Chapter 8: Skill Combination.

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I take a sip of my Tea and it's still hot. I guess Abnormal Temperature Resistance only work on the actual Temperature of the Air. Not something like water. Well, That doesn't really matter. "Now... I'm really interested in this particular Combined Skills. Element Creation Low. I have Create Water, Fire and Breeze... I need Create Dirt and Spark. But Spark cost 10 Points... Do I want it?" I mumbled to myself. I still don't know what to do. If only the System is helping me... I was trying so hard to get the System to help me. But, As expected, It doesn't want to help me. Stupid System... Well.... I guess I just have to do it on my own. Let's just do it! I take grab 1 Point Create Dirt and 10 Points Spark. Spark is a really LOW level Electricity Maker. Of course, As low as it might be. No one have Electricity in this World. And After I grab that 2 Skills. I now Have Element Creation Low. It's only capable of Making low leveled Stuff. And to Upgrade that Element Creation to Medium, High and Master. I need something that is called Mastery Book. Apparently, You also need Stages of it. So, I can't jump from Low to Master immediately. And from what I've read, Mastery Book can be found in Dungeon. Now, That is something that get me REALLY excited. Dungeon is one of my favorite things in my old world. "Loot and EXP... It's something that I really need right now." I was really excited. But when I look outside, It's already Night. I finish my Tea and Go out. Mother Nature Called and After cleaning myself. I go to bed. The Next day. I wake up really lazy. My Bed is so comfy despite it's being pretty hard. It's almost like... I wanted this to happen... I roll on my back and look at the roof. Well, I did want this Life... It's more Fun... But... I hope that I have someone who's going to be with me in the future. Not Diablo. But human. Maybe Friends? Or Girlfriend even? Anyone is fine. I just want someone to be there for me when I was at my worst. Anyway. I can't keep this up. I need to go back up and train. I forced my body up and I sit on my bed. I look at the table near my Bed and there's a Warm Tea served ready to go. I drink it and go to the Living Room. Diablo is still nowhere to be seen. I think that he go back out to make me tea and go back inside me. It's not weird for him to do that since he's Diablo. I go out of the house and Once again. Mother Nature called. After that, I train to my hardest from The Morning. To the night. I was mastering Striking, Throwing and Locking. But Grapple for me is still a bit hard. And the 4th Day of Training. Diablo FINALLY back from his Rest. That's what I thought. He was actually going around the Forest trying to find something for me. "Master. I have found a Dungeon. From my observation, It's a Medium Ranked Dungeon. Do you want me to explore it and get the Mastery Book for you?" Diablo asked. I shake my head. As much as I want him to grab Mastery book for me. It's not good if I'm too lazy and let Diablo do all of my work. I need to be a proper master. "No. For now, Just hold on. As I said, I want you to teach me Techniques." "I see... Acknowledge. We will start the Training immediately." Diablo suddenly take a really light stance. It's not even a stance. He just put his hand back and he stand up completely straight. "Come on Master. You need to be the Aggressor." "Got it." As I said that. I put my fist up and charged toward Diablo. I launched a pretty nice Jab if I say so myself. Because of my Body Figure. I'm really close to Diablo. I also jumped up to reach his Face. I hit Diablo square on his face. Of course, It doesn't have any real impact to the man... He's too strong for me. Diablo fall down to his knees for no reason. "Kukuku... Master... That's a great Punch you have huh..." Diablo said. He was clearly acting in pain. But, My Punch is really nice. So, I take that as a compliments. But I'm not a normal boy that's going to be happy because of that. "Diablo.... Come on. Be serious. Teach me how to counter enemies. Isn't in this world, It's Kill or be Killed?" I asked him that. Diablo smiled and nodded. He chuckle once again and finally. He take a proper stance. His hands are both free now. He's going to attack me. "Very well master. Just know, I'm not going to hold back." I grinned because of the Pressure. Diablo vanished once again. And at that moment. A really intense bloodlust come from Diablo. He was standing right in front of me grinning. He launched a really fast Punch toward my Stomach. It's so fast that, The only thing I feel after that is My Stomach is in pain, And My back is stinging with pain too. I was tasting steel in my mouth and my Body is all fractured. I fall down to my knees and Diablo immediately pick me back up. "Are you okay Master?" Diablo asked Calmly. I just nodded my head with a smile. It's painful. But, It makes me really happy that I can hold the pain. My Stamina is really helping me hold this pain. And then, As I was holding my Pain. Diablo, Is merciless. He grab something from Thin air. It's his Sword. "Master, Let me tell you about myself. As one of the Strongest Demon. You need to know about my Trait. My Trait is Heartless. And that's why I'm one of the Strongest. While Other Demon might act merciful toward their opponent. I didn't. That's why Master. Tell me this. You want me to attack you again? Or not?" Hearing that, I was pretty amazed. I thought that all Demon is Heartless. But it seems like only Diablo is acting like that because of his Trait. And I'm not going to change that Heartless Trait! "Listen Diablo. I'm not going to make you act merciful. Just... Don't kill me." "Got it. I will attack you to the point that You almost die Master. So, Try to dodge as much of my attack." I sighed and said. "Bring it on." The result is pretty good if I say so myself. I only get a lot of Cut but nothing else. It seems like Diablo is pretty serious as well. I can see that he's having fun teaching me a lot of techniques. Both Martial Arts and Weapon Technique.
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