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"I George Alfred, reject you Natalie Stephens as my mate. From now onwards you're not going to utter a word to anyone about us being mates and you're free to look for your mate....."

Suffering from rejection, Natalie runs away from her pack and becomes a rogue. On joining another pack her past starts haunting her with George, the Alpha who rejected her fighting to have her back.

However, another Alpha has claimed her as his mate.

In the confusion a war breaks out pitting his new mate against her own brother.

Is this the perfect opportunity to exact revenge on the Alpha George who broke her heart? Will she abandon her brother and support her mate?

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NATALIE “I George Alfred, the Alpha of the Two Hills Pack reject you Natalie Stephens as my mate. From now onwards you're not going to utter a word to anyone about us being mates and you're free to look for your mate.....” These are the kind of reflections that keep on flowing in my mind even as I run towards the Pack borders. I can't imagine that someone who's supposed to accept and protect me has just rejected me and freed me to do as I wish and to make the matters worse, he has forbidden me from telling anyone about him being my mate! My name is Natalie Stephens, 14 years of age, and until recently, I was a member of the Two Hills Pack though I am just an Omega, one of the lowest ranks. Until today, I've never been disrespected in such a manner. I've always lived in harmony with everyone since my parents taught me good manners from birth. Even George himself never despised me or showed me any form of disrespect, therefore I expected him to accept me immediately he found out that I was his mate! The Two Hills pack is so called because of its location, on top of two hills. Beyond the hills is a sprawling forest, uninhabitable because of the many rogues who roam there and other wild beasts. Beyond the forest, my father tells us there are more packs. We live in harmony and there's plenty within our borders. The Alpha of our pack is an aging man and he is the father of George. Personally, I think he can make a good Alpha, just like his father, and lead the pack to prosperity, even though I've heard my parents saying that he's heavy headed and takes no advice. Well, today the Alpha was retiring and since George is his rightful heir, he was being given the arm of leadership. He was yet to meet his mate therefore all the Pack maidens were invited so that they can try their luck with him, to see if they were his destined mate. It was one huge party, attended by many people, including other members of my family. My father, mother and my young brother Boniface were all present. Since I'm only fourteen, my parents urged me to attend just like the rest so as to help in serving drinks and food to the guests. Well, that's what Omegas are good at doing in Pack House parties! I discovered my wolf when I was barely thirteen though I never disclosed this to anyone. I could smile alone whenever my wolf sounded in my head and we always communicated like the friends that we are. Earlier today at the party, I busied myself in serving drinks and meals to everyone until three in the afternoon when I felt a bit tired and decided to relax at the backyard of the Pack House. I was busy minding my own business, smiling to my wolf's jokes when I suddenly smelt a familiar scent. This time round, it wasn't just some scent but it was, so unique so intoxicating. The scent in question smelt of a mixture fresh roses and lavender, making me to get inebriated immediately and an urge arose to find out where it was coming from. Instinctively, I sat up from the comfortable couch I was leaning onto and looked around me, trying to trace whoever the sweet scent belonged to. Lo and behold, it was none other than the newest Alpha in town and and I stood up, trying to put up a smile. 'He is our mate!' my wolf sounded in my head. 'What should I do now?' I asked her since I was new in this field. I'm only fourteen, remember? 'Call him mate!' she instructed me as she purred excitedly. Since the Alpha had already arrived at the place I was seated, I smiled as my lips parted immediately and I said; “Mat---” “Don't you dare finish that name else!” George cut me short and he warned me as he held up his arm to stop me from finishing mentioning the name mate. Oh no, what was my mistake? He stepped closer and held me by the throat threateningly, his golden eyes turning hazel with fury and his wolf growling. “I George Alfred, the Alpha of the Two Hills Pack reject you Natalie Stephens as my mate. From now onwards you're not going to utter a word to anyone about us being mates and you're free to look for your mate.” he scoffed. It was basically the first thing he did on becoming an Alpha. “But you are my m....” I tried to say but he cut me short yet again “What did you think huh? That a mighty and powerful Alpha like me will accept a weak Omega like you to be my mate? Besides, you're still a kid and you have a long way to go. I can't have a kid omega for a Luna!” he said as he tightened his grip on my throat. ”L-let g- go of me, yo-you're hu-rti-ng me!” I managed to say amid sobs, as an excruciating pain pierced through my heart. It was like a sharp knife had been send right through it. It's like he noticed he was truly hurting me therefore he let go of me but not before pushing me away and spitting on my face. “Go back to serving my guests, that's what you're good at!” he scoffed as he growled and then turned to leave, his feet hitting hard on the tiled floor. Before I knew it, I was sprawled on the floor, clutching my heart in an excruciating pain and for a moment there, I thought I was going to pass out. I hated myself, I hated everything, everyone. Why was I suffering like this? George had called me by name, he already knew I was his mate, didn't he? And why did he subject me to this pain? The questions kept on bothering me. Still on the ground, I am wondering what I am going to tell my parents once we get home. That I have discovered my mate but he has rejected me? No way. I have to do something to hide this kind of humiliation, I am going to get away, far, far, far away from the pack. They have rejected me, the whole pack and I hate them. I am going to start a new life out there, somewhere that I wouldn't be seeing George every day and remembering the words that have torn through my heart. But I need to get to my feet first. I don't know for how long I stayed in that position but what I remember is that I finally managed to suppress the pain and rose up, headed to the back door of the Pack House. Still in pain, staying in the shadows to avoid being seen, I took off and headed towards the Pack borders with one resolution in mind.... I'm becoming a rogue!

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