An agreement with the bad boy

opposites attract
kickass heroine
enimies to lovers

Alexis is pissed with being a doormat to every guy she dates. So with her best friend she devises a plan, to show all those boys that have treated her like s**t, that she's no longer the shy, little bookworm they think she is.

But what happens when the rules to her plans start to go out the window?

Will she be able to keeep her newly found confident exterior?

Ethan is the typical alpha male manwhore. No lovey dovey s**t for him please!

But what happens when the shy little bookworm has more to her than meets the eye?

Can he keep his bad boy persona?

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Lexi POV "Please Baby. Don't leave." I pleaded "Alexis, Just move!" He pushed me from out the doorway I was blocking. I grabbed his arm, trying to drag him back into the living room. "Come on Jason, we can talk this through, Do you wanna go upstairs and have s*x!" I was clutching at straws here. He turned toward me, putting his hands on my shoulders to keep me still. This is it, he's not going, he's going to stay. He bent to my eye level, staring into my piercing blue eyes. I puckered my lips, ready for the kiss I longed for. It never came. "I mean you're good Lexi, but the clingy desperation is a bit of a turn off." He let go of my shoulders and headed for the door. I stood, frozen to the spot, my lips still puckered as I heard the front door slam shut. The harsh bang pulled me back into reality. I backed up to the wall and slid down it, tears still cascading down my cheeks, the splatters of past tears evident on my baggy, green hoodie. I crouched against the wall for a good ten minutes before I could muster the strength to even move. Wiping the tears away with the back of my hands, I took a deep inhalation and dragged my fingers through my long, black hair. I reached into my hoodie pocket, pulling out my phone.  Scrolling down the contacts list, until I found my best friend's number through blurry eyes. There was only one person I wanted to talk to right now. Sophie. The phone only rang twice before she picked up. "Hey Lex." I couldn't answer, the tears had started again at the sound of her voice. I sniffed through my breaths, trying to get out what I wanted to say. Well this was going well. Sophie and I had been best friends for ten years now, so she was used to getting calls, just like this one about every six months. I heard a loud annoyed sigh on the other end of the phone. "Alright, sleepover it is then, I'll be around in about fifteen minutes." With that the call went dead, I dropped my mobile to the side of me and moved from my crouched position until I was sitting on my arse with my back resting against the wall. Right on time, fifteen minutes later Sophie let herself into the house with her spare key. "Lex, I'm here. Where are you hiding?" She shouted at the top of her lungs. Before I could answer she had found me, I looked up at her through my heartbroken, bloodshot eyes. She shook her head at me and let out an annoyed growl. "What happened this time, then?" "He said I was too clingy." I managed through a couple of sobs. "And were you? "A little." I cringed at the thought of how it all ended. "What do you mean by a little?" "Well I may have clung onto his arm to stop him from leaving and..." She gestured her hand as if to say 'go on'  "And I may have offered him s*x as an incentive to stay."  Ok, maybe not my finest moment. She shook her head, with a little smirk on her face. "If in doubt, w***e yourself out." She giggled a little when she said it. "I suppose you told him you loved him too?" "I did that a couple of weeks ago." "Lex, you'd only been dating a month." She said disapprovingly. I didn't see the problem. "Well I'm sorry if I get so emotional, It would be nice if I could turn my feelings on and off, like you." A Lightbulb went off in my head at that moment. I looked into her green eyes, giving her the sweetest smile I could possibly find. She snorted at me. "Ok Lex." She shook her head, laughing, until she saw the pleading look on my face. "Oh my f*****g God, You're not Joking?!" She choked out. "So let me get this right, to get over your latest worthless piece of s**t boyfriend, you want me to turn you into an emotionless, heartless b***h? Am I getting this right?!" I nodded vigorously at her with a massive grin plastered all over her face. Sophie is my best friend, no more than that she's my sister, my rock, my family.  As soon as I turned sixteen my dad told me that I was old enough to look after myself, I'm an adult now and had to get used to taking care of myself. He left me his bank card, pin code and a life of freedom. Or loneliness (however you want to look at it.) That was two years ago now, he stops in once a week to check I'm not dead and then the very next day he's disappeared like a puff of smoke to whichever country his company has sent him to next. Don't get me wrong I have a comfortable life, he provides for me. (Yes I am that typical rich girl that gets whatever she wants, because daddy isn't around enough to show her love.) But f**k me is it boring. I'm not a partying kind of girl, can't stand the people that I go to school with and would rather stay in watching a movie or reading a book. Sophie comes round whenever she can, but she actually enjoys the social part of life. No let me rephrase that she likes boys, she likes the social part of life that includes hot guys. The other side of the socialising she hates, everyone at school thinks she's just an emotionless b***h who sleeps around. But to me she's my Sophie. Although with all the pacing around the room she's doing at the moment she looks like my 'Are you completely f*****g mental, Lex' Sophie. "NO. No Way. No How. Not going to happen. Are you crazy? Have you misplaced any sort of sanity you may have left. You have too many emotions, you wouldn't be able to control them." She looked to see me giving her my best puppy dog eyes. And started pacing again.  "I just want to show Jason he hasn't got to me, If I show up to school after the holidays and he's there with his newest girlfriend, I'll breakdown, I know I will. I need you to show me how to be cool, calm and collected. I need to show him what he's really missing." "No, you need to show him what he's never gonna get back!" She said with a wicked smirk. "So you'll do it.? You'll help me?" "I suppose, but the minute you think you're out of your league or uncomfortable with anything, you have to tell me. And we'll pull the plug. Got it?!" She crouched down, putting her forehead against mine with my face cupped in her hands. "You're my sister Lexi, You know I'll do anything for you and if anyone hurts you I'll help you bring them down too." She suddenly stood up, pulling her phone from the back pocket of her faded, grey skinny jeans, skimming through her contacts, before tapping the screen and putting the phone to her ear. She started pacing again, playing with the bottom of her lacy vest. "Hey, What you up to?"  I furrowed my brow at her mouthing the word 'Who?' at her. She put up her index finger to tell me to wait. "So you must be bored then, Huh?...Do you fancy a little project?...No not for school, idiot...It may take up quite a bit of your time, but it'll be worth it...Well it involves f*****g over Jason Coleman...Haha, thought you might say that...So you think you could spare the time...I'll text you the address...See you Soon Sweets." "Who was that?" She tapped the side of her nose with her finger. "Soph." I said in the most annoying, whiny voice I could make. While she tapped out what I can only presume to be my address on her phone. "Reinforcements." She looked me up and down, in a sympathetic kind of way. "We're definitely going to need them." After about forty five minutes of sitting around, waiting for Sophie's mysterious little helper to turn up, the door bell finally rang. I started to rise, but was stopped by a very eager Sophie, who was pushing me back down by her very insistent hand on the top of my head. "Nope, you stay there. I'll get it." She skipped towards the door. I heard the door open and the muffled voices of Sophie and... a guy? After about five minutes they emerged Sophie leant against the living room doorframe with her arms crossed over her ribs and a smug grin plastered on her face. Standing next to her was her mysterious not so little helper. I started to look up, my eyes working my way up from his black biker boots, trailing up from his black skinny jeans until I could see his perfectly toned six pack straining the material of his white t-shirt, before landing on that oh, so perfect face with his dark brown falling messily just above his ears as he ran his fingers through it. It was the s*x god himself. I hope I wasn't drooling. "Oh, Hell No!" Well that's not a great start.

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