2 Let Me Go!

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Kristi didn't know how to answer his question, so she chose to say nothing.   Victoria couldn't believe what she heard, and she said, "Mr. Black, this psycho is ugly. She wouldn't dare to pollute your field of vision. Furthermore, she made me slip, and I got my feet wet!"   Ray frowned as he looked deep into Kristi's eyes.   Finally, he turned to Victoria and said, "You are right. She is ugly. Such a woman does not deserve to live."   Kristi's mouth twitched as Ray's prickly words struck her mercilessly.   Victoria's eyes lit up, and she looked at Ray with a heart filled with hope. "Do you think the same?" she asked.   Ray laughed, "Of course," he replied. "Some people aren't even suitable for picking up trash in places like here – because they themselves are trash!"   The more Victoria listened to the mean things that Ray had to say about Kristi, the happier she felt, and she said to Kristi, "Did you hear that? You are worthless. Now kneel and apologize."   Before she could, though, Ray shook Kristi off aside and scolded, "Enough! f**k off!"   "That's right!" Victoria added. "For the sake of Mr. Black, I will forgive you this time. But you had better get this place extra clean, or he might not be so lenient next time!"   Once the words were out of her mouth, she took Ray's arm and led him directly to the box that she'd reserved for them.   When the crowd saw that the drama had come to an end, they lost interest in Kristi and returned to their previous conversations. Now that Kristi was no longer the center of attention, she returned to her work. Unexpectedly, when she came to clean outside of the room, she heard Victoria and Ray's voice.   Victoria moaned, "Ah ... Mr. Black, harder, harder ..."   "You like that, don't you," Ray laughed. "You dirty girl!"   "I am a dirty girl," Victoria cooed. And then Kristi heard a noise that sounded like someone receiving a spanking.   Gross – she thought, and she found somewhere to stay until they were done, which was about thirty minutes later.   Victoria pushed open the door and came out of the box. Her hair was messy. Her clothes were disheveled. Her cheeks were pink, and there was no doubt in Kristi's mind what they had been up to.   So gross – Kristi thought, for the second time – that girl is shameless!   When Victoria saw Kristi, she shouted at her, "b***h, get over here!"   Kristi sighed as she turned her head, and in a quiet voice, she said, "Miss Greer, may I ask you ..."   Before her words were finished, Victoria rushed over to Kristi, grabbed her hair, and spit in her face, "Nobody wants to see your ugly face!" she sneered. "You are nothing but trash. Go clean the toilets - all of them!"   And as she said those last three words, Victoria pushed Kristi backward and made the back of her head hit the wall.   Kristi fell to the ground in dizzy. After a minute, seeing that she hadn't moved, Victoria kicked her and shouted at her, "What are you waiting for? If you want to keep your job, you'd better move your ass, b***h!"   Hearing her words, Kristi got up from the ground slowly. "I'll do it now," she said.   As she took off in the direction of the washrooms, Victoria cursed after her, calling her a slut and threatening to beat her up in the future – and for the rest of the day, Victoria followed her around, bullying her and making her life miserable.   Whenever Kristi finished cleaning something, Victoria would be there to critique her work, and even if it were 100% clean, Victoria would yell at her about imaginary blemishes.   "Do you think here is clean? This is a toilet. People can't sit on it if it is filthy! Clean it over!"   Then, when it was time for Kristi to have dinner, Victoria practically clawed her eyes out. "Who told you that you could eat?" she hissed. "Not on my watch, you can't! You need to clean all of the dishes in the club before you are eligible to eat!"   Several times, Kristi felt like she was going to pass out, but when she thought about how hard it would be to find a new job, she found the strength to carry on.   In the evening, when Kristi thought that she would finally get some rest, Victoria stopped in front of her again and said, "Next, you need to mop the entire club, and then you can go to sleep. The Diamond Club wouldn't hire useless people. You should know that by now!"   When Kristi heard what Victoria had said, she was stunned and her face turned pale. "I-'ve already do-done it," she stammered."   "Nonsense," Victoria said. "That was hours ago. There have been guests coming and going all day, so the ground is dirty again. If you want to keep your job, you will do it without complaining!"   Kristi pursed her dry lips and opened her mouth but remained silent. She knew that Victoria was right.   Suddenly, a cold voice emerged from behind.   It was Ray's voice, and he said, "You, come in."   Kristi and Victoria looked back at the same time, and they saw Ray's towering figure. Upon hearing his words, Victoria's eyes lit up, and she quickly walked over and took his hand.   She pretended to be charming, and in her sexiest voice, she said, "Mr. Black, I know that you don't want to leave me, I'm coming."   Kristi slowly lowered her head and prepared to leave.   However, Ray shook off Victoria's hand, "f**k off!" His dark eyes fell on Kristi, "I was asking you to come in! Are you deaf?"   Kristi's body suddenly stiffened.   She was shocked, and there was fear in her eyes. "M-Mr. B-Black ..." she stammered, feeling like she had been slapped in the face.   Kristi raised her head in embarrassment. She wanted to speak, but when she met Ray's cold, hard eyes, she trembled, and the words refused to come.   Victoria didn't dare to offend this man, so all she could do was glare at Kristi. I will get you for this! – a voice in her mind declared, and then she stormed off in a huff.   Ray looked Kristi up and down, smiled – like a shark or a Cheshire Cat – and said, "Come here."   Kristi felt her body shrink inwards under the harsh glare of his eyes, and she stepped backward in subconscious horror.   However, her act seemed to annoy Ray, and with a brutal look in his eyes, he walked over and grabbed her arm, and he forced her into the box.   Kristi hadn't had time to react, so she was caught off guard when he pressed her against the door.   Ray's body was close to hers. One hand pressed against the door panel, and the other lifted her jaw. There was a hint of anger hidden in his low tone, "Kristina Zuniga, are you afraid of me, or are you hiding from me? I asked you once already, and I don't want to ask again."   Ray's warm breath hit Kristi's face, and his beautiful face was close to hers. Kristi had some difficulty breathing.   After a while, she found her voice and said, "Ray Black, please let me go!" Her voice sounded weak, flat, and powerless to her ears.   "Do you want me to leave you alone?" Ray asked her, but before she could answer, he used the hand that was holding her chin to rub her lower lip ambiguously. A numb feeling suddenly struck her, and she began to tremble all over. Her heart beat nervously, and she started to panic. "Don't..." she groaned.  
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