3. Home sweet home

1060 Words
Arriving at my parent's home, I parked my car in the garage. After the accident the garage was only occupied by my mother's car. Keeping in mind, I need to sell the car, as I didn't want to do the maintenance side of it. My head was still pounding caused by to much crying. At four in the afternoon, the weather was still pretty sunny. Taking a deep breath, I looked out at their manicured garden, and I realised that I had missed the view. The big tree, with a small wooden swing hanging on a branch. I remembered those days, when I spent the whole morning reading books on the swing, or just resting my back on the tree trunk, crossing my legs on the grass just watching as mom tended the flowerbeds. God, it had been one week since the accident. I hadn't done anything about my parent's property. I need to sell it, mom's car, the house, furniture. I really need to sorted out all the stuff. Their two storey, four bedroom house was definitely too big for me. Too many corners for the unknown. I'd rather live in an apartment or a flat. I moved out of their house after I graduated from college, I found an apartment right away. I just needed to feel independent, so I moved not too far away from mom and dad's . I still came home for family dinner at least two times a week. Remembering those times still hurt. Wishing I never left the house, and spent more time with them before their untimely deaths. Their house was also their business place, where they held their meetings and discussion with their clients. Having the ability to see the dead, my mother embraced the gift. Together with my father they opened a detective agency, for mainly missing person cases. Sometimes even helped cops with their unsolved cases. Opening the front door, I was greeted by the silence. It was quite deafening actually. Flicking on all the lights, I walked through the living room. It was almost dark outside, so I decided to go to the kitchen and made dinner. Note to self, I needed to clean out the fridge, and all the perishable food tomorrow. I intended to sell the place by next week. To do so, I needed to make piles of to go, to sell and to donate. Needed to contact the real estate agent, and discuss the asking price and further paperwork. On that note, I remembered that I didn't have the deed to the house. Searching in my bag I found Aiden's card, then started typing his number straight away. I don't know why I felt like it couldn't wait until tomorrow. Waiting for the line to connect, I gripped the home phone closely. "Yes Hello" Aiden answered on the other end of the line. His deep voice somehow surprised me. I guess I didn't notice that when we were dealing with the paperwork this morning. Or I was probably too taken aback by his appearance. His expensive suit obviously couldn't hide his tall and muscular frame. "Hi Aiden? It's me Lisa. Lisa Marsden." I said a bit nervous on the phone. "Yes Lisa, how can I help you?" He said sounding confused and worried. I hesitated, I should've waited 'til tomorrow, to sort out the paperwork for the house. Now I must sound needy to him. But then again, why would I mind what he might think? "Lisa?... are you okay? Are you at your parent's house?" He asked, sounding really worried now. "Yes, Aiden.. I'm at my parent's, how do you know?" I was babbling by this time. Even forgot what I was calling him for, in the first place. "The home number it's on my mobile contact number, I saw it just now. Anyway, are you sure you're okay? You sounded off." He said in his soothing voice. Then I saw it... The dark shadow I almost forgot about. It started in the corner of the living room just by the stairs. And then I just screamed! It came back to me, all the nightmares, all the sleepless night it was all coming back at once. Then it went blank. I woke up on the sofa, with Aiden's chest behind me. He seemed to embraced me. Didn't know how that happened but it feel so right. "Aiden, what happened? What are you doing here?" I sounded defensive, because I was embarrassed. "Shhh Lisa..it's okay, just lay back." Aiden said with his deep comforting voice. "I've been here previously when Mark and Emily assist me. I mean when we work together." He hastily said. "And when you scream, I kept on calling your name but you didn't reply. So I just drove here right away." He explained, while rubbing my arms, trying to calm my nerves. The mentioned of my parent's name, made me miss them at this very moment. I really needed their help right now. This shadow, my mom said it was an entity that tried to communicate with me, and would only wanted to speak to me. Mom tried to, but it just disappeared whenever she tried to communicate with it. I hadn't thought of it until now. And now, I had to tell Aiden the truth. This was where all the men in my life, would slowly retracted themselves from me. I tried to closed my eyes and rest in Aiden's warmth. Not long until he said "It's okay Lisa, you don't have to explained at this very moment. I'm just going to make you some coffee, or do you prefer stronger drink?" He asked. Letting me out of his embrace, he walked to the kitchen. Suddenly I missed his warmth, against my body. "And maybe dinner? It looked like you're trying to make it. You want me to finish making it up? Or should we order pizza or chinese instead?" He said while looking at me. Standing in the kitchen, he stood tall. He was not wearing the suit and tie. He looked relaxed, wearing his work shirt with each sleeves rolled to his elbow, showing off his manly hands. Why am I even thinking about this? I smiled at him, and at the image of my parent's home sweet home. It was always more lively, in the kitchen.                                  
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