Chapter 26: Confession?!

1068 Words
The Start of the Second Day of school. As expected, It's as boring as you could imagine it is. There's more Club that introduce themselves now. Out of the Class S... Only I didn't have a single club. Rushia have 2 Club, Everyone else practically have 3 because, They joined the Student Council on top of their 2 club. In the Break, Everyone is practically tired and want to sleep. Raiden, Fiona and Alice is sleeping on their table, Principal is sitting on his chair reading a book called Magical Art. Rushia is practically dead as well. She just staring to the ceiling. My body is sore as hell... Principal really not holding back on the Training. Even I, Who have the stats of a monster, Is still struggling. Diablo, Verna... Any Information on Rushia Ancient Armament? "Master. Fortunately, we have get some information. Diablo right now is checking the place. Shall I go back?" Verna asked. I instantly replied. Yeah, Go back to me. Leave Diablo to the Job. Diablo, I leave this to you. "Yes Master." Diablo can be heard Chuckling. Well, I hope he doesn't instantly kill all of them. To be honest, Having Diablo, One of the, IF NOT, The Strongest Creature in this world right now. Is really handy. The man just keep getting stronger. Same goes to Verna... Actually, When I'm serious and use my Dark Avenger Form, They can also use my Dark Avenger Form to just further improve their power. And then, As I was just talking with Verna who's now inside my Body. Rushia stand up. I ignore her because, She usually go somewhere to her club. But, Then, She slam my table. Alerting everyone who's sleeping. Principal Evan look at her. "Lukewarm. Go out with me." She said. At that moment. I can feel. All the cells inside my body freeze from her cold eyes. Everyone is blushing. I'm also blushing. Wait, did I just get confessed to?! By this girl?! I look at her weirdly. I want to reply but I'm keep stuttering. Principal Evan just whistle and said. "Congratulation. I guess?" Hey Principal! Help me! I don't know what this Girl are up to. "Come on Lukewarm. I want you to go with me to my club." Everyone just spurted out. I look at her awkwardly. I see... That's what she's up to huh. Well, Stupid of me to get my hope secretly up. I slam my table and stand up. "Let's go. I'm bored! Lazy, Lead the way!" I said in a pretty excited yet sad tone. She walked away with her cold attitude. Damn, This girl is really toying with my feeling. Damn you. I will get revenge in the future. I follow Rushia from the back and we eventually arrive at the Hobby Club. "Good Afternoon Rushia~" Everyone there is a really pretty girl. Rushia nodded and she just grab my arm and pull me inside. "Oy Lazy! Can you be more gentle?!" "Shut up Lukewarm. You're too slow." Everyone look at us while closing their mouth. I just push her hand away in pain and follow her. She arrived to the Kitchen of the Hobby Club and she quickly wear her apron. "Lukewarm, Hand me the Knife." She said. She already prepare a lot of ingredient with a big wok on an open flame. I throw her a knife at a really high velocity. She grab it with her left hand and using her right hand, She cut everything perfectly into chunk. And then, She cut the Vegetables into... Tiny chunks. So tiny that, It can be called a Paste. She fries everything off and chunk a plate of Rice and cook it off. c***k in some eggs and put the Chicken toward the end to warm it up. She just grab the whole wok and grab a spoon. She grab a spoonful of the Fried rice and blow it. "Now Lukewarm, Open your mouth." She said. I open my mouth. She put the Spoon inside my mouth and I just latch onto it and bite the Spoon off. I take out the Spoon from my mouth and Rushia is pissed off. "Lukewarm... I've made you Lunch and you still want to joke around? You don't have any gratitude do you?" Rushia said with a stare that look at me like some sort of Trash on the Side of the road. Suddenly, Her Valkyrie come out behind her. "Oy Brat. Where's your thanks to my Mistress?" She said. Rushia put the Wok down and look at her Valkyrie menacingly. "Eva. What did I tell you? To never come out willy nilly." Eva, Her Valkyrie just shuddered in fear and goes back inside Rushia. Rushia look back at me and sighed. "Eat your Lunch Lukewarm. You don't have to thank me." "Okay. Have you eat yet?" I asked her. Rushia shake her head. I take brand new spoon which is far more stronger than before and more bigger in size. How dare she feed me with Tea Spoon and not table spoon. I did the same as her and She just take a bite of her own food. She suddenly smiled in happy feeling. I was quite shocked when seeing that. After she swallow her food. Her face turn back into cold face. We hear a sudden thump on the door. Both of us goes into full alert mode with our martial arts stances ready to go. We look at the door and see that the girls from before, Is just peeking at us. They noticed us noticing them. They run back to the other room with embarrassed face. I look at Rushia who's unbelievably shock with Red Face as well. She try to pitter patter away from me. "Lazy, No... Rushia. Thanks for the meal. I appreciate it." She stop right in front of the door. She take a deep breath and calm herself down. She just waved her hand back at me and left the door. "Well, Thank you for the meal~" I immediately munch on the fried rice. The fact that the Fried rice is actually really good is impressive. It's so easy to go down to my stomach. It's light and not really that greasy as well. So, I quite like it. After I finished it, I took the responsibility myself and wash it. And then, Something weird happened.
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