2. Not as expected

791 Words
Aiden's POV The Marsden, that was the first client meeting of the day. It was a very tragic thing that happened to them. The police said that the husband lost control of the car and crashed against the road barrier, then went over the cliff. None survived. Kate, my secretary, had already set up the appointment for the meeting. Ms. Lisa Marsden will be here shortly. Sitting in my chair, I still need to sort out paperwork for my other clients. Minutes later, I heard a knock on the door. Then Kate announced Ms. Marsden's arrival. I was on my feet and greeted her. She was beautiful. No strike that. She was extremely gorgeous. She was tall and had curves in all the right places. Dressed in very fitting black pants, black top and leather jacket that fit like a glove, curving her breasts and waist. She was not usually my type. I was more of slim, petite brunette and more manicured appearance like my previous wife, Natalie. Wait..why I'm judging her appearance? She's grieving, you need to back down.. I said to myself while trying to calm down. It was not easy with my other half down there, that started to stretched my front already. Ms. Marsden looked at me, and gave a little smile. Still pale and puffy around the eye. She must really have loved her parents. She was holding on to the cross band of her leather sling bag on the left. She politely reached, as I offered her my handshake as a greeting. Her boots grounded her feet steadily. Oh god... Why can I meet this kind of woman at a bar? Instead of here, as a daughter to the deceased client. She sat down on the chair, infront of my desk I began the conversation. "Look Ms. Marsden .." I started speaking, "Lisa...call me Lisa, I'm sure we can loose the formality now that you know more about my family, than anyone else." She told me. Feeling glad, that she was comfortable enough to carry on the conversation about her parents I said with a smile, "Well then, you should call me Aiden." I wondered, how would it sound in the bedroom. Her calling my name, moaning my name as I got her higher and higher to her climax. What! Enough...I really need to focus. I started the conversation again, "Look Lisa.. I know it's a lot to process right now, but I want you to know that your parents loved you very much, and they wanted you have a settled future in the event of their death." Then I got up from my chair and I moved to the vacant chair, next to her's and facing her. I really don't know why I did this, but seeing her eyes start to water really moved me. So I sat on the chair next to her, looked into her eyes, like we have known each other for years. It hurt to loose someone when you least expected. I know that first hand. It had taken me quite a while, to cope with the guilt. The why and the how. But then I managed, and dug myself out and cope with the lost. I gently tapped her palm, for assurance, "Shh..Lisa I'm sure your parents would like you to be strong. I have met them before, and they spoke very highly of you.. how you're their only child, and they wanted you to be able to stand on your own should anything happen to them. Hence, the will they composed with me in this office a couple of months ago." I went on explaining to her about her parent's Will, and documents that had to be sorted out. We managed to finish all the paperwork. Then I said as she was leaving .. "Lisa, you have my number, you can call me should you need further assistance. I owe a lot to your parents. Just call me... okay? It'll ease my mind." In the back of my mind I was shocked, I never offered this to my previous clients. I usually said they could call back, and then Kate would arrange another meeting depending on my business schedule. Why would I have told her about being indebted to her parents. This was the one thing that I didn't want to be brought up again. Ever! But she just shook my hand, while nodding and saying goodbye to me. Watching her walkout of my office, was a sight that will haunt me tonight. Her hips covered in those very tight pants. The way she swayed her hips while walking, I was sure it would leave trail of men behind. She was tall and curvy, and not as expected.                          
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