Chapter 92: Start!

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Monday. On the sea outside of the island. There's a big Ship cruising around the island. That ship is the Battle Royale Official Ship. And on that Ship. There's a lot of Rich People who sponsor the whole event. They bought the island together so that they can get some nice entertainment out of it. One of that Rich People. Is the one and only. The King of Agnious Kingdom. Crypt van Agnious. Crypt was sitting in front of a round table with big screen TV on the very front of him. Everyone is looking at the same screen. A man with full suit step forward. Standing in front of the whole audience of important people. "Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen. It's 15 before the Treasure Hunt / Battle Royale started. And at this time also. We shall made our bet on who's going to win the Treasure Hunt. There's 30 Team in total. And there's 23 of you in here. And I know that all of you are rooting for different team." The Host said. I see... So that's the case huh. "Alright! Let's start from His Highness! Tell us what you want to bet and who you are going to bet with." He said. Well, You know my answer. I will trust my friends. "Everyone is going to match my bet right?" I asked first. Since it will be unfortunate for me if I bet big while the others bet little. "Yes Your Highness. It's the rule. Just like Poker. If you go all in. Everyone is going to either match up your bet or goes all in as well." He said. I see... Well then! Let's ruin some people life shall we? "I bet Agnious Kingdom. For Team 30." Team 30 is Trevor's Team. And I'm willing to bet the whole Kingdom. That's how much I believe in him. I look around and I see that everyone is taken aback for a moment. "A-Alright... So His Highness is betting everything under his belt. W-Well then. Everyone must follow suit or drop out on the bet." Some people joined in and some people dropped. They folded seeing my Confidence. Even if they call my bet. My Hand is Pocket Aces with the rest of the Aces already scattered around the table. I can't really lose. Except, Something really unexpected happened. But It's Trevor and Rushia. It's like I have pocket aces and all the board is just aces. Guaranteed. "Well then those who bet. Get ready for your money and business to go bye bye." I said with confidence. And then the Host hit some sort of button. Siren on top of the Boat let out an intense noise. Now, This is where they make mistake. Trevor and Rushia is already dangerous enough by themselves. There's 8 more people with them. And then, You just lump all team together. I already win at this point. Meanwhile, On the Island. All 300 People are getting ready to leave. They're not going to make mistake by fighting other people. Because no one knows who is the real threat is. But soon. They will realize. The biggest threat is looming over on the very back of the pack. Able to kill them at any time. But decided to play with their food a bit. "Oh. The Siren have gone off. People already scatter around. But they just don't realize." I muttered. Everyone nodded in agreement. Then I muttered the last sentence. "That there's Deadly Trap laying around." As soon as I said that. A Massive Hole appear on the ground. And 24 People. Fall down to their Death. It's a Punji Trap. "Well, we shouldn't really worried about anything. Let's just wait it out." I said. Everyone shake their head. I look pretty confused when they do that. "It's more fun to hunt them down right? Leading them to the trap. And when we're done. We can just deactivate the Trap forcefully." Sigred said. Oh? Pretty evil. Everyone seems to agree as well. Let's do it then. "Very well. You guys stay within my range. I have a maximum of 30 Meters all around me. When I detect Trap, I will tell you guys immediately." I said. Everyone nodded. I started running at normal speed and everyone follow after me. Ruu already prepare her White Hope so that when something unexpected come. We can deal with it immediately. Alright, So the Treasure that we need to search for is a monster called the Rainbow Chameleon. It's a pretty big Creature with a perfect camouflage ability. No smell, No track of heat or anything. And no visual clues. The only way to track that creature down. Is simply by checking the space itself. While we were running forward. I heard a pretty small shooting sound. It's a crossbow shooting. It's coming from the front. I make a hand signal to stop running. As soon as the Arrow enter my 30 Meter range. I immediately prepare my Counter. I stop moving in an instant. The Arrow get closer. As soon as it get within hand reach. I spin around and grab the Arrow with bare hand. While Spinning, I plant my foot forward and just throw that weak arrow like a javelin back to the general direction. But instead of going like a normal arrow. My X Status actually destroy the arrow into tiny pieces and it shot like a really good Shotgun from point blank.  "AGH!" I can hear people screaming from behind the bushes. I increase my Range and there's 3 People hiding. I notices a string behind them. If something just trigger that string. A massive chain of Landmines will make a big enough impact to kill all 3 people. We throw caution out of the window when we realize that there's deadly trap. I put my hand together. And a Massive amount of mana gather around me. "Well, Here I go. Wind Bullet." I compress the wind in front of me into an unbelievable compression. I let go of that Wind Bullet and it just shoot out in an insane manner. It doesn't hit anyone. But the pressure is enough to recreate the feeling of someone kicking something. The trap get triggered and 3 people exploded. That's how you use Trap + Magic.
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