Chapter 78: Raid.

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After School Ended. Ruu and I go to the Abandoned Mineshaft. Ready to rumble. "Okay Ruu, our plan is to kill as much monster as we could so that I can get their soul and you can level up as much as possible. I want you to be the same as me." I said to her. Ruu agreed on the plan and said. "Yup. I don't want you to be all alone as High Human Tre. I will join you in the High Human Race. We may be the two person in that Race. But hey... Who cares if it's just the two of us right?" She get close to me and said that. I pat her head and said. "You're correct. The only thing we should care is your family. And ourselves." I said to her. She smiled. "Yup! Anyway Tre. Are you ready? Things is about to get crazy for you." She said. I nodded with confidence. "With you by myside. I feel unbeatable. Let's go!" I said excitedly. Both of us step inside the Abandoned Mineshaft. And we immediately greeted. By an Armored Gremlin. With proper weaponry as well. Their weapon is not slather in their poop anymore. It's a proper Poison. From the look of it. It's really potent... I can't let that hit Ruu or myself. "Humans..." The Gremlin talked. Which surprise both of us. "Ruu... This is bad isn't it?" I muttered to her with awkward smile. She nodded with awkward smile as well. "It's bad! But isn't it exciting?" She said. She's gone ahead and Activate her True Hero Form. "Hey Tre. Let's not waste any time." She said. Hearing that. I immediately activate my Dark Avenger Form. Our Aura fill the whole abandoned Shaft. The Gremlins, Without any hesitation. Just launched one of their many Spears toward us. They grab more spears and throw it again. It's just a barrage of Spears. "Hey Ruu. You're on Defense right?" I asked her. "Yup. I am on defense. Though, I don't think my power is great like you. Who is an X class." She joke around for a bit. I just chuckle. Don't worry Ruu. I will get you That same X Status. "It's a bit Easier if I just use Magic." She muttered. Go for it Ruu. Your Magic Control is even better than I am. And your Mana is much more bigger than me. Since I don't really practice Magic that much. "Fwuu...." Ruu focused her Mana in front of us. She Summon quite a big magic circle. But it's not that complex. And then she finished her magic. "Tempest." Suddenly, A Ball of Wind appear right in front of us and Every single Spears that the Gremlins throw toward Us was flowing around the Tempest. "Okay Tre. Attack please." She said. I see... If that your plan. Let's do it. "Tempest." Without any Hesitation. I use the Same Magic as Ruu. But the Difference is that. My Tempest Take Over Ruu Tempest. And with Longer Range. I can shoot back the Spears toward the Gremlins. The Spears launched itself really fast toward the Gremlins. And they were impaled by their own Spears on their head. No matter how good their armor look. A Shot to the head always killed them. Since Brain is the one controlling their ability. I look at Ruu and said. "Well. Easy enough. Your Level Raised? Mine does." I said. She nodded. "It rise into 75. I guess this Gremlin is really high level." She said. Oh 75? That's halfway. I only gain 10 Level from that. Also, Unlike Ruu who is even more Blessed than I am. In order to raise my Level. I need to fight stronger opponent. For the current me. Gremlin is just similar to an Orc. They're not the scariest thing but they're also pretty good for leveling. "Let's go deeper. Also, If you detect any more opponent. Just let me know." I said to Ruu. She nodded. She doesn't really need to but, If she did. It would be nice. We walked Deeper and Deeper to the Dungeon. We killed more and more Gremlins that attack us. At this point. We're at the end of the Shaft. It's all Dead end. And at this point, We already knew what's going on since we talk about it earlier. "Alright Ruu. Hang Tight. This Dispel Magic is going to make some sudden changes." I said to her. She nodded. I grab Dispel Magic for 500 Skill Points and Upgrade it to the Advance Level. Dispel Magic! I use Dispel Magic immediately. And the Illusion started to vibrate. We close our eyes and suddenly, Sound of Glass Breaking can be heard. And at that point. We realize that. We're in the Nest of the Gremlins. And In front of us. There's a Big Gate protected by the 3 Monster. But they're still far away. "Alright Ruu. Let's end this Gremlins lives immediately." I said that disturbing things to her. She nodded and both of us Grab our Soul Armament. Now... This is the First time I've seen Ruu use this particular technique. It's really strong! I was in Awe just from looking at it. "Manifest. Hero Technique: Sword of Light." It's a simple Technique. But the way she uses it. It's so... Beautiful. There's a lot of Yellow Aura around her. And then in that Aura. There's a lot of Light Sword that she made using her Aura. And because she's in her True Hero Form. It's become really strong. She let out her Skills. And a Lot of Sword of Light shoot out from inside the Portal. Hitting every single Gremlins on her side. "Wow... You're awesome." I muttered to myself. I decided to keep it to myself rather than telling her that. I turn around and Decided to kill them in an instant as well. "Vengeance Storm." I muttered that World. I readied My sword like it was my Flying Raven. And while I was preparing my Sword. A Bunch of Black Crimson Orb appear on the Sky. By I mean a bunch, There's Hundred of those around here. I swing my sword. And suddenly. The Orb started to shoot a bunch of Lasers. The heat from that attack instantly kill the Gremlins. I sheathed back my Dark Phantom Illusion and sighed. As expected... Vengeance Storm take a lot of Dark Avenger Energy. They didn't even have time to react. The Gremlins just dropped dead as soon as we arrived. We look at the Massive Gate that protect the Dungeon Core and the Master. And suddenly, We heard a Crawling Sound from the Side. And when we look to the Side. We see this massive Centipede with Black Scales, Yellow Legs and 7 Heads.
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