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Loneliness, pain, pain. Is all I grew up with. I wipe my tears as I put back my mother's picture on the coffee table. Startled by the voice that shouts. " You f*****g w***e, where did you put it!" That's my sister, Alice. I can hear her growls and snarls coming from her bedroom upstairs. My name is Amara Adamson, I am sixteen years old. I'm 5'9ft, with raven hair that touch my lower back, grey eyes, full lips, snow fair skin tone, and a slim, perfectly curved body. I live in the Royal city ruled by werewolf King Rayan Altamonte and Queen Lucille Lavigne Altamonte. They are very powerful, kind, and fair leaders. I was adopted into the Adamson family when I was two years old after they found me in the ruins of a packhouse in Australia. The Adamson family are prominent members of society and are very rich, the patriarch of the family works in the bureaucracy. It is a high official office in the city and works closely with the king's council. Everything was alright and I lived happily until my adopted mother, Clara was killed. She was everything a mother should be, Beautiful, kind, and charismatic, she spent most of her time here at home, taking care of us. Four years ago, one day, I was playing with my little sister Lulu; she was five and I was twelve. We wandered far from home and out of the city border somehow. It was dark when we decided to go home but suddenly stopped when we heard whispering and arguments nearby. I placed an index finger on my sister's lips to signal silence. There were a group of people arguing. six were rogues, I could tell by their scents and three were handsome vampires. Their eyes were ruby and their skin was white. Sensing us, one said " As young pups in a pack, don't they teach you how to control your heartbeat in times like this? I heard you the moment you came," They all turned to us, I swallowed thickly as my breath hitched. I gripped my sister's hand while backing away. " Sorry, we- we- were lost," I stuttered. " Well, well, well, boys look what we have here. I already see millions," one of the rogues muttered with a mischievous glint on his scary face. " Or blood, my wolf has been craving flesh lately," Another added, I felt my eyes pool with tears. Rogues have no control over their animal instincts and hence can eat flesh. While the rogues debated on what to do with us, either kill or hold us as captives for a ransom, the vampires were calmly watching with bored expressions on their sharp-featured faces. My little sister was crying for good now. " We can make a lot of cash," " I want their blood," As one spoke, he began to approach us with a grin but before he could grab me, a cold calm tone said. " Enough, you're scaring them," My neck snapped to the vampire who spoke, he was tall and handsome, with brown to almost black hair and sharp features that made him look like an angel in my twelve-year-old mind. " Prince Aiden, the kids have to die, they might tell others that we were talking," the rogue said In anger. The vampire narrowed his gaze and walked toward him stealthily. His moves were calculative as he grabbed the rogue by the neck. With ease, he lifted him in the air and choked the life out of him. I hugged Lulu and covered my eyes as I heard a snap and a loud thud. Growls erupted and I opened my eyes. " I said you are not harming them," the vampire's voice was still calm but firm, his gaze was on me and when he smiled, I could see his fangs but he looked very handsome still, a twinkle of gold flashing in his eyes. " Can-can you let us go, please?" I ask timidly, tears streaming down my face. " Sure, she can go but wouldn't you want to come with me, Princess?" he asks gently. I looked down at my terrified sister and shook my head negatively. She was holding me tightly and crying loudly. " I want, mummy," Lulu croaked, holding me tighter and crying loudly. " Okay, little kitten, go. I'll see you in a few years," the vampire smiled and kissed my hair, before we could move, four guards and my mother showed up. " Stay away from my children!" Mom growled, she tried to run to us but a guard held her arm. What happened next was so fast, my sister got out of my grasp somehow and ran towards mom but a rogue jumped on her and mum shapeshifted. Loud growls resonated and a vicious fight broke out, our guards pounced on the rogues immediately, fur and growls filled the area. "MOM! LULU!" I screamed, trying to go to them but the vampire held my wrist. His hold was not hurting but I couldn't get out of it either. " I won't harm you," he cooed as two men came to his side. " We have to leave, clearly these rogues are f*****g idiots!" the blonde vampire shouted. He looked angry. " What's your name?" I heard the vampire ask. Even in the middle of a harsh fight, he was composed, I squirmed to get out of his arms, I could care less about him. My mind was on my mother who was fighting a rogue, she looked injured and it made me cry loudly. I felt the vampire place a kiss on my hair one more time before disappearing. All the rogues were dead, it was a bloody sight. " Did the vampires kill some?" I heard one of our drivers ask. I smiled at my mother when she looked at me, but it faltered when she fell to the ground and shifted back " Mom!" my voice quivered as I raced towards her and knelt beside her. She was bleeding, badly. " Call paramedics, now," Jared, the head guard ordered I felt strong arms lift me from the ground, they were taking me away from my mother while I kicked and screamed to be released. I needed to be with her. " Put pressure on the wound," "It's a silver dagger," The voices were distant, I couldn't hear over my wailing and begging her not to die. Through blurred eyes, I realized a female guard was holding me from behind while another held my sister's arm. A few minutes later, paramedics arrived and she was taken to the hospital. My mother fought for her life and at one point fell into a coma, we visited her daily at the hospital and she wouldn't stop smiling while I cried and blame myself but she told me not to, it wasn't my fault and that I should be strong. My mother died two weeks later and everything changed. My family hated and blamed me for her death. At first, they would just abuse me verbally, and every small thing I did would resulted in harsh punishment but I didn't think much of us, as time went by, it came to blows and kicks. They denied me meals at times and the loneliness in my heart was so much for me to bear and I started hurting myself, if I bled, I felt better. I tried to end my life several times but my wolf, Rhudo healed me, unlike me, she's a fighter and intents to keep the promise I made to my mother.
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