Chapter 17: Imperial Knight Academy.

1111 Words
After 2 Hours waiting in line... I finally arrived at the Registration Table. There's 10 Table for Registration and fortunately, The Registration is actually pretty quick. I just need to put my name and where I'm from. Then, There's two boxes you can choose. It determined if you are from Imperial Knight Middle School or Not. I put it in the Not Box. And then, My Pin comes out. I take my pin and walk pass the Table to the back door. "Let's see... My Pin Number is 1337. And my test is supposed to be... In 30 Minutes... Good!" I don't have to wait for that long. I walk off the building to the back with happy feeling. I took my time just memorizing the whole School Layout. There's a Map of the school on a board and I just take a look at it and memorize it. After memorizing the whole School Layout. I walk away toward my Test. My test is held at the First Training Ground. Which apparently, Can fit 500 Students. And that's only half of the Training Ground. While the Other half is used to put the Target. "Damn... No wonder Imperial Knight Academy Produce The Elitest of Elite... They really search for the Strongest of the Strongest." If I'm not mistaken, There's only 3 Class for each Grade. S Class, A Class and B Class. S Class only hold 5 Students. A Class only hold 10 Student. While B Class hold 30 Student. Here's the Catch. Getting inside Imperial Knight Academy Actually mean certain Success. And also, Just because you graduate the Middle School, That doesn't mean you're going to immediately get accepted in Imperial Knight Academy. I reach the Training Ground. Finally. After getting stop so many time by the senior around here. "Master. Can We kill the human here? They always mock you and it pisses us off." Diablo asked. That's right. Typical s**t head. Mocking the New Student. I'm not even the New Student. I haven't even take the Test yet. Damn, The senior around here is stupid. Maybe I should go all out just to keep them quiet. "Also, No. You can't kill human in here. We will be a target." "But, We can kill everyone!" "I know we can. But, That doesn't mean we should." Diablo was bummed out after I scold him like that. It's 3 PM and Finally, My Test actually started. There's 500 Students in here and it should just take 10 Minutes. "ALRIGHT! YOUNGGUNS! WELCOME TO THE TEST TO ENROLL IN THE IMPERIAL KNIGHT ACADEMY! I'M YOUR EXAMINER!"  A Really Loud Man with voice filled with Confidence enter the Training Ground. He enter the Training ground with a very... Stupid Way... He run to the Training Ground. Slide like it was a baseball game and then Scream his Lungs out. I can hear the pain in his Laring... I feel sorry to his Vocal Chords. Ah... He take a sip... The Examiner was in pain from screaming like an i***t. He doesn't look like a typical people who scream at everything. Anyway, The Exam started. I can see that Everyone is really giving their all. But, Their power is similar to the 5 Year old me... Which is not great. And then Eventually, My turn arrived. If I want to meet the Holy Knight, I need to get in the S Rank for sure. Seeing this bunch only let out Medium Ranked Magic at best. I need to go to the Higher Ranked Magic. Of course, I can use my Dark Knight Sword Art. But, It's going to be a waste since, It's after all, Magic Test~ "Contestant 1337! Trevor Adrian!" "Yes Sir" Let's use one of the Strongest Magic in my Arsenal. Now here's the Catch about normal people. The Complex the Magic they use, The Complex the Magic Circle would be and the more Mana it would take. Now, I don't need Magic Circle to activate Magic because, It's my Skills. But, I can manually Make Magic Circle. Just to Impress more people. Let's do it. I stretch my hand to the side. I look at my Target which is around 100 Meter away from me. And then, I just make a lot of Complex Magic Circle. I can hear a lot of gasp on the back. Even the Examiner. And suddenly, A Crackle can be seen around that Magic Circle. "Lightning Magic?!" Everyone was shocked when seeing Lightning Magic. That's right, It's Rare for people to get that kind of magic and fortunately for me, I'm pretty special. "Gae Bolg." I grab the Lightning and it turn into a really fierce Lightning Spear. I spin my body and then Using that spin, I add more power to my Throwing power. I throw the Spear straight toward the Target. In an instant, It turn the Target into ashes. My Gae Bolg hit the ground and then, A Giant Ray of Lightning struck the Training Ground in a big Area. It turn everything on the Ground to Ashes and everyone can feel the Electricity running in the air. I look at the Examiner and muttered. "I passed right?" He just nodded. It's not hard for me to do another one if people not convinced by my power. After all, I have a LOT of Mana. Now that is done, I know I passed my Test. So, I go out of the Training Ground and go to the Second Training Ground. At this point, Those who passed the First Test, They're already going to the Second Test and probably on their way to the Third. As I arrived, There's actually no one there. Meaning, Either there's no one passes the test yet or they're already going to the third test. So, I go inside the Training Ground and there's a lot of Cheering. There's no one beside one person fighting an Examiner. The Examiner is an expert at Swords. He was a Veteran in War. I can see a lot of Badges in his Suit that he proudly wear. While his opponent is someone far weaker than him. The Examiner actually attack with the Intention to kill. And that pressure is enough to make the Examinee shuddered in fear. For me... This is interesting. And then, The Sound of Sword clashing can be heard. I saw a glint of metal flying on the air. And then, I look down. See the Veteran sword is on the Examinee Neck. "I lost..."  He said. The Examiner smiled and move back. He take his hand and pull him up. The Examinee bowed and go out. It's my time...
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