3 You Makes Me Sick!

1271 Words
"Do you have feelings when I touch you?" Ray asked in surprise, and then he laughed. "Do you want me to kiss you?"   Kristi wanted to deny it, but she was afraid to say so. She was overwhelmed by Ray's strong breath. She felt frightened and embarrassed, and she wanted to escape. Even now, though, when it seemed that worse had come to worst, she could not forget the fact that she had once loved this man deeply.   Ray sneered, and when he spoke, she could hear the bitter hatred in his voice, and he proceeded to humiliate her mercilessly.   "Kristina," he said, "Isn't it funny how, after all these years, you still fancy me. But are you qualified to be my lover? That is the question, isn't it?"   Kristi tried to get away from Ray, but he held her firmly against the door. "I should be blamed for Lucia's death," she blurted out. "It was all my fault. Please, let me go..."   Ray sneered. This was the first time that he had heard Kristi confess that she was responsible for Lucia's death. These were the words that Ray had been waiting to hear for many years.   "Kristina, you finally admit your wrongdoing," he sighed. "I am pleasantly surprised…" However, when he listened to her admission, he felt uncomfortable about it for some reason that he couldn't identify, and that was disconcerting to him.   "Yes, I admit it. Now can you please let me go?" Kristi didn't want to resist anymore, and she thought that if she took everything on herself, then her parents would be alive again, and they would not have to have been killed in a car accident. Everything is my fault – she thought to herself – and I deserve whatever happens to me. But what if it can all be undone...   Unfortunately, Ray didn't want to let her go. And even if he did, she couldn't leave anyway. After all, the brother of her friend, Beth, was still in the hospital, waiting for her to raise enough money to save his life.   "You want me to let you go?" Ray laughed, and he spat in Kristi's face. "You wish! Psycho-b***h! You can rest assured, though, that I will not let you die. Not yet, at least. That is because I plan on slowly torturing you, and for a very long time."   Kristi shivered, and her skin broke out in gooseflesh. Does he really hate me this much – she asked herself – He must. Otherwise, why would he be treating me this way?   After a while, she forced her eyes to meet his. She asked him what he wanted, and in a low voice, he answered, "Don't you want money?"   "Of course," Kristi replied. "Otherwise, why would I be here?"   "I want you to handle some public relations," he said. "That is what I want. If you do it, you'll get money, and we'll both get what we want." His words mocked her. "Aren't you willing to do anything for money – to save the life of your friend's little brother?"   Kristi clenched her lips together tightly. Her nails pierced the palms of her hands, and her eyes glazed over. She had no idea how he knew about her situation, and she definitely didn't think that he could use it to threaten her.   There was a moment of silence that seemed to stretch on forever until, finally, Kristi forced herself to smile, and she said, "Since Mr. Black is willing to give me this opportunity, I accept it with gratitude."   Kristi knew that Ray would not let her go until she'd agreed to his condition, which was why she had caved into his demands so quickly – and if she could earn some extra money while she was handling some public relations for him, so much the better. As of yet, though, she still didn't know what the job entailed…   Upon hearing her answer, Ray's pupils twitched. His face went blue, and he reached out and grabbed Kristi's neck. He looked at her with disgust and anger in his eyes. "b***h," he hissed. "You are a disgusting, depraved girl!" Ray wanted to kill Kristi a hundred times over. "Just looking at you makes me sick!"   Kristi's heart tighten. Not knowing what else to do, she lifted her hand, grabbed Ray's hand, and tried to pry it away. He was too strong, though, and she began to cry. And when Kristi's tears touched Ray's hand, he flinched and pulled it away, as if he'd been burned.   Now that Kristi was free, she collapsed to the ground, grasping her neck and choking. Ray's scarlet eyes stared at her violently. His gaze was as sharp as blades. "Get out!" he mumbled.   Kristi got up from the ground, opened the door, and took off as quickly as she could. Run! – her mind ordered her - Before he changes his mind!   Kristi ran out of the box and returned to the small warehouse room that had been arranged for her by the club.   With the door closed and locked behind her, she was overwhelmed by an enormous sense of sadness. She sat down on the floor with her back to the wall, and her mind was drawn back to the asylum.   It had only been a month since her release. The doctor had told her that she was "cured," and she'd been let back into the world.   Kristi had been in the institution for two years. Her parents had died in a car accident, and her family's company went bankrupt.   Ray had been the love of her life, then, and he had been the one that had her committed. She hadn't been crazy, though. She had just been very sad. Thankfully, even though being in the asylum had been a literal torturous experience for her, it had not driven her insane, as it had done for so many other people that had met there - people who had been committed against their will, without a just cause.   After being released from the hospital, Kristi took a taxi from the asylum and returned to her home. When she arrived at her destination, she got out of the car. After giving the driver a twenty-dollar bill, she accepted the change and watched the car drive away.   Kristi put the change in her pocket. She didn't have much money and she needed more, so she didn't want to waste the money she had.   As Kristi walked up to her house, she realized that some things were wrong, and when she was just about at the door, her aunt, Diana Jessup, approached her from the garden where her beloved uncle Usman was standing.   "Kristina, why are you here?" her aunt asked. The woman looked like she had seen a ghost. She had a grim expression on her face and she was clearly terrified. "You are a jinx! How dare you come here? This house is my home now! Go away!"   Kristi frowned and said, "So it was you and my uncle took everything away from my family, right?" Kristi glared at her aunt and uncle, and she felt hatred rise up in her heart.   I should have seen this coming! – she told herself. Diana Jessup had initially wanted to marry Kristi's dad, and she had even drugged her father to have a relationship with him, and then she became his mistress. However, even after she gave birth to Lucia, her father refused to marry her.   Her father cared more about Kristi's mother than her sister, Diana, so Diana hooked up with his brother, Usman Zuniga. Now it appeared that, after her parents' car accident, they had taken everything from her family.      
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