Chapter 28: Terrorist Attack.

1112 Words
After Grabbing my Sword out, I need a way to get out as fast as I could. So, I open the Window and Jumped out. I activate my Flying Magic and bolted to the Front Gate. As I was Flying, I see Rushia with Eva on the Ceiling. Eva is ready to Throw her Spear. They're timing their Attack together. "Holy Knight First Technique: Light of Mercy." She shoot out the Orb of Light and blinded everyone on the Vicinity, Even the Allies. Eva throw her Spear and then it impaled couple of men. Rushia Teleported with her Light of Mercy to the Battlefield. She sliced some more people before Kicking Eva spear back at her who's in the Sky. Taking that as my Advantage, I fly high to the Sky. While Rushia and Eva is thinning them out, They are still out numbered. This Terrorist is no normal Terrorist. They're pretty hard to deal with. Imperial Knight and The Terrorist are Exchanging Barrage of Attack. As I said before this. Rushia and Eva was forced to fall back and Retreat. They Know who Rushia is and they're pretty proud seeing how effective their attack was. They just lose about 15 Men from this Confrontation, And there's around 4000 Of them. Fwuuh... I guess I need to be the true me huh... *Grinned* Well! IT'S NOT SO BAD! I hold my Sword up on the air. Activating my Darkness Enhancement. My Sword is covered with Intense Black Energy. I'm going all out. This might kill Hundreds of them if I hit this attack perfectly. But since the School Ground is big, I doubt it's going to kill everyone. Dark Knight Third Sword: Fallen Demon! I cancel my Flight Magic and They feel this intense Mana coming from the Sky. They see me Coming down at an intense speed from the Sky. "Lukewarm?" As My Sword Hit One person Square in the Head and Crushing his Skull. My Sword, Eventually Hit the Ground. The Ground Cracked terrifyingly. And then, A surge of Black Energy rises from the Ground. It shoot out to the Sky with intense Velocity. It destroy the School Ground and make a Giant Donut. Of course, The Ground that was shot to the Sky eventually fall back down along with the Crushed Corpses. Tch. I kill only 200 Of them huh... Seeing me Not moving, They turn their Magic toward me and shoot a lot of Magic toward me. This is bad~ I can't avoid it!!! If this keep up, Either I will get wounded bad or forced to use my Dark Avenger form. Suddenly, An Orb of Light shoot out toward me. But before It can blinded me, It vanished and change spot with Rushia. "Duck!" Rushia screamed. As she was falling down, She shoot another Light of Mercy back and then touch my Back. We both transferred back to the safest spot. Rushia fall down on top of me in high Velocity from the Teleportation. I caught her and Let my body become a perfect stopper. My body was dragged back while I try to stop her momentum. After falling quite far back, Rushia stand up quite unharmed. She have scratch all over but, It's not as bad as Mine. I was bleeding pretty bad actually. "Lukewarm. You okay?" Rushia asked. I nodded and Stand back up. This Injuries are nothing. If they're not recovered by my Auto Recovery, That mean They're not that bad. I look at my sword and it's destroyed once again. As Expected. I need Soul Armament to keep my ability at it's peak. With Brittle Sword, It's not going to last in war like this. I throw the Handle away and then Join Rushia on the front line once again. There's a lot of Imperial Knight defending against magic and shooting magic. Students also, Protecting this School with Magic. Principal Evan come in and said. "Trevor, Rushia. Use Gungnir and Gae Bolg to destroy the Truck. We got intel that saying, In that Truck, There's Transportation Gate that keep bringing more people." Principal Evan said. I see... So his Owl do job huh. "Got it." Rushia Nodded after I said that. Principal Evan screamed. "IMPERIAL KNIGHT! PROTECT BOTH RUSHIA AND TREVOR! EVEN IF IT COST YOUR LIFE!" He said. I appreciate it Principal. But I don't need any protection. "No, Stay where you are. Your Life is important as well. Not just mine." Rushia said. Everyone was stunned when hearing Rushia saying something like that. I was really impressed by that. It seems like she does have the quality of Hero. "Hey Lukewarm. I ain't going to protect you this time. So, Call your Servants." She said. She already Called Eva to Protect her from any Attack. I smiled and said. "Ah so. Well then. Diablo, Verna." Suddenly, My Two Eternal Servants appear from the Ground. Everyone was terrified by their Aura. "Protect me. That's your Only Job." I said. Diablo and Verna call their Weapon and everyone just get this Certain Death Feeling from them. Both Rushia and I. Summon a Complex Magic Circle. I look at Principal Evan. "Principal! Is the Area around the Academy is safe?" "Don't worry! I've told everyone to evacuate after Black Scorpion attack. From my Wyvern. I can proudly say. There's no one in the area. So, Go wild." Principal Evan say the word. At that point, Rushia and I just lost all meaning of using Gungnir and Gae Bolg one by one. "Well then, How about, Two in one?" I muttered. Both of us once again, Summon another Complex Magic Circle that left everyone dumbfounded. "Gungnir! Gae Bolg!" Rushia and I Screamed at the same time. We Throw Both spear at an Interval. First off, I throw my Gae Bolg and Rushia her Gungnir. Both of our Magic hit each other on the ground and it causes a big Explosion near the Gate of the Academy. It erases 5 Truck. And then another one we throw pretty far out to the City. Another Explosion Occurs. And it erases 5 more truck. There's still 15 More truck from my Quick Observation. This guys really know how to properly park their car huh... The Radius of Gungnir and Gae Bolg attack is pretty small because we don't want to cause any more damage to the surrounding. While we were making everyone dumbfounded with our Magic. We heard Screaming all over the Academy. Since the Imperial Knight is station at this Gate. Some people managed to get in and attack people from the inside. "s**t!" Principal Evan panicked and try to run back inside to protect his student.
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