Chapter 83: Assault.

1100 Words
Many Clapping sound can be heard throughout the entire Castle. Everyone is welcoming the presence of their new king. Crypt van Agnious. With him giving speech. I'm standing right beside him with really tired look. People might think that I'm not doing my job seriously. But Crypt told me to just look as tired as I could be so that attackers would likely to attack more. "Thank you for tuning in for my Speech." Crypt said to the mic. Everyone claps once again. Everyone is going crazy to Crypt. And then. Some group of cloaked men. Jumped into the Castle Ground and screamed. "LONG LIVE BLACK SCORPION!" 20 Cloaked personnel. Shoot a high Ranked Magic to Crypt. Crypt didn't even look scared a bit. "Trevor." He immediately called me out. I flip the switch of my Glasses to On. "On it." I jumped down in a swift motion. I dispel all Magic around the Area. They see the Executive guard. Which is me, Jump down to hunt them down. They try to use their magic to jump away. "You ain't going anywhere." I immediately cut around the corner. I leaped off the Railing. All 20 Men is pretty bad at tactic. They just run in straight line. "Niflheim." As soon as I deploy Niflheim. I stop the Assaulter immediately. I step down on the ground. Right in front of them. "Alright. You guys... The last Black Scorpion member right?" I asked them. But they didn't answer me, Well, If that what you want. I raise my hand and let out my X Stats. They immediately shivering and started crying. When suddenly, Crypt call me. "Trevor. Don't kill them. Leave them alive. I want to make them a hostage." He said. Well, I'm pretty mad right now. "Can I just left you half of them?" "Sure! Kill half of them if you want." As soon as Crypt give me the word. I vanished. It's literally impossible to see my speed if you're not Ruu or someone her caliber. My hand move in a slight way that it immediately pop their neck off. It's an internal decapitation. It took a couple second before they realize what happened. When they turn around to see me. They realize that their spine have misaligned. And then. They just dropped dead. "Now. Crypt have been generous enough to let you guys lived." I immediately run back as the Guard arrived. I jumped on top of the crowd and then use my Flight Magic to fly back toward Crypt. I turn off the Infies and landed beside Crypt. "Good job Trevor." Crypt said. I nodded. "Thanks Crypt. I guess looking tired really worked out huh." "I told you. You just don't believe me. " Crypt said. Everyone clapped at me when they see my work. Crypt go inside the Castle and I follow suit. "Ah damn... It's really boring." I said to Crypt. Crypt nodded in agreement. "I hate Ceremony like this... I prefer that I just get the Crown and just get straight to work rather than have this kind of Ceremony. Waste of time and boring." Crypt explained to me. The Servants look at us weirdly about how easy we can complain about this. I change my clothes to the usual Cream Jacket. Crypt left me alone and I go to the Conference room where Ruu and the other are waiting. "Hey. I'm back." I greet them. Ruu waved at me and smiled. I walked toward her and sat down beside her. She immediately lean on me. "Hey. Stop flirting in front of me." Taylor complained. I look at her and said. "Sorry Tay. But get a boyfriend already. Should I introduce you to my friend?" I asked her that. Ruu immediately get what I'm aiming for. Taylor immediately look interested. "Really?! You're going to introduce me to someone?" "Sorry Tay. But I don't have any friends. So, I guess you're destined to be alone." I said while laughing. Ruu immediately burst out laughing. Sir Evan laughed uncontrollably. While Miss Aqua let out an awkward smile to Taylor. "Tay, Don't mind it. But it's true though. You need to search for a boyfriend. You and your Boyfriend are going to be the future Bellion Head. Ruu and Trevor can't become Bellion Head. So, It got to be you." MIss Aqua said. We look at Taylor to see what she's going to respond with. "I know Mom. I will try to find some Millionaire so that Both my Siblings won't make fun of me!" She threw a tantrum to us. Miss Aqua immediately come to help me. "Well. Trevor is Millionaire too you know?" She look at me with wide eyes. "Seriously?!" "Yeah... I have 75 Million Gold with me. I want to--" Before I can finish my Sentence. Taylor immediately screamed. "WHATTT!!!!?!!!" Ruu and I immediately cover our ears. "Yeah... It's true. Ruu and I have made a plan to either buy New Mansion or Build a new one. Of course, Near Bellion Residence." I said while scratching my cheek awkwardly. Ruu immediately snuggle with me and look at Taylor. "Yup. Tre and I are going to move in together soon. Well, We live together. But now! No one is going to go in our way!" She said with blushing cheek. I flick her forehead lightly and said. "Hey. Hold it. We're not going to do that just yet. We're still too young for that." I said. Miss Aqua and Sir Evan nodded intensively. "That's the correct move Trevor. I leave Ruu to you!" They said. I look at them both and said. "Yes Sir, Miss. I will take care of Ruu." I said with a smile. Taylor can be seen getting pissed off by this. "I HATE YOU BOTH!!!" She leaped out of the couch and just sat down on the floor behind the couch. Ruu and I move and started to calm her down. She calm down eventually after we say that she's the best Sister ever. I mean, She's Ruu's only Sister. And I don't have anyone in this world. So She's the best sister. I guess... We eat Lunch with Crypt and after eating Lunch. All of us go back to Bellion Residence. "So Dad. What are you going to tell us about?" Ruu asked Sir Evan. Yeah... I was wondering about this too. Ruu and I can teleport using Diablo Ability. Butt now, Sir Evan told us to come to the house for a bit. "Let's talk about the Academy for a bit. What I found. Will shock you both."
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