Chapter 15: Waking Up

1503 Words

Emma came awake first. She knew instantly she wasn't in her bed, but she couldn't remember where she was. She felt the arms around her tighten slightly, and she suddenly realized that they did not belong to Lucien Dex. They'd fallen asleep in the closet. “Dex." He groaned but didn't wake. “Wake up." She shoved him this time. His eyes flew opened. “What?" “We fell asleep in the closet." She looked at her phone. Lucien wouldn't be awake yet. She might still have time to slip into bed. Dex sat up, yawned, and scratched his chest. “My back is going to hurt all day." “Yeah? That doesn't seem like a huge problem. I have to get back to the cottage." He rose. They both listened. “I don't think anyone is out there." She moved to the door, but Dex caught her. “There is no one else I'd

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