Chapter 48: Question.

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The next day. Both Rushia and I were called to the Principal Office because as expected, We are the First Suspect that on their list. We were confronted by Principal himself. Rushia and I look really serious. "So... I want to know about something. Do you guys in any chance. Hear some sort of alarm yesterday?" He asked. Rushia and I instantly. "Yes. We did." We didn't say anything else more than the question. Since it's going to be suspicious if we did that. And we know this moment eventually happened. So, We didn't have to coordinate. "Alright. That's makes sense. Why are you guys spotted in the Storage Unit Yesterday?" He asked. Rushia and I answered in a different manner. But essentially, This is what the Conclusion is. Both Rushia and I feel a sinister energy coming from the Storage unit. Suspicious of that Energy, We go there. And we recognize the energy come from below. We try to go under. But we didn't have the Proper Keycard. Principal Evan smiled. "Really? Are you sure it's not you guys?" "What do you mean Dad? It's not us." Rushia instantly say that. Rushia. Calm down. You will get more suspicious if we act too aggressive. "You guys are recorded going inside... But not going out... Is there any explanation for that?" He asked. Rushia neck started to Sweat. At that point, I realize I need to step up. "Alright sir, You're pressuring Rushia so much here. Because of your Failure yesterday, You're going to blame us?" I said. I don't like it when Rushia get treated like this. Even by Sir Evan. "No, I'm not blaming you guys. But I just want to know this." Principal turn serious. I get it. You want to know it right? Well then. "Alright then, We tell you what we do. As soon as the Alarm Ring out, I panicked since I thought, It was done by me. So, I look for the Closest Opening. I see that the Roof have a slight opening on them. I grab Rushia and Fly out of there." I said. Rushia sighed and nodded. Principal Evan look at me confused. "You say you Fly? How does that done? Wind Magic is incapable of bringing people along with them." Oh? Is this the perfect chance to strike back? Oh wait... Now I know why Rushia is looked at me like I just messed up. Don't worry Rushia. "I can fly Sir. I don't need Wind Magic. I have Skill Called Flight." I said with slight panic. I try to look as suspicious as possible. So that he get baited. "Well then, Prove to me that you're not using wind magic." Got you. Flight! I slowly float up to the roof of the Office. Rushia look surprised as well. Fortunately, Principal didn't realize that. "Now you believe me sir? You're really underestimating my ability it seems like." I said. He doesn't see any Wind Magic around me. So he instantly believe it. I fall down at high speed but still manage to stop before my head hit the floor. I float up again and sat back down. Rushia jumped in on the lie. "I still impressed by your Skill huh Lukewarm. Yesterday flight is amazing. We should roam around more often." She said. I nodded. "We should..." We try to ignore the fact that we're being questioned right now. So that we look innocent. Principal Evan look at us Suspiciously. But he shrug his shoulder. "I see... Well then, As you know yesterday, I get a little bit mad... So Rushia... Daddy apologize for offending you..." He said genuinely. Rushia smiled at him and said. "Don't mind it... I have Lukewarm at my side so, It ain't a problem." She said. I nodded. Principal Evan look at us weirdly again. "You guys... Dating without telling me?" Both of us instantly burst out. We both look at Principal Evan with panic. "N-No no! We're just Friend! We're just friend! Right Lukewarm?!" I instantly replied. "Y-Yeah! We're just a really close friends! We're not dating yet!" I said. We're so panicked that, Both Rushia and I not realize a thing. Principal Evan look at me and smiled. He pat our shoulder and said. "Alright... That's fine. Sorry for doubting you guys. But when something happen again. I will call you guys and ask for help. Is that okay?" He asked. Both of us nodded. He hug us both. At this point, Rushia and I realize something. We hug Principal Back and we go out without a hitch. We walk back to our Training Ground. Where everyone is training seriously. We first sat down on the bench. We write something to each other. And we wrote the same thing. 'We've been Tracked. Our Location and Sound is recorded straight by Principal. Don't speak about anything related to this.' We look shocked when we write the same thing. Rushia smiled at me. It's the most smile I've seen on Rushia. And It makes me happy that she smiled to me quiet often. As you know, Rushia and I is at Different Level in term of Look... I'm average while she's on the top class... I notices that, Some s**t head actually commenting on how weird it look from the outsider... I've actually talk about this to her. And she just told me to be confident and don't care about anything other people say. And I'm afraid that, Due to my look as her partner in the same group. I will dirtied her look... And I don't want that to happen to her. "Oy Lukewarm, Say something. Don't just look at everyone." She said. To be honest, That is an acting. We're currently looking at each other. I just nodded and said. "Oh sorry... I didn't realize... Did you say something?" "Jeez... I didn't say anything. Anyway, Shall we train?" She asked. I nodded. Both of us train hard once again. Fighting against everyone who want to fight and it's too easy... No matter how much the opponent are, They're all dropped after one hit from both Rushia and My attack. And after our Training Session is done... We go back to our Room to Take our usual Cleaning Regime. Of course, While she was bathing. I look through the Law. I'm searching for the Personal Information Protection Law. Principal just track us without asking us if we're okay with that. No matter who he is. That is Law Breaking. And the King should be sided with us... But we can't really say that because, We're thieves so... Yeah... Let's search for Law Protection...
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