Chapter 9: The Next Evening

1463 Words

Emma woke to an empty bed. Lucien whistled in the bathroom as he shaved. She braced herself, but he didn't seem angry when she entered the bathroom to shower. He wiped his face with a towel. “Morning." “Morning," she said. Since he wasn't angry, she felt a little bold. “How was the banquet? “Pretty good," he said. He pulled on a shirt. Nothing fancy, so maybe he wasn't going to a meeting today. “What's on your agenda?" “What's not would be a smaller list," Lucien said and left Emma in the bathroom. She followed him out. There was something she wanted to do today. “There's a meeting of Lunas today." “So?" “I'd like to go." She stood in the doorway to the bedroom, wringing her hands. She stopped not wanting him to see how important this was to her. “Why?" “Because I'd like to be

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