Chapter 46: Stealing the Problem.

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"Hey Rushia... Are you sure about this?" I asked her. I want her to change her mind because, I'm really scared right now. Why am I scared? Well... We're in front of the Conference Room right now. Where Principal Evan is having a meeting with the other teacher. And maybe, Alice Father is there as well since he is the Finance Manager of this Academy. "Lukewarm, There's no choice but this. You and I are the last hope of this Academy. I want to know. Is my Father actually Corrupt or not... If yes, I will rethink all of my life choices till now." She said. Oh wow... She's serious. If that the case. I will follow you. "Alright Rushia. If we go in flame. I will burn with you." "Thanks Trevor. Let's do it." She said with confidence. We open the Door a bit and instantly hear a Table Slam. And that Table Slam come from Principal Evan. He screamed. "WHY?! WHY YOU JUST TOLD ME THIS?! CLASS A AND B DIDN'T PERFORM THAT GREAT BECAUSE THEY GOT IN USING MONEY?! WHAT ARE YOU GUYS DOING ALL THIS TIME?! HAVE YOU FORGOT WHAT HIS HIGHNESS SAID?!" We hear Principal Evan is really mad. Rushia and I look at each other and nodded. He's not bad. That's one thing for sure. Which is good for Rushia. If Principal turn to be bad... Rushia will be heartbroken. And I don't think my Presence matter to her anymore... And being forgotten by her is hard. I don't want that. Instead of charging in head first, We hear more of it. "B-But Principal! C-Containment Zone is going crazy right now! Many Soul Armaments going Berserk! Especially in the S Rank! With Dark Phantom Illusion out of the way, We managed to get rid of that problem. But the other is still going berserk sir! We need Personnel to keep them satisfied! So, We can't help but just accept the money!" One of the Higher up said. Principal click his tongue and said. "You guys do your job properly... I don't care anymore. But! If this failed. By King's Order. You guys are going to get fired and banished from Agnious." He said. After that, He just left the table. We stood up and wait for him to go out. Principal Evan walked out. His eyes are completely closed. He was stressed out. The Door behind him closed and We tap his shoulder. "Oh Gosh!" He jumped forward and look at us. "Trevor and Rushia... You guys almost give me a heart attack... Why are you guys here?" He asked. Rushia look at Principal Evan and said. "Dad. I'm disappointed in you. Lukewarm, Let's go." She said. She walked away and Both Principal and I was shocked by that. But I understand her disappointment. Principal look at me trying to find an answer. I look at him and said. "Figure it out yourself Sir. Since both Rushia and I have found the Answer already." I said. I dashed beside Rushia and walked behind her. Principal was pretty disappointed with what just happened. I look at Rushia who's gripping her fist tightly and gritting her teeth menacingly. I call her out and calm her down. "Hey Lazy, Shall we take matter into our own hands?" "Hm? You sure Lukewarm? I'm willing to risk my Student Status in here. But I don't think you should though." She said serious and calmly. I pat her shoulder and said. "You think I care? I follow you wherever you go. If you get banished, then I will get banished with you. As I said. I will burn with you." I said to Rushia. Rushia smack my back and said. "Alright then. Without further a do. Let's Steal all the S Rank Soul Armament." She said calmly. I nodded. Both of us goes to the Storage Unit. But, Since we don't have the Proper Keycard to go down there. We need a way to get in. "Let's break in." I said. Rushia nodded. We throw everything out of the window now. I'm sure, We're going to be the first suspect. But, We need to make this incident big so that the King will know about this matter. "Diablo. Come out." I call Diablo out. He comes out and kneeled. "Yes Master. What can I do for you?" He asked. I look at Rushia one more time. She still nodding to me. Alright then Rushia. If we succeed, We're a hero. But if we Fail, We're a Criminal. "Diablo, Transfer us to the S Rank Containment Chamber. Not Cell, But Chamber. Where every Soul Armament is located. You know where it is right?" I asked seriously. Diablo nodded. "Understood Master. Young Lady. Please hold onto Master. We're going to teleport now." Diablo said. Rushia without hesitation, Grab my Shoulder and Get closer to me. She say this one word. "If we Fail. It doesn't matter. Better Die Trying rather than not doing anything right?" She said. I just chuckle and nodded in agreement. Now. Let's enter the Forbidden Area. Diablo Cover us with Black Cocoon and the three of us arrived at this White Room with no one inside it. We can see that there's a lot of S Rank Soul Armament right here. Probably Around 15. We see a door on the end of the Room. And we see a Silhouette of an Imperial Guard ready to attack people that try to enter. Diablo suddenly notices something. "Master... There's an Anti Intruder Barrier placed inside this Room. Right now, My Portal is dodging that Barrier. What should we do?" Diablo asked. I look at Rushia. "Rushia. You trust me as much as I trust you?" I asked. She look at me seriously and said. "Lukewarm, If I was to choose. To be save by you or by 10.000 Imperial Guard. I would choose you with my life." She said. Alright then Rushia. You trust me that much huh. "Diablo. Cover My Body with your Portal. Completely." I said. Diablo understand my Plan immediately. It took a couple seconds before Diablo apply his Portal to me without actually absorbing me inside. This amount of Control is crazy. I walked out of the Portal. I'm still undetected because of the Portal around me. My Vision is all Black. And this is why. I'm confidence this technique Work. Dark Knight Sight. Using Dark Knight Sight, I can Ignore the Portal Around me. I look around and without any hesitation. I put everything inside my Inventory. An Alarm instantly Ring. Now... It's Dead or Alive situation.
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