Diablo (Sabers MC Book 2)

enimies to lovers

Gabby was a distraction Diablo didn’t need in his life. As president of the Sabers MC Diablo had more important things to worry about than the damaged lioness with the sad eyes and the sharp tongue.

But his animal had a soft spot for her that couldn’t be denied.

He couldn’t let Gabby get under his skin and into heart , not when he was pretty sure she was in love with another man.

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Chapter One
Diablo Women. There were too many women in my club house. And not just club girls either. Those I could handle. They kept themselves readily available but in the shadows at the same time. No, the club girls were fine . It was the others I had a problem with. My sister of course had always been about. She knew the score and she had only dropped in for parties or to rip me a new one. Had…. That of course was before Jett, the last person anyone ever expected to settle down had found Harper. The sweetest, kindest human woman anyone could ever imagine. I liked Harper. But she wasn’t really made for this life. She blushed at the nudity, at the teasing and just in general. Harper and Sarah had rapidly became best friends, which meant my sister was here because Harper was. She was too good to be part of all this and she was most definitely too good to be Jetts old lady. He did worship her though, I admitted to myself. Sometimes it was almost painful to see the love in his eyes. And then there was my sister and the way she made moon eyes at Bat. He made them right back when he thought I wasn’t looking. I was pretty sure nothing had actually happened between them but I wasn’t blind. No matter what my club thought. Watching my sister through the open door way as she threw back her head and laughed at something Harper had said, I frowned. They had even taken over my kitchen. The one place I could go to actually relax. Well one of two places. The bedroom was the other. But even bedding a pretty girl didn’t have the same pull it used to. And I was pretty sure it was because there were too many damn females in my club house and none of them was any interest to me at all. I needed some fresh faces. My eyes moved over my sisters shoulder. Her. She didn’t belong here either. Probably even less than Harper did. Gabrielle The only reason she was here to begin with was because I owed Grey a favour. I hadn’t and didn’t need a nurse and I most definitely didn’t need her disapproving eyes any time I tried to get it on with someone. It was Gabrielle and her judging eyes that were stopping me having any fun at all. “What’s eating you?” I snapped back , my eyes falling on my friend and number two. He wasn’t looking at me though, his eyes were fixed on the open kitchen door. On my sister. Shaking my head I mumbled. “Too many damn women.” Under my breath. “The women bothering you?” He c****d his head. His gaze steady and for a second I almost told him that I knew he had feelings for my sister. I couldn’t do that though. That would make it real and I would have to warn him away. Force him to stay away if it came to it. Easier just to let him look when he thought I wasn’t watching. “They are everywhere,” I shook my head, dragging my eyes from the kitchen where they were giggling and making a total mess. Well Gabrielle wasn’t giggling. She never did. Bat laughed, “That isn’t a bad thing brother. They are nice to look at it.” I chuckled. Because that’s what I was meant to do and not because I found it funny. “Sure if you like that type of thing?” “Since when has a pretty girl not been your thing?” Jett flopped down next to Bat, lifting his muddy boots on to the table in front of them. “Since one is my sister and one is your mate. Or are you suddenly ok with sharing brother?” Jetts face darkened as I knew it would. “No.” He said each word slowly. “No, not ever.” “There you go then.” “There’s always Gabrielle.” Bats voice was teasing. And I glanced back into the kitchen. Gabrielle. The mousy lionless lioness. My nurse and the biggest pain in my ass right now. “I don’t think so.” I said tearing my eyes away. “Not my type at all.” That was the truth she wasn’t my type. Her very existence made me slightly uneasy. The glaring hole where her animal used to be was like a chasm. Or a black hole, it seemed to suck the life out of me. Gabrielle freaked me out. And she hated me as much as I loathed her. She was here just because I owed her brother. And that was all. “We need to get out of here. I need to let loose a little.” Standing I stretched, and my back cracked loudly. Gabrielle even from her place in the kitchen heard it and her eyes narrowed. She even opened her mouth to say something. Damn it what was with this woman? I shot her a look,putting the full weight of my Alpha status behind it and her eyes lowered almost instantly. At least she knew her place there which was more that could be said about my sister who was eyeing my openly. A frown on her face as she glanced between me and the now cowed Lioness. “Stop being an asshole Diablo.” She called from the kitchen. In answer I flicked her the bird. My other hand grabbing at the nearest club girl. It didn’t matter who it was. I just needed release. “Come.” I said in a growl. Yeah that is exactly what I needed. To be balls deep in a warm p***y and forget Gabrielle’s judgement filled eyes. The girl fell into my lap with a loud giggle. Her lips already reaching for mine. I moved my chin away , pushing her head into the crook of my neck and her little mouth went to work straight away. I didn’t want her to kiss me, I didn’t even want to know her name. “And on that note.” Jett stood, “we are going.” Distantly I heard him call Harper’s name. “Me, Gabby and Sarah are heading into town anyway.” She called back and I didn’t need to look at her to know she was blushing. I don’t even know what made my eyes as I fisted the girl’s ponytail but as soon as I did I regretted it. Gabrielle . Well her back anyway as she followed the others out of the back door. Gabrielle walking away from me in disgust. “You are a fool.” Bat chuckled to himself. “Stupid pig headed tiger.” At least now there were three less females in my club house and I might, just might be able to enjoy the pleasure the woman who was kissing her way down my body was offering. Even if it wasn’t her face I saw when I closed my eyes.

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