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Everyone want to be a main character of their live. But, that's just a talk. Though, there's a small percentage of 'Main Character' in the world. Those who work hard and achieve their biggest dream. Are the Main Character. Those who didn't... Aren't. It's a simple concept that everyone should know of. And in Earth, There's a man called Trevor Adrian. He was once the best at something. But then all of that was reap off of him. Leaving him depressed over it. The 'He' who he thought is the Main Character, suddenly turn into a side character.

And one day, He was killed due to an 'accident'. And when he woke up, he was greeted by an otherworldly landmark.

"Where Am I?"

He look around and what he sees... Is something else... Something fantastical and magical. Something unbelievable that he himself can't wrap his head around.

Tune in to his Story where he try to survive his First Few Days and make it to Other Places where he found a lot of attention.

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Chapter 1: Reincarnation.
Hi! My name is Trevor Adrian. As weird as it might sound, I'm a human from a world called Earth. But, Now, I'm not. I decided to kill myself by jumping from a cliff on my hometown. You see, I'm not really the greatest of all time or a candidate to that. I work as hard as I could in my short timespan which is... 16 Years of Living. But, At the age of 8. I tore my freaking Knee and it just affect my future. Not to brag or anything... But I'm fast! People have told me that, I HAVE the talent and speed to surpass the fastest man on earth. But, Injuries is a real thing and it just affect the way I'm moving. I know that My future is dark and I couldn't make a full recovery because... There's too much Dead Tissue on my Leg. And because of that, I know, My future is either become a shut in. Or Office Worker. I didn't want any of that. So, I decided to end my life. Do I regret my choice? Absolutely not. I don't care about anything anymore. I have no future so, At least if I die early, I don't have to get mock by anyone. And as I thought about that, My eyes suddenly open. What I saw is pretty disturbing. My body is pretty small. Probably as big as those of a 5 Years Old. And in my Face, there's some sort of mask that cover my Nose and mouth. And My whole body is wet. There's a Strange Liquid around me. The color is Greenish Blue. From my Observation, I'm in a sort of Glass Tube and I'm floating inside this liquid. And to prevent me from Drowning in this weird and Strange Liquid. Oxygen was placed around me. I noticed that, My body is normal. It's small but I have my leg. I was really happy when I see that. I believe that God is Real. And I instantly thought that, This is my Salvation of my  Accident when I'm 8 Years old. I was smiling inside the Tube. Weirdly, There's no Light Source outside the Tube. It's a complete Darkness. But I'm actually okay with it. I've closed my eyes for so long that, Darkness have become a 'Friend'. Usually, Kids my size would feel scared when they are covered by Darkness. But for me... It's sort of... Comforting? It's like the Darkness is hugging me gently and warmly. It's similar to my Mom's Hug. Speaking of Which, I hope she and dad is doing okay in Earth. I never really say to her that, I'm about to kill myself. I love my parents so much. I don't know about them. But I feel like they're going to be fine with me dead. I've been suffering and they always pray that, My suffering end. And so, I end it by myself. Sorry Mom, Dad... As I was waiting for something to happen in this Strange Cube. My body get heavy. It's like a really bad Laziness feeling attack me. No, It's not Like... It's an actual Laziness feeling. Shit... My consciousness started to Fade once again. I tried so hard to keep my eyes open in case something actually happened. But, I can't fight against the sleepy feeling. My eyes close naturally. And when I go to my sleep, I went to my Dream. And it's... Weird. What I saw is a Black Haired boy, with Black Eyes. Wearing a Black Outfit. Sitting in a Black Throne. I couldn't really see his face because, He was covered in Darkness. There's a lot of Black Creature around him. I know in fact. One of them is a Black Reptile. With a Wings on the back. Is that Dragon? Wow... It look so cool! Maybe I should see one for myself! Is it really similar to a famous movie? I hope so! And there's one more weird thing. There's a Butler beside that Boy. Similar to the boy, He have Black Hair. Red Eyes. But it surrounded in Black. Wow! Another cool thing! I like his look! He look really royal and strong! I want to be like him someday! That's what I thought of that Dream. But before I could look around more, I wake up once again. And what I see is the Blue Sky. I was sick at this point just waiting for something to happen. But wait! Why Am I suddenly Outside?! I thought I was somewhere really dark! Now I'm scared. But that doesn't matter! As I pull my Oxygen Mask. The Weird Liquid started to drain itself. "Now I can talk... Just being alone with my thought is harsh... I want to talk... I don't care if it's with myself!" I screamed like a madman. It immediately echoed back inside my ears and I stop screaming because, It's hurting my Ears. My short Arm reach for the Glass in front of me. There's a Handle that should be my way out to the Outside World. But, before I open my door out, I turn around. "Hm... White Stuff... Is this Snow? And also, Is this my face?" I was just checking what My back is touching. It's Snow. Meaning, I'm probably somewhere really cold. And since I'm in nothing but Shorts. It's going to be harsh. Not only that, I'm still wet. My face is not really different from my Childhood Face. Black Hair and Black Eyes. I smiled just seeing how cute I'm now. "Look at you. You're so cute." I muttered to myself. I don't know why, But I really like how I look in my Childhood. It's a pure Boy that know nothing but the Joy of Living. There's nothing wrong with my body. My leg is there and it's nice. "Now, I'm ready to go out!" I declare to gain my confidence. I once again reach toward the Door Handle. I open the Door and Step out. Making sure that, I have a perfect Step. Instantly, There's one thing that I feel. Cold. I turn around and look at the Snowy Mountain. "I see... I'm really in an another world..." I muttered in amazement.

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