Chapter 13: Great Exploits

1496 Words

Emma saw Leyton one more time before she went to the cottage. “Emma." Emma turned to see the young woman hurrying up to her. “Hey, Leyton. How was your day?" “It was amazing. I've learned so much. Even though I'm not doing the duties of a Luna, I know how I can help the pack better." “Good." “And I'm thankful we have such a great Alpha. Dex is doing an amazing job," she said. Emma burst with pride as though Dex was her Alpha. “I'm glad to hear that." Leyton motioned to walk and Emma fell into step beside her. They walked towards the cottages. “Seriously. Some of these women have weak Alphas. I'm not going to name names, but I hadn't realized just how good Dex is being. We are such a motley crew of wolves. He had a big job." “Alphas are made to be Alphas." Still, Emma was glad

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