267 Words
Intro I'm shaking and crying while curled up in a ball, the only thing surrounding me is loneliness other than the room full of dark furniture. It is full of horror just like my life. My heart suddenly accelerates knowing that he is back, is he drunk again? What will he do this time? Beat or r**e me? I barely have any strength left in me, I can't take it anymore and my body is too damaged to fight. I've been broken and abused. The door swings open and I jump at the sound. He reeks of alcohol. He smiles once he turns on the light and notices me. A whimper escapes my lips as I try to back away but there's no more room as my back hits the wall. " There's my little w***e," he sneers. I shake my head repeatedly while tears stream down my face. He smiles, enjoying the terror he's causing. " Please let me go," I cry. He grabs me by my arms harshly and pushes me onto the bed. He hovers over me and forcibly starts to kiss me while I struggle even though I'm no march for his strength. Suddenly the door is kicked open and we both turn to it. I almost sighed in relief when I realize it was the mate that clearly said didn't want me. His eyes are red with anger, and growls are erupting from somewhere within him. " Ahyan," I croak as darkness envelopes me. Dear readers, I'll start updating this story on April 10th, but for now, add it to your library.
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