom. Then on the second floor, I have 3 bedrooms with a bathroom in the hallway while the last bathroom is in my room. Then I also have my own personal office upstairs along with a little movie/game room. It is enough for me and hopefully enough one day enough for my little family. I am a 20-year-old Alpha who am I kidding that I will find a mate who will accept me. No body wants to mate with an Alpha woman because then they feel like a Luna which is utter bullshit. We would both be Alphas because no way in hell would I be considered a Luna. I earned this title after my parents died; I have worked hard to prove to my pack that I can be the best Alpha they deserve. I run my pack differently from other packs. Other packs don’t welcome “outsiders”. Now I mean witches, warlocks, demons, vampires, or half-breeds. I welcome any and everyone that has pure intentions. Even though vampires attacked my pack it doesn’t mean that they are all the same. At the time, I killed the ones who attacked my pack and the leader so the ones that are alive had no part in the killing/attacking of my pack and parents. My pack is also different because a lot of my pack members are mated with witches, warlocks, vampires, demons, and half-breeds. My pack is a safe heaven to everyone. Also, my fighters are stronger than any other packs because they are trained on how to fight any other supernatural beings as well as training along side me. They have amazing fighting skills in human or wolf form. Everyone treats each other with respect, and no one bullies anyone, nor do I tolerate it. I don’t care if you are an omega or a high rank wolf you will not treat either of them differently. I will be able to feel it due to my powers. I also punish or kick out anyone who a piece of sh*t basically. I am more then proud of how my pack is run and how we are different. I love how we let our omegas choose what they want to be when they grow up. One of my strongest warriors was born as an omega, but he was determined to be more then that. It is like the Moon Goddess made my pack a place to where you can change your fate, or it was due to my powers. I have been told by demons that they can feel my powers radiating through the pack land and that it makes impossible things happen. I believe it. After my shower I hurry to get ready. Putting on some light makeup, my burgundy hair is wavy with volume, then I put jewelry on along with my black lacy underwear set. Then I put on some high-waisted black skinny slacks, cream colored ankle heels, and then a cropped teal color hoodie. Once I was ready, I headed over to the pack house for breakfast. Once I was in the kitchen, one of the omegas hands me a smoothie. I smile at her and thank her. They know me so well. Then I head upstairs to my office where I know Nick and Randy are waiting for me. They love to annoy me and to tell me all the things that I need to get done for the day. I enter my office and see my Beta (Nick) and Gamma (Randy) sitting there waiting for me. “Ahh, so the mighty Alpha has arrived. It is about time; we have important things to do today and we need to get going now.” I groan as Nick talks. “What do we have to do today?” Randy looks at me with wide eyes once I ask that question. I look at him confused. “You have a meeting with the Demon King today! Are you serious?!” I freeze. FU*K. How could I forget. “Alright, get the car pulled around and I will meet you down there. Who is driving me and who is coming?” I check my watch and see it is 11:00 already. Dammit it takes an hour to get to his office building where the meeting will be taking place. “Nick will drive you, but you are the only one that will actually go up for the meeting. I am going to stay here to take care of everything and handle our accounts.” Randy says so I nod while Nick hesitantly nods. Nick and Randy are mates, but Randy refuses to give up his Gamma title. They are so cute. Nick then leaves to go get the car ready for the drive while I get the files that Randy will need to do for the accounts. Then I head down to meet Nick who has pulled the car around. I made sure to mindlink everyone that if anything happens or they need me that I will be back around 3:30 and to see if Randy can handle it. After an hour with a little bit of traffic, we arrive at his office by 12:15. Nick makes sure he parks in the parking dock. “Alright, just wait here. I will go up alone and meet with him, okay?” Nick just nods and pulls out his phone so he can talk to his mate, Randy. I just shake my head and get out of the car. I head up the front desk and tell the lady that I am here to meet Asmodeus. She looks at me weird because I called him by his first name. She tells me to up to the top floor and to meet his secretary. I make sure to tell her thank you then head towards the elevators. As I am getting closer to the top floor, I am starting to feel weird. I try to shake off this feeling, but all I can do is try to push it back into my mind. The elevator dings and opens, the first thing I see is his secretary with right in front of the elevator. Weird only his office is on the top floor with her desk, out in the open, and a bathroom off to the side. She looks up at me and smiles. “Miss. Black, I assume?” I smile back and nod. She grabs her phone and lets Asmodeus that I am here. Once she hangs up, she turns back to me. “You can go through.” “Thank you so much, Sarah.” I got her name from her desk and she looked up at me surprised and I just smiled at her. I am guessing that no one really says her name or treats her with kindness. She ended up smiling at me. I walk a little bit down from where her desk was and open the door to his office and walk in a little bit. He looks up from his desk and it hits me. Oh my gosh, he is my mate. He is the one. I freeze and all I hear is the door close behind me. -Asmodeus P.O.V.- It is about 12:20 and my secretary just notified me that Miss. Black is here. For some reason, my senses are going haywire. I actually sensed when she entered the building which is weird. Typically, I have to focus on the person to sense their presence or I have had to meet them before. This is weird. I feel her getting closer to my office door and I don’t sense a wolf on her. She is an Alpha, right? She opens the door and I look up and my stone-cold black heart actually skips a beat. This cannot be right, she is my fated one. She steps in and I watch how her eyes meet mine while she lets go of the door, and freezes. I use my inhumane speed and rush over to her and push her up against a wall. I trapped her with my arms by her head as I tower over her. I lean down and get close to her ear. “Hello, my Queen.” I whisper darkly into her ear and I feel her shiver. 
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