Chapter 55: Having Fun!..

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Oh no... Is this the Infamous Guy wait for girls to shop?! Am I going to be the one who's suffering here?! Did I just step into a landmines without knowing? Damn it... I'm such an i***t huh... Despite knowing what would happen to me in the future, My feet keep moving forward. Chasing Ruu and the other. One step turn into ten. Ten turn into one hundred. And eventually. We arrived at my Nightmare. "Hey Tre. Have you ever come to this Mall?" Ruu asked. This Mall is giant. Since it's located near the Hotel where I stayed for a week. Sadly, Even though the Hotel is close to this Mall, I never really explore the Area because, I'm always training. "Not really. I never explore this mall. What is in this mall?" I asked Ruu. She calmly said. "Men Worst Nightmare. Clothing Stores." Ruu said. Damn, She know huh... I just laughed at that. "That is true though right? I see your Face is expressing Dissatisfaction. To be honest Tre, I don't really like Shopping Either. But once in a while, If I see a clothes that I know will fit me, I will buy it. That's how I get this White Dress." She said. She spin around and show it to me. Is she purposefully doing this to me? If that so... I won't hesitate to do my next plan. "I see... Well, I will try to enjoy my time here. If I see something that I like, I will try it." I said to Ruu. She nodded and pat my shoulder. "That's great. Hey Sigred. Tre said that he want to split up alone." Ruu said. You animal! Don't leave a guy like me alone in this giant mall! I will get lost without anything to do! "Hm? You want to split up? Okay! We're going to go to the Third Floor after Shopping. If you're finished with your exploration, Come to this Café Called Snake Nest. We will be waiting for you!" She said. Ruu looked at me and said. "Alright Tre. Good luck. Since I know you will need it." "Hahaha.... Thanks I guess..." Ruu without any hesitation just left me to suffer alone. She follow Sigred and the other.  You know what... If that the problem. Then I just need to fix it. If my problem is my Look and Confidence. Let's change that. Let's have an Image Change. I think I have 2 Hours or less to work on this... Let's do it. Diablo, Search for the Nearby... Barber. "Kukuku... Master, You're not Confidence at all right? But don't worry Master... We guarantee you, You're going to be fabulous after this. So, Please be careful." Diablo said. I wonder what he means about that... His presence vanished inside me and Couple of Second Later. He found it. "Master, There's a Barber that is Hidden on the Back Corner of the mall. It's on the First Floor. There's only one person there. And from my Observation. The skill of the person there is Top Notch." Diablo said. One person? Great! I don't have to be seen by multiple person. Let's start now... I walked to the Area with Diablo guide. And I arrived at this Quite Fancy Barber... I enter the shop and Sit down very far away from that one person that is getting his hair done. I try to not look at his face so that they don't have to look at my face. A Man arrived and asked me. "Hello Brother. What can I help you with?" He asked. This tone of voice, They're that huh... Well, I don't really have any problem with this kind of person. "Can you give me an Image Change? I don't know what to say other than that to be honest..." I said awkwardly. The Man chuckle. "Of course. You want to look your best right? Well then, Let's go and wash your hair first~" He said. I follow him to this Close room. I put my head on this Stool? I don't know what to call it. And he started washing my hair. Giving me shampoo, Massaging my scalp and rinsing it. Just from that alone, I feel really nice... And after that, He guided me to the Chair once again. And then, Other person come sit down beside me. "I was wondering who it is. So it is Trevor." A Familiar voice can be heard. I look to the side and see It's Crypt. "Oh, It's you Crypt. How are you today?" I asked calmly. The Barber who is doing our hair look pretty confused. "I'm fine. Are you here for date with Rushia?" He asked. I choke on my breath and said. "Stop it you... I am here with Rushia. But There's 3 other person beside her." Crypt Laughed. Stop laughing you shithead. "Oh my? Do you know His Highness?" My Barber asked. I nodded. "Yeah... We just started talking today though..." I explained. Crypt laughed again. "He's my Friend. And he have girl with him so, It will be nice if you can make my Friend right here look as nice as he could Sis." "Oh my~ I will!" Yup... As expected. This Barber is that kind of barber. And as usual, I don't mind it. "Thanks Crypt... Now they know why I do this..." "No worries Trevor. I'm here to Cut My hair as well. So, Don't worry." I look at Crypt whose hair is too long for a man. "Damn.. Ruu hair is not even that long..." I commented on his Hair. Crypt smiled. "I'm too lazy to cut my hair you know? But now it's gotten too long for my Liking." He said. I see... I feel like Crypt like Long Hair.  But with Hair that long, It takes too long to take care. So, he probably would cut his hair not that short. "Well then Bro. Are you ready?" My Barber asked. "Yeah Sis. I'm ready." "Oh? You're not weirded out by us?" He asked me. I just chuckled. "Not at all. You know, You guys are a great person. I don't need to be afraid. But Not everyone have this kind of taste so, I understand the struggle." I said. He just chuckle and said. "Alright then. I will change how your Image look. Are you ready to surprise your girl?" "She's not my Girl... But Alright. I'm ready to surprise myself even." I said. Without hesitation, He started. My Image Change start here...
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